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Crozet Islands the Orca’s and the elephants seals

The southern indian ocean The Crozet Islands where Elephant Seals and Orca’s And King Penguins seem to share The wild unspoilt horizons Creation at its best An absolute preamble For the spirit it does test The Patagonian Tooth fish Or … Continue reading

Sea World on the Goldcoast

Here is a great artificial parade Pomposity gaudiness somehow its weighed Into the psyche by giving those who Want grandiosity sparkling through The Gold Coast has exceptional natural sights Beautiful beaches with so many delights It is a paradise under … Continue reading

10 Emperor Penguins

Mother Nature plonks you down in Antartica thats the place you are expected to live your life in icy blasts of snow and ice winds that moan and scream ¬†good to be true   their social order clearly very close … Continue reading

The rights of feral birds apparently mean nothing

How is it that 10 Penguins can be plucked out of their place in Antartica and shipped to California the pace of transfer is remarkable for experimentation, they have no right to be where they were put they all ¬†have … Continue reading