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the Whole truth and nothing but the truth That’s Gusta from the start A warrior for the animals And it all comes from her heart Sincerity and honour In everything she does Caring and sharing and even daring Which does … Continue reading

Geoff Toon

One part of a perfect couple That’s Geoff, if you ask me He is not just anybody For him his druidry Is heartfelt, With his consciousness And his realisation, he Is, a genuine member In his actuality His interests that … Continue reading


We have been friends for years and years A customer of mine When I had my organic shop That I thought was divine She came along and introduced herself And I was hooked She has a state of mind And … Continue reading


On the front line Up against one and all The corporate masters The hunters their gall Chasers of suffering Torture and death Their woeful ambition Denying souls breath We warriors all of us In the affray Fighting like hell For … Continue reading

Simon Cotterill

The greenwood moss and emerald robe Worn by my good friend who Is a lover of great stories And of Avebury he is true To himself and to his lady The caring Ann Goldstraw Who enjoys his many outdoor pursuits … Continue reading

Dog den HENAN. Rescue By a dog

China has its warriors too They are not killers Some are true To the animals They believe like us And take on the killers With little fuss in Keifeng An ancient capital In the Northern SONG Dynasty They Now in … Continue reading

What we need is mutual love and CARE

The world today is hard and fast And we people we all feel the blast Of the virus and the governments way Of keeping us all locked down all day We are sensitive souls And we really care We want … Continue reading

Dumping milk in the drainage system

It all comes into focus When the market place is closed Too much milk is produced each hour And now of course it has posed Serious implications All the calves are dead Who should have been receiving it But of … Continue reading

Lockdown anomalies

The countryside management Have noticed more dead animals around Knocked down by some speeding cars Through the forests homeward bound With very few cars anywhere Perhaps it’s trucks who feel Selfish enough to accelerate And kill the animals zeal Clearly … Continue reading

The new age VEGAN

Many vegans wear the Yin and yang badge But do they Understand the implications Many not right away It’s apparently hip to wear it But food wise some don’t know That yin and yang is everywhere In every thing we … Continue reading