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The trek

The most ancient and the largest Fresh water lake Baikal rift zone where The earth crust is pulling apart the scare With mountains all around it Its vastness blows the mind Thousands of plants and animals Just everywhere you find … Continue reading

Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading

Banjo Paterson

Born in Binalong New South Wales In 1864 Turned out to be a bush poet His poetry was raw The outback saw his stories The swagman and his lot Took the name of Banjo From a horse A horse he’d … Continue reading

The unswerving aboriginie

Heartlessness ruthlessness Who would bless The relentlessness Centuries of wisdom cometh Down the ages to where we See such unfeeling And how its stealing All heartfelt thought From you and me They erect signboards “No alcohol” “No pornography” Sadistically they … Continue reading


For someone else to mother you When we were stolen away We ended up in NAURU Not as we thought Norway Far across the sea Where enchanted mountains Rose Beautifully into the sky Hoping they would pose Freedom from oppression … Continue reading

The forgotten ones

Forgotten children Forgotten by who Forgotten by us Or forgotten by you They came in the daylight My daughter they took Because she was brown With a whitish look SHe was only a baby Tossed into their truck That is … Continue reading


feeding chickens a new idea bucket fulls or so I hear Of writhing maggots Black Soldier flies eating machines Insatiable guys Guzzling gorging gluttonizing fear Stinking creepy crawlies Lips a licking Do you hear? With a gluttony and greediness to … Continue reading

forgotten people

To be forgotten as we are Lost souls in a soup Of outback mediaocrity Kept out of the loop No communication Left to rot and die Each of us has one vote But someone tell me why I would put … Continue reading


Their music Their art It all comes from the heart Its apparent to me It is, how they see The earth at their feet Its vibrant upbeat The wind in their hair Comes from everywhere The breath demonstrates The yidaki … Continue reading

Never write us off

Bang them sticks sing our hearts out Light the fire And watch the Roo’s Art work in tradition That has to be good news The northern psrt of Australia Is where we make our home How we are the people … Continue reading