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Christ the Redeemer Arms aloft Braves the city Clearly soft On pollution A desire To perish in the Inevitable fire And stretching away In front we see GUanabara Lagoon It be Given by GAIA To aid the world Thats before … Continue reading

The Pacific Ocean

Its undeniably massive In places extremely deep From the Arctic Ocean To Antartica Its hydrosphere does leap To 46per cent of the earths surface So to say Its larger than the land combined On any given day The Mariana trench … Continue reading

Yu chi tang or sharks fin soup

YU chi tang,the vilest most Hidious taste of all Sharks fins mean the end To these great predators And send A death knell through the ocean As predation takes a hit So many sad imbalances Are happening and it Means … Continue reading

Blue bell wood Ashridge

A sweep of colour Met my eyes A sea of blue On waving stems AShridge smiled The bluest gleam Which forced her bells Into my dream Under the pale light Shade was pure A lovely blue Real azure It rocked … Continue reading

Killing whales is adding to the planets more rapid demise

The great overtures we hear Within the ocean The great whale songs That lift the mariners hearts Into perpetuity externally forever The philosophy of existence that just starts To resonate in spirits undeniably For sum and substance It can reach … Continue reading


I was five and so was she JULIA My wife to be Golden hair with ringlets too Clearly she my dream come true She lived, a few doors away And she said she liked to play With my metal watering … Continue reading

Aditi Mishra

a pitch of absoluteness Faultless to a tee Flawlessness a diamond Of impeccability Clearly at the zenith A beautiful refrain Enunciating every word And able to maintain A presence in the listeners heart Appealing to the soul Affirming such perfection … Continue reading

Morning Noon and Night

I cry out in my spirit With my heart and with my soul RHIANNON can you share my pain I need you, to console Me, help me, to get through it Maybe take me to your place Where i can … Continue reading

American Forests

American forests Cathedrals of soul Verdent resplendant Each takes on its role To a timeless permanence The bloom of the now These long standing sentinels Showing us how With their myriad web forms Their communication Beneath the litter We find … Continue reading


Faery land hail drops Orange attire Dark living necklaces Meaningful fire Magickal orbs A melange of soul And with all that light I feel harmony’s role In the art of the moment A pallete of sorts That garner and structure … Continue reading