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200 lost souls

The Faroe Islands massacre A pod of two hundred souls Whitesided dolphins magnificent All slaughtered by the trolls Their bodies split a’sunder Their intestines all on view Retards that is all they are Stealing from the blue Creation was miraculous … Continue reading

The fisherman of Taiji

Aggressive on the outside Robotic in a way Openly in defiance with cove guardians i’d say With an air of superiority Of potency and power Distracted by reactions And really wondering how Their roughness and their strong arm tactics And … Continue reading

Seaworld’s arrogance

The ignorant apparently are past Masters at their craft Cetaceans are their victims These glorious beasts of old Social creatures developed over Millenia, transforming the oceans We are told. Sea world has seen three of them Dive into no more … Continue reading

The faroes

200 miles from Scotland Rugged cliffs proclaim A pardise of seabirds A people who are game To run the ocean gauntlet To drive the pilot whales Whole pods of them onto their beaches To the shallow water trails Idyllic sandy … Continue reading

The Faroes

Standing on the cliffs Looking down into the sea A pod of pilot whales Perfectione And they be Together their immaculateness You can feel their solid joy Wholesome healthy salutary Inside of me that boy Who felt the avid heartache … Continue reading

Mojacar’s lack of compassion

It happened on a beach in Spain. A little dolphin lost Split up from its mother Onto the beach was tossed And there its stress was clearly Made worse by those who Found it and decided they Would touch it … Continue reading

Backwardness in Taiji

Their unwillingness to realise the obvious Ocean mammals belong to no one, they Were given a freedom by the gods of long ago The indisposed and demurring though will say Culture and tradition gives them credence To slaughter and to … Continue reading

Water torture

Its barbarous and savage Its tyrannical and severe Its excessive and brutal And draws out so much fear The dolphin its vivacity Its playful spirit seen As inflammatory and rampant And its death wholly obscene The Japanese are a hard … Continue reading

HElp us he asked And we helped him alright !

A whale approaches the shoreline Indicating he Is sick and needs some help And they shoot him Thus his plea Fell on their deaf ears of course They would rather see him dead And when they then cut into him … Continue reading

A small boy sits astride a dead pilot whale

A sea of blood And sinew too Decapitation Bad but true A little boy His wellies white Rides a pilot whale The light Of decency and true respect Gone And I must interject Must feel for how that whale Drenched … Continue reading