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The Beautiful British Army Send surgeone so we hear To that horrible place called Denmark Where animals live in fear Operation Danish Bacon Abandons the rights to be. Allowed to live in relative Peace But amorality Kicks in plain and … Continue reading

No excuses

The university of Alabama Mary Shelley and GMO’s Experimentation with Wild Baboons And it’s done under our nose “laja” gets a transplant In January A kidney from a sow By Sept dead 9 Months of utter agony and how The … Continue reading

Flat House Farm Lutterworth

It saddens me to see the way Farms treat pigs For they Are very very sensitive And caring They display Tenderness and intelligence And Much care for young And nest and really Enjoy life Yes living among Their family and … Continue reading

Concentration camps

Concentration camps Death camps in fact where we See victims we are going to eat abused Frequently all treated like criminalsM Locked up every day And carted to the death camps Throats cut…… it’s the way HALAL has taken over … Continue reading

Life being geared solely around profitability

Existence when tied into profit And commerce Sees realness and basics And enduring scenes Processes back up as The Covid Pandemic Clogs up the cogs and essentially we See a shut down in plants As staff catch the virus Whole … Continue reading

Regan Russell “Black lives matter”

Courage of one’s convictions The audaciousness of now a women who believed And who achieved Really now how Anyone can reasonably Pass a law that states That We may transport pigs From farm to The slaughterhouse Gates With no true … Continue reading

Don’t call us voiceless we have cried ourselves dry

When you are wild as the wind You don’t want to be Under the scape into pliancy Submissive and bowing Ingratiation Ready to grovel And stoop for salvation Man has that habit Of expecting that we Kowtow to him When … Continue reading

Misunderstood that is us

From the time of our birth To the time thats prescribed That we die in The death camps Our question is why? We are pretty intelligent And so aware We know what’s going on And are willing to share You … Continue reading

Bramble Hale Farm awful cruelty

It happened in Pembrokeshire Attested and rotten beyond Any imaginary circumstance It was good someone did respond To the unbelievable cruelty Going on all around this place Unlicensed breeding of dogs Up for Sale Welfare and keeping alas unsanitary conditions … Continue reading

Critter Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary

Most have to wait until they pass To reach heaven on earth But we are extra fortunate For our home is just first class The sanctuary has everything Farm animals best dream Beautiful succulent verdant grass A pond blue skies … Continue reading

The poor pigs

Abandoned neglected It’s beggars belief How much I suffer The pain and the grief The farmers are useless Hopelessly so And inspection Is non existent You know You probably don’t And, you don’t care So many of us In this … Continue reading

Piglet powerless

Germany is good to tell the world How great they be Always got the standards And a high proficiency Well Peta found a farm there With Ligtle piglet who Had got his head stuck under a gate And didn’t know … Continue reading

We ignore their intelligence and their sensitivity

Our arrogance is coupled With pure ignorance for we Breed pigs and put them onto concrete decks Many dirty No straw for nests no water no ways To remain cool Without sweat glands they overheat They need space once and … Continue reading


Pigs are really sensitive To their environment They have no sweat glands Unlike you and me They need to keep, out of the heat They need fluids Rodeo will surely get them beat Pulling out their tusks Would be painful … Continue reading

Pig dogging

Attested and genuine Torture personified Queensland Australia Land of the sun The blue skies The gum trees Where wild pigs are likely It’s here in this wonderland Where hunting is done Known as pig dogging The wild men called hunters … Continue reading

Wrongdoer pig farmer

Given half the chance They would choke on biting into you Their so called pig farmer Who hasn’t got a clue About respect for his animals A wrongdoer he be A scoundrel and a evil doer It’s misanthropy His use … Continue reading

If only we could fly

To escape that’s our one big idea They kick us Out of the way Injure us such fear Wells up in our being We have to run away Our little legs are trying to The true height of dismay Ergonomically … Continue reading

Pig HELL in Ballymena

There is a total lack of understanding For an animal that apparently Has many traits yet when we farm them We neglect them and it’s purposely In my mind this already is an arrogance Which we Use against the porcine … Continue reading

Gestation prison

Gestation crates Are just about pig sized And were invented By a psycho case for certain A selfish and demented Farmer who was after Cramming more sows in his barn The poor souls couldn’t turn around It’s sounds like some … Continue reading

Mega farms

Industrialised farming Has been the way to go Massive sheds of animals The numbers grow and grow In Herefordshire for example More chickens than humans now And scattered across our countryside Many more and how some 800 mega farms Like … Continue reading

It’s coming to binefar in Huesca

In pursuit of profits Whilst relinquishing good sense Filing away compassion and the real suspense A slaughterhouse is coming And death trusts everyday 3 million pigs will be slaughtered Every year or so they say Increasing up to double that … Continue reading

The last journey

We purloin their spirit We hi jack their soul Modern day brigands Out of control Creating our victims Getting away With abject cruelty Everyday He was possessed From the day he was born He was a slave Every moment Was … Continue reading

Pigs slaves to man unkind

Omnivores So badly thought of By some humans who Have been brainwashed By the farming crowd By the meat trade Clueless to The immaculateness Of the wild pigs The wild hogs And the swine Who are kindly family Members With … Continue reading

I know I am next

I watched them all die In a thrashing confusion My mother my father My two sisters who Looked back at me Lying still on the rack They all bled they all screamed When their sweet souls were free Heartless our … Continue reading

Mothers day

Tongue in cheek And wishful thinking Hypocrisy Who is linking All the woes And all the cries Of mothers And their little guys Their babies born Who they can see And the farmer taking Them, who be Deceptive Pious A … Continue reading

Poor Sow

The ugliness of concentrated Animals feed organisations Such gracelessness and squalor Saving a pound or a dollar Here or there Thats what they do To poor young sows Just make us chew Down on bars Imagine that The monotony of … Continue reading

Shipment of Pigs in Winter

Pig peoducers generally Are as insensitive as hell Their brains are in stagnation As long as they can sell Unconcerned and callous They send us off to die In trucks and there we freeze Poor souls And few around ask … Continue reading

Toronto pig save

Snouts out Sucking in the air Eyes rooted on this life They are at the destination The house where all the strife Is coming to head me thinks The smell of death is theres The trucker is a violent shit … Continue reading


A land walking mannatee Created we hear To end certain hunger Although its not clear A Genetically altered Creative attempt To put food on the table And therefore pre empt The world and its shortages Apparently This beautiful kind caring … Continue reading

Glasshouse country farms

A little town called Beerburrum Near the glass house mountains Where A slaughterhouse happens to be Where shit loads of despair Are seen to be now building On the sunshine coast Where the Jinibara And the Gubbi Gubbi post Their … Continue reading