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Dolphin killers of Taiji

Illogicalness and false reasoning A contradictory seasoning A kind of fallibility Is what we see now in TAIJI A one track mind and tunnel vision Self deception imprecision As a mission based provision Coming to the wrong decision Eating dolphin … Continue reading

CAPTIVITY for cetaceans

Sea World would have us believe That cetaceans held captive by them Get the best Love and attention they dont have to hunt Nothing adverse there to test Dolphins and Orca’s swim 100 miles A day Their inquisitive minds Constantly … Continue reading

Killer whales

Killer whales are amazingly intelligent They stalk the oceans In groups known as pods They have their own means of communication Truly must have been sent by the gods They do strike terror into the hearts of many A mighty … Continue reading

Crozet Islands the Orca’s and the elephants seals

The southern indian ocean The Crozet Islands where Elephant Seals and Orca’s And King Penguins seem to share The wild unspoilt horizons Creation at its best An absolute preamble For the spirit it does test The Patagonian Tooth fish Or … Continue reading

Orca captivity and freedom

The immortal the undying The great expanse of sea The indestructible everywhere Where Orca’s like to be Pods of special creatures Tangible and true Phantoms with the haunting sounds Apex predators who Love the light and freedom So humbling to … Continue reading

When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way The eternal life force day to day Whatever tribe inhabits earth Each communicates with avid worth Some imagine they have reached A higher echelon and have breached Consciousness and out beyond Wherever but Do … Continue reading

Aesthetics of Japan and how they deal with it in Taiji

Regulariy Rhythmical A harmony of sorts Transient its natures way Of contemplating thoughts The ocean And its inhabitants An integral part of life Taiji and its fisherfolk Set to,to harbour strife The true wholeness of nature The ethic that abounds … Continue reading

Pilot whale killers

790-1066 the viking were abroad And now the new age variety Bring us our reward Slaughter and decapitation Murderingly their spree They call the grindap Its no real scrap From the sea Angels the true pilot whales All these precious … Continue reading

Faroes grindarap

A pod suffers immeasurably A waking nightmare for All the various family members Entering deaths door Care of the faroese viking yobs Whose disagreeableness Who maltreat and who victimize And cause our babies stress Our threshold is egregious Stabbing and … Continue reading

Faroes 2017

This year has been a disaster For the slayings of the sea 1203 pilot whales and dolphins Formerly Who swam around these islands Some 488 Were slaughtered in a bloodbath Which is bound to infuriate These people are not starving … Continue reading