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Abnormality in the nick of time

Thinking back on him Some of his traits Frightened me He didn’t conform His abnormality A nomad of sorts A mutant as well Defiant and solitary In his own hell I never felt comfortable With him around He was prone … Continue reading

A knock on the door

It was late it was dark A matter of fact I opened the door It was hard to react To the sight there Before me So tall It was cold And Reality rolled Before me No eyes just black holes … Continue reading

Wild herbs and grasses

The indigenous tribes of the America’s Use wild grasses that grow That have the protective aura And their wildness that they throw When burning their healing bath of smoke The combinations do Affect the body and the ritual space And … Continue reading


To be loving of ones parents Brings originality A genuineness to work with And such creativity Foresight from your mother When Shinichi Suzuki His Language acquisition And a learning she could see Affirmative of action It’s how you had to … Continue reading


There are heartbreaking stories Happening each day Dolphins fighting for their lives Being made to pay A mother tried to save Her drowning baby But both died The toxic oil is everywhere It gets in their inside It’s dreadful to … Continue reading


Fibrous structural protein nails feathers And horns Claws and hooves and of course hair The animals are pawns To quackery and nonsense And for this so many die The pangolin its scales Are used but for healing that’s a lie … Continue reading

Ntanda Mahlanga

For the tribe, for my people For the love of life we all Break out and be confident The over powering school Of hard knocks and persuasion Took me through that race Feeling every sinew And trying to raise the … Continue reading

A glance into Paradise

The bent wood faeries Dance and sing And you my dear That day did bring An impish charm A light beyond The isle of Avalon Your wand Brought sanctity You were in fact Sublimity How I react I was there … Continue reading

The old bed

The old mattress and bed Has seen better days It’s history cracks me up In so many ways To just see it going On the big yellow truck Will be a god send I will know that my luck Is … Continue reading

Mr Trump

I am concerned for you I really am The number of people who Want to harm you I worry Honestly I do I look upon you thoughtfully As a powerful leader who Cares about his country And is determined To … Continue reading

Goddess and green man

Today I met Tish I just made a wish The goddess and green man appeared She looked so enchanting The goddess I mean But The green man was One of these emerald guys His OLIVINE ears and his ear-de-Nil eyes … Continue reading


Tonight having heard the sad news I recall The Southern Resident Orca And what did.befall When she lost her baby In the Salish Sea So precious Her anguish was going to be A mother a bearer a nurturer who In … Continue reading

WILD CAMELS they used to be shot and left to rot in the desert

Camels the ships of the desert Hardy and powerful and strong Remote Aboriginal Communities The Ngaanya yarra Lands What could go wrong Previously shot them And left them to rot But apparently developed some plans For sending them off to … Continue reading

Inglorious 12th

We die in our droves Sacrificed for The men with guns Those to abhor Selfish Unsettling Egoists who Have a monopolistic And covetous view The moors the expanse The heather the sky The great spirit of kings All of that … Continue reading

So few realise chicken hell is here in ENGLAND

The brute fact is that Chickens Have a hell now here on earth And so many large suppliers Are really not worth The greenwash that they publish The unreality Created in these mammoth sheds Of what is depravity Great oceans … Continue reading


The greatest organ any creature Possesses its their skin Gifted By their maker hair and fur And wool And Mankind Takes advantage The animals we abuse Sometimes ripping it off their bodies That is how we choose As a method … Continue reading


Take a Magical carpet ride Into an oblivion where dreams Transport you to another world With hors-d-oeuvres and where it seems Dressings wholly flavourful Conjure such delight Coupled with toasted Sour dough bread And the thrill Of an Arabian Night … Continue reading

Taj Farrant

He loves his hats He loves his hair and He rockS Unsullied He Pure minded makes his music For his flock who gleefully listen and are captured By what is his searing flame it’s burning Its Discerning And so moving … Continue reading

A little cat has found her god who will protect her soul forever

So much fluffy innocence Guiltless and fragile An unfallen state A kitten was bought And then raped It was her fate heinous beyond Any words Gang raped yes as well Seven boys did this To her Took the babe to … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading

Concentration camps

Concentration camps Death camps in fact where we See victims we are going to eat abused Frequently all treated like criminalsM Locked up every day And carted to the death camps Throats cut…… it’s the way HALAL has taken over … Continue reading


To whom it may concern Could anyone have been more assiduous I doubt it, for when I did ring I spoke a to a lady called LOUISE I was a bit grumpy But she made my heart sing Now that … Continue reading

The death of a Mountain Lion (Cougar)

Winter in the forest Hunters on the prowl Two dogs and out a tracking The snow cover cries foul Not only to the Cougar But advantageous too For he can track the deer and elk But hunters can track him … Continue reading

Inspired by Pamela

Of course it’s No to dog meat puppies caged for soup Their doleful eyes Their tiny size Every single group Of frightened little angels Shivering in fear Hearing cries of others Who apparently are near To the butchering that’s going … Continue reading


Significant a moment With an acquiescence you Hold a single mindedness In exactly what to do To safeguard all the animals With a real choice to be true To be really determined In everything you do Animals want their freedom … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading


The Ocean was vibrant with innocent souls All swimming merrily Each in their roles Mothers with babies fathers with sons Uncles and Aunties And grand parents Who heard the guns the cacophony the melee The chaos the scream As boats … Continue reading


Ensnaring and trapping I hear is on the rise The pandemic has got people Who realise With the drop off in tourism Locals agree They need to go hunting And trap constantly It is very easy These days to procure … Continue reading

Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short What is an irreverence The great aged forests Priceless if sold Trees of great age And a wealth of wild treasures Gifted by the gods And right off the page When It comes to wonders … Continue reading

IVORY is killing elephants

The insatiable lust for Ivory From the thoughtless and unconcerned They care about their profit When some have actually learned That Ivory kills elephants They sometimes change their tune But too many ugly traders In China and Hong Kong Couldn’t … Continue reading