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Ninety seven percent of Your human DNA The orangutan a person Of the forest Where dismay Has been the word on many lips Because of the three per cent Who somehow let the corporate world Change it to content Content … Continue reading

The IWC and the infamous three

JAPAN ICELAND and NORWAY Whaling carries on some off the radar JApan ofcourse is as blatant as can be Painting research across its bows Trying to fool the world at large But murdering the whales so horribly ICeland tends or … Continue reading

French Dolphin sacrifice

France has been quietly killing Our lovely precious DOLPHINs And its all down to the by catch And What they throw away Pair fishing of two trawlers In the bay of Biscay The nets attract the dolphins And tragically they … Continue reading

Paradise for the taking

You have Paradise to play with Yet with arrogance your choice Is to take tourists out whale watching Whilst in essence giving voice To the dolphin killing monsters That frequent old Taiji To the dolphin enslaving profiteers Who exert such … Continue reading

Personal note to the councillors of BROOME in WA

Paradise is yours I hear Beaches and seas And skies all clear Wildlife yours To ofcourse adore Whale watching The tourist flock For sure Cetacean spirits And energy Part and parcel Of a balanced sea Of life itself in all … Continue reading

Hamelin Bay whale strandings

Among the cetaceans that frequent the sea Are the dolphins and pilot whales And some agree Areas affecting their sonar abide Bio-accoustically stressing the tide Hamelin bay near Augusta is one Known as a whale trap The shallows can run … Continue reading

TAIJI All butchers they be

A total lack of pity Such heartlessness abroad Pods of innocent angels Perish by their sword The pithing tools of TAIJI The ruthlessness of man Such intolerance and rigour All part of their plan The severity of the fisherman The … Continue reading


A giant brain An intellect An understanding where That association of ideas And the consciousness we share Sixth sense sonar sensitve Inquisitiveness and zeal Studious and diligent And very very real Able to discriminate To appreciate and to be Judicious … Continue reading


This is a tourist enclave And therefore does derive Much of its wealth from tourism That helps BROOME survive In 1981 it signed a sister city And became all lovey dovey With TAIJI understand TAIJI is now infamous For the … Continue reading


Why would BROOME not condemn Taiji Curse them outlawry Why exchange black hats and condone The killings at Taiji Most would expect Australia To come out straight and say we hate killing the dolphins As a ritual of the day … Continue reading