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A small boy sits astride a dead pilot whale

A sea of blood And sinew too Decapitation Bad but true A little boy His wellies white Rides a pilot whale The light Of decency and true respect Gone And I must interject Must feel for how that whale Drenched … Continue reading

Fresh wind dried and salted a story by the victims

Long finned Pilot Whales And some white sided Dolphins sadly Driven to shore and slaughtered By those islanders who gladly Previously trained to use The spinal cord lance or monustingari To dispatch each of us mammals So a truly fine … Continue reading

The Pink River Dolphin(the king of dark waters)

Where did We come from? That would be saying Ten million years ago Its a long time There are paleontologists Hoping to tell you And for once in our lives Some one’s written a rhyme. We may have originally Been … Continue reading

Killing whales is adding to the planets more rapid demise

The great overtures we hear Within the ocean The great whale songs That lift the mariners hearts Into perpetuity externally forever The philosophy of existence that just starts To resonate in spirits undeniably For sum and substance It can reach … Continue reading

Slaves and captors

Short termism injustice misguided All along SEA WORLD and the other corporations All are wrong Their concern is profit And the balance sheet thats all Compassion and an empathy for life Its not their achool Of thought they are unseeing … Continue reading

DOLPHINS Shot in Italy

The pollutants of sanity Clearly regress In fishermans minds The undoubted stress Of a reduced catch In the marrow of mean And the cause and effect That is mostly obscene Fish for some reason Will not swim in our nets … Continue reading

Orca show

Orca’s great fin Drives along They win Blue sea come look Rippling muscles I just shook Eyes open that was me Sunlight on An olive sea Watch them leap Watch them go A Writhing scything Picture show Energy so much … Continue reading

From liberation to subjection and into restraint

LIberty matters Freedom of action To be given immunity The satisfaction Manoeuvrability Its what life is for It is our culture Somthing we adore To just have that space In the ocean of blue A free fin to swim Where … Continue reading

Hiding in the sand

I have an answer for TAIJI For the poacher men who get into the sea Lets go and find some BOBBIT WORMS Its the monster that bites and squirms Lives in the sea bed and pokes its snout Out to … Continue reading

The Bandits of Taiji

4 days its been And still some of the victims Languish, they Have been in the sea pens all this time unfed What can one say? Stolen from Each other All the relatives they knew Their children And the juveniles … Continue reading