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A love affair

Of all the towns In all the world One wonders why taiji Why japan How it began Both places on the sea The third of march In 42 The japanese came by Bombed the port of Broome And 88 did … Continue reading


The principle of evil The amorality When aimed at the immaculate The creatures that were Free The males seemed rather frightened To cry To let the world Know their unworldly spirit That the iniquitous had hurled A dolphin cried Its … Continue reading

The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance In the wilderness of cause Ancestral shadows flourish And to some a diapause A wistful inclination Of the enemy abroad Whose arrogance and ignorance We battle to afford As size goes we are Truly a dominating … Continue reading

What are we doing to our planet?

The Salish Sea Where ere that be Southern Resident Orca’s they Live there perfect surroundings No But man is clever so they say Morality do we embrace Whats right and whats wrong All over the place Unchallengable and justified Well … Continue reading

The faroes and their medieval customs

Thors harbour thats the capital Of the Faroes A craggy set of islands Where there be 50,000 people throwbacks From the norse days Butchers of the beaches Tragically A medieval bloodlust An affliction No benediction hear I have to say … Continue reading

For a culture to be

For a culture to be Not an absurdity But decorum and grace And a classical space For a culture to be Adopted Taiji With artlessness Brimming And impropriety This is never a culture Traditionally To hunt down and murder With … Continue reading

Taiji and the murdering and slavery

Their perceptivity and awareness Their telepathy and thought Compared to the Taiji fishermen And whatever they purport To imagine in their psyche Compared to the dolphins they Are unconscious obtuse morons Who dont know the time of day These murdering … Continue reading


Ninety seven percent of Your human DNA The orangutan a person Of the forest Where dismay Has been the word on many lips Because of the three per cent Who somehow let the corporate world Change it to content Content … Continue reading

The IWC and the infamous three

JAPAN ICELAND and NORWAY Whaling carries on some off the radar JApan ofcourse is as blatant as can be Painting research across its bows Trying to fool the world at large But murdering the whales so horribly ICeland tends or … Continue reading

French Dolphin sacrifice

France has been quietly killing Our lovely precious DOLPHINs And its all down to the by catch And What they throw away Pair fishing of two trawlers In the bay of Biscay The nets attract the dolphins And tragically they … Continue reading