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“MISHKA” (pekingnese maltese cross)

It was all caught on camera What this chump did A 27 year old In some kind of bid To offset his frustration Of a relationship kind He took to beating a dog up His way to unwind A perfect … Continue reading


The work you do Is dedication It’s caring and it’s good Bankers have a bad name And some of them they should PPI and many other Indiscretions banked But you have helped me Out today Well kind sirs it ranked … Continue reading


The place was Rollright Stones An ancient ceremonial site The weather was abysmal Such a leaden light Submerged us in the mists of time Where a Cotswold group of friends Were indulging in a Smithsonian jaunt Which an icy vista … Continue reading

ALban Elfed

The light of the water Splash and tumble Out of grey skies thermal Skin The second harvest’s True abundance The wheel of life Ofcourse did spin Equal days and nights upon us Feast of gathering Earthly fruits Reap and heap … Continue reading

My name is DEXTER

I have been around a while you know Inside I am young but have lost the flow Of youth a bit of chasing balls I enjoy just being between these walls It’s the aches and pains The rigours for me … Continue reading

BORIS and our plight

Boris’s pitch To be dead in a ditch Rather than let the EU Make our decision WitH all the derision Which is that re moaners Will do 1 billion a month For the pleasure That’s treasure For yes the EU … Continue reading

Clutching at straws

We sit together Whilst all around The crackling heat The dry parched ground Such bad theatre No dialogue The final curtain Perhaps the dog And the primates cower The Indigenous too The tragedy Is coming true Impersonating The acrobat The … Continue reading

Meadow Mobility

It’s just outside the village Of Potten End in Hertfordshire Woodcroft Farm UNIT 14 For anyone who feels The need for better mobility Wheelchairs scooters stair lifts A wealth of information And so helpful to me I met Tom who … Continue reading


In the Uttarakhand state of India Thirty feet wide and six feet deep A high altitude glacial lake exists At the bottom of mountains steep In 1942 a British Forest Guard Stumbled on the lake and took a look The … Continue reading

Sean Ryan

Working under the Beech With its coppery glow Taking out bricks From a long time ago They had crumbled and moved With the passing of time The roots and the shoots Where the ivy did climb Had tested the mortar … Continue reading