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Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Malevolence a forethought

I think it calls for spitefulness The worst intentions too Chewing on a creature Thats as alive as me and you Clearly souls have feelings And the arrogance it takes To actually chew and swallow A living soul it makes … Continue reading

Vulgaris the octopus

Two eyes A central mouth A beak Eight limbs Soft bodied Many seek Out within the ocean wide Flocomotion From inside A siphon And pure respiration Expelling jets Tnats the creation Fabulous sight Three hearts A great Sense of touch … Continue reading

Detroit red wings and the Octopus

The Stanley Cup finals In Detroit I hear Back in 52 It became kind of clear With 8 arms Their seemed some significance And so They Adopted the octopus And then did throw Live and dead creatures When the play … Continue reading

Big eyes no heart

A South Korean Restaurant In Pusan prides itself on offering its customers Living foods. How loathsome and our hateful To imagine it can be right To consume living creation Enjoying every bite Torn out of the ocean As painful as … Continue reading


What looks like crimson protoplasm It changes colour on a whim Swimming like a trooper Tentacles and suckers The octopus is out there on a limb It really is intelligent and watches us Turn your back and the octopus will … Continue reading