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In our darkest hours our need for life is extraordinary

Is this to be our end on earth Your insufferable farewell More than flesh and blood can stand A bridge too far and Hell We gave so much yet we are left Harassed and alone Treated with unpleasantness And basically … Continue reading

Pigs in Mexican slaughterhouses

a total lack of respect And insensitivity Unconcern and a total lack of care Unconscious to their feelings unemotional and passionless Hard bitten and hard boied And unaware Grief and sadness mournfulness and misery Heaped upon them prostrate with despair … Continue reading

Lucent/ Dominion

every pig is a hostage Is a victim of a war That is flourishing in the farmyards Prisoners of gore Very intelligent animals Who Creation held in tow We torture them from day one And our hostility does grow What … Continue reading

The journey

The journey can be a long one Fraught with difficulty But the suffering of animals No one wants to see And most even the carnivores Hide themselves away From slaughterhouses And killings that happen every day Some of us change … Continue reading

How we destroy everything beautiful

A forest full of beauty Tall trees bearing light A golden start to any day A truly peaceful sight Till human beings have the nerve To hoist a handsome boar Upon tree and there it be Butchered and some more … Continue reading

Trucks of pigs

Clearly they have been knocked about Scuffed legs bruised and cut Unfed and lacking water Its open and shut Clearly they were all aware Death was coming to A truck load of victims Knowing where they are going to Flies … Continue reading

3 years old toddlers thats the emotional beings we call pigs

MExico you sicken me The suffering that I now see In your so called abattoir Employing monsters who think they are In a drama which is HELL on earth Why would any soul give birth Would any mother dare to … Continue reading

Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain A baby alone Where is its mother Its future thrown To the winds of the time Lords far far Way Its fighting for breath In a most futile way The chickens The worst for wear Bruised … Continue reading

TUMBILI Sanctuary

A happy home and enchanting place Where blessedness and bliss Really a seventh heaven And of course the emphasis Is on thoughtfulness and kindness For fulfilment is the key For those irreversibly damaged By human cruelty Instinctively affection Predisposes soul … Continue reading

A small Yorshire pig farm we visited

Through open doors we wandered Out of the cold night air Into what was just bedlam We had to fight for air Penetrating roughness Soaked into our lungs The malodorous stench of filth So strong Reeking Which tasted on our … Continue reading