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Capturing orca’s and dolphins And whales and placing them in bath tub zoos Clearing oceans of vast nets of fish Without paying all of our dues Vacuuming up all the small fry To feed the farm fish in more tanks … Continue reading

Taiji 24/9 Risso’s

The banging boats they just came in Clearly some had heard the din They succumbed and all were there Unlike the heathens unaware The japanese speak up on zen In every million perhaps ten The rest are demons in disguise … Continue reading

J50 also known as Scarlet

My mother Slick J16 she was Really so caring and that was because All Orca mothers adore their offspring There was Mike Echo Alki and me And the thing We all found, was out in the ocean and sea Life … Continue reading

Under the radar killings

The cove the 1st of september The boats go out each day Drive fishing is the answer It pulls our eyes away From the murder on the high seas Other little boats With hand held harpoons and floaters And listen … Continue reading

DUBAI And its dolphins

5 Bottlenose dolphins SENYA/KSYUSHA/FEKLA/TETKA/JERRY 4 fur seals GHOSHA/MAX/FILA/LUSHA Based in childrens City DUBAI. The oil revenues that bolstered this place Have more or less gone Its extremes though now grace The capital city with Excess and more The most populous … Continue reading


You came from the ocean And where are you now In a tank made of concrete But tell me how Can you live in an enclosure With no life around Just the strong smell of chlorine And the audience sound … Continue reading

Ist September

The first of September The great sea of life TAiji sees it differently Causing such strife To pods that swim joyfully An obligation To learn from their parents And believe in salvation Sensitively structured Seeing with sound Their moral fibre … Continue reading

“Pithing up a storm”

With fingers pointing at the moon Their awakening is coming soon Meditation was a role And apparently rigorous self control An insight into taiji’s thought The pithing crowd who Want support The doctrine and the sutras they Practice on their … Continue reading

Anger and the lack of true understanding

A lack of cerebration And the concept of the damned Pods of streamline dolphins Very often crammed Into so called training pools And manhandled every day And shipped to theme parks Some of them hundreds of miles away A lack … Continue reading

A love affair

Of all the towns In all the world One wonders why taiji Why japan How it began Both places on the sea The third of march In 42 The japanese came by Bombed the port of Broome And 88 did … Continue reading