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The EU invasion

I fail to understand the logic And really the reasons why The politicians back the EU With what soon will apply The loss of all our counties Our history wiped away Our birthplace Its a disgrace And to you all … Continue reading

April jasmine an opera played out in silence

Jasmine green A ballerina Emerging from the stem Pirouette’s whose golden fingers Hold a future gem A starlit curl of blossom A scent to captivate Wind and rain and gentleness Resulting from the wait The honest truth abundantly As myriad … Continue reading

Sir Roger Scruton and Brexit

The power of sight The power of thought An ethical devide In the National Interest Conviction doesnt slide He talks of trust and belonging His feature of debate It is wholly precious What Common Law does state It has always … Continue reading

Scottish salmon STINKS

The stench of farming arrogance Drifts across the sky Farmers in the Aqua business Let too many die They are arrogant beyond their means And ignorant as well Its all about the balance sheet And really how the hell They … Continue reading

Creative genius

The whole equilibrium And soundness of mind A total fluency Being resigned To what is true nature Unembellished and real The unlaboured willingness Of waters that spill And a sculpting genius With Driftwood and glass What has been fashioned By … Continue reading


47 years of age White haired, bearded Hard to gauge The Ecuadorian Embassy And the weight of the constabulary All those coppers One frail man And really how it all began Human rights ENGLAND can feel Its more EU And … Continue reading

The Patriot

Entrenched up to our eyeballs In remoaning rectitude The recalcitrant the unenlightened Arrogant of brood The greatest referendum To hit our inglorious shores In or out of the EU And to massive applause We knew of the New World Order … Continue reading

Horus,Kumar,Dadou and girl

The ungratefulness of a being Unbeholden in a way To the preciousness of wildness Where the guilty hold full sway The unfeeling the impassive Each rancorous display Of stealth infact the evil eye That forces some to say All the … Continue reading

From Gaza to Jordan

The animals in RAFAH Zoo Have clearly gone through hell Earlier this year a female lion I have heard tell Had her claws all removed Using a pair of garden shears Besides the cages are too small Raising the animals … Continue reading


Unique in every which way Feminine and strong Oozing with compassion From the ocean all belong All of us as Planeteers Here to mindfully Follow in her footsteps That she treads So beautifully Genuine She is an innovation In the … Continue reading