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Uncle Orangutan talking to his Otter friends

Otters live in water Orangutan up trees In a vast rainforest And one needs powerful knees For climbing up the waving trunks And sleeping in the canopy Eating durians sweet and fragrant An adventure extraordinary

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The League Against Cruel Sports A charity of hearts Of fouls of the angelic Who fill their chosen roles Fighting off the hunters Breaking the true Law Hunting with their dogs Hunting cubs and Deers A war Is carried out … Continue reading

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Our wild friends are getting a raw deal

The government Me thinks Seem irreverent and they Have lost their imagination For our wild friends They display An unimaginative regard And this appears to me Why these rotten hunters Are causing such misery.

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Otters are an amazing breed Their courage and will to succeed Amazing swimmers a strong heart Wonderful parents from the start Living wild fresh fish galore Nothing cooked all of it raw Energy, second to none And just exuding so … Continue reading

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