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Bullion by POST

On a cold covid day Whats better than toast You got it thats quick! Yes BULLION BY POST Siver and Gold Peter and Paul Their system is tight And overall Easy to contemplate Brilliant, despite All the restrictions These two … Continue reading

Ankara or Angora “Caveat Emptor”

A breed of Rabbit Associated originally with Turkey That was taken over to France In 1723 Their Royal Family loved their silky Soft fur and it seems from where Another ten varieties were born And one remains still there these … Continue reading

Holly (wood)

A tinne a bar of iron Forged deep in a fire Using holly the charcoal A chieftan would he tire God of thunder A warrior whose spirit Males intent No nobler tree In all the wood Evergreen was meant Flowers … Continue reading

Ungulate Milk

The process of thinking Should have by now Made us realise That our mum’s not a cow That she is a human And breast fed us too Well some of us Others drank cows milk We do Clearly lose sight … Continue reading


Trafalgar Square The Lions Protestors we could see Remembering Dear Cecil And all that imagery That awful cowardly dentist That bow shot him And ran back to drink his heart out Thats how it all began A trophy hunter The … Continue reading

The “Thunder”

A Norwegian ship built A while ago in 1969 Part of The Bandit six Group With shrewd heads in the line Were there, hunting and poaching In the Southern Ocean where The Patagonia Tooth Fish Resides and likes to share … Continue reading

Eon the energy that warms the spirit into eternity

EON The three red letters The only brand to choose They have the greatest people So really are good news Providing love energy Renewably yes they Regardless of tariff Will always make your day For care and for attention Their … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading

Janis Joplin

Port Arthur Texas That was the place Where Janis saw the light A baby in her mother’s arms And so began her fight Inhibited in Monterey On stage she burst And she Was twenty Four And very sure And her … Continue reading

Dolores O’Riordan

She was so special One of a kind Leading the Cranberries A wondrous find A mezzo soprano A lyricist too A real personalty Goodly and true She was born in Limerick In seventy One An exceptional pitch And a yodel … Continue reading

A Family

A family Such serenity Know its their place They need to be A wood Its good The purity Bashful faultless Integrity Due respect Such nobility Our just reward Is all we see Bouquets of godliness Its the prize How their … Continue reading


A nice clean bed New sheets duvet Pillow cases too I count my lucky stars tonight That you do what you do Your painting skills And thoughtfulness It is second to none No matter what the weather When you are … Continue reading

The Cochin

Authentically South Indian The dignity assurred Across the social graces The cultured are adored Aesthetically the artistry Gourmets everywhere Are overcome by Cochins drum And Its elegant true fair Enchanting and so pleasing Not only to the eye But to … Continue reading

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Imagine having this fine women In your family tree One such lass that I know well Has this recognizee A blackwater tiger A women so revered Who provided some ten children And her intelligence appeared Priceless in her regent roles … Continue reading

Lord Sumption

Lord Sumption has integrity His command of language It is key Courage and commitment too Responsiveness it all comes through Humility and modesty A champion such chivalry Justice and the process of Law Right minded, impartial He does implore An … Continue reading


He was born on a Tuesday The fourteenth of July In the year 1860 A Leo and high In the echalons really Of the art nouveau From the Austrian Empire Was where he did grow Up, he was quick to … Continue reading

Saturn’s seed

Suddenly it happened On the window pane A mirror image Of such art I know it sounds insane The morning sun Precipitation Diamonds and azure drops Sapphires turquoise delectable gems The power of light It never stops Far away The … Continue reading

ALKIVIADIS (my true friend)

I left her world Just yesterday Exhausted And had planned To leave my friend And journey back To an ancient land Ancestrally the Aegean And the Marmara seas Were where my name Had come from Where that lovely scented breeze … Continue reading

That poor mule

Animals have to have rights Otherwise We hear they get raped By the sickest of guys In Brazil yesterday At the ranch Taperao In an unfallen state What we here now Is a man of thirty Living close by Took … Continue reading

Dolphins never smile not any more

Dont ask a federal judge To budge Why should he anyway Captive dolphins Let out And literally made to pay “Bogie”Bacall” “Jake” “Luther” and “Buck” All found the draw of the sea Were let out to roam Away from their … Continue reading

Dolores Oriordan

Crimson trees She’s the goddess And the children Are waiting Golden hair golden lips Golden dress whose berating Litter bins Warrington Two lads Had died Blown away All that hate On that date They denied Jonathan Ball 3 years old … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading


Callum, Pencil behind his ear A carpenter who cares His work bench Underneath the Cherry Their combined aura swears An exactitude of feeling An energy, a force Planed white wood From A previous life No one has misunderstood The concept … Continue reading

Often taken for granted

Mid way through October And often what we take For granted are the leaves Thats rustle and that shake The veracity of Nature A compendium so clear Colours changing everywhere From bloodlessness to cheer Flush and blush and glow and … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

EMMA and her little one

A warm heart And a mindful soul Really a delicious role In wild life lives And Emma she Lives and plays So earnestly In North Yorkshire Her garden where Magic reigns And heartFelt care Flowers and A welcoming For the … Continue reading

My Hazel Staff

Poetry and intuition Thats my Hazel staff An affinity with water From ancient woodland Half as olde As One Methusela Mercury its deity Its gender being masculine Ruled by the sun Where heat is free Good for wands And divining … Continue reading


In this world where energy Where life and sustainability A wizard out there Whose expertise is such A top gun in the heating world And on ventilation systems With pure designs in heating And on cooling so in touch Air … Continue reading

John Chang

The year was 1950 A busy Newcombe Road A really handsome curio shop The Chang family abode Still Part of the British Empire Imagine that can you King George V1 the King of Kings Actually its true From 1946 to … Continue reading