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Matilde and Lisa two faeries I knew They danced where the toadstools and Mushroom rings grew With magickal enchantments some Mortals can see And are often bewitched by their curious qi The souls of the plant kingdom cometh and they … Continue reading

The Carmichael Mine STOP ADANI in their tracks

I just see inexpediency And inadvisability It just feels so unseemly Inopportune And untimely In Mundra thats in India A coal power plant was built Adani were the company Who have denied all guilt They overstepped their mark we hear … Continue reading

Only 12 billion litres

12 billion litres of potable water Thats all thats needed for a years worth of coal In a place where the water is scarce And the farmers appreciate water For it is their soul Adani the Indian conglommerate business From … Continue reading

Kangaroo killers

Dripping with blood In the vilest of flood Mothers and babies The outback was where The purest of soul Who took the angels role Was ambushed and murdered Can you feel the despair ? Of a mother who is dying … Continue reading


Fulmar a wild bird out on the wing Scooped put of the sea That will try to bring Its oily vomit quickly into play It stinks really terribly But its a way Of warding off predators But not the men … Continue reading


Duchy maybe organic But Prince Charles is not so kind Murdering grey squirrels In sacks shows us how blind And cruel he is, really at source And so he gets a boycott As a matter of course Poisons them or … Continue reading

Pigs in Mexican slaughterhouses

a total lack of respect And insensitivity Unconcern and a total lack of care Unconscious to their feelings unemotional and passionless Hard bitten and hard boied And unaware Grief and sadness mournfulness and misery Heaped upon them prostrate with despair … Continue reading


The path down to the place We first met Just around that bend A harvest celebration She became my first real friend Leaves were falling all around The blush the flush the scarlet rush A hot and firery end She, … Continue reading


Burning Polluting Our personal space With imported chemicals Right in our face Its nothing but scandalous That is my view We destroy all thats good That is what we do We mimic a war With the cannons and sprays With … Continue reading

Almond and Rice and animal milks

Milk apparently can only come from cows Or coconuts Goats perhaps and even sheep And camels possibly But now the vegan drinks have surfaced Out of grains and nuts and beans Coming to the forefront Its amazing what machines Are … Continue reading