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Lobsters have more feeling That pain imagine that Boiled alive Who could survive Where are such humans at Chefs so called Inveterate louts Screwballed heartless sods Boiling water Soupy smells Hail and mighty Gods Cometh to the frothing pan As … Continue reading

Indiscriminate fishing

Commerciality In the world of animals Can tragically create a world Where compassion can be lost The empathy of caring Of living life and sharing Of facing competition And making life your mission Life is pure and sacred Which ever … Continue reading

Infinity a course set

Perpetuity a guarantee Ignorance albeit A splendid evolution Except they daren’t see it Boundless and unfounded Attested maybe so Their superficiality They just could never know Phenomenal and tangible And beautiful to see A creature of the ocean Its invisibility … Continue reading

Alexandria Minnesota dissection suppliers

Inappropriate and discordant They have clearly lost their rag So detached from reality Rapidly they flag Their hostility and antipathy Clearly poles apart Arrogance personified Born with a stone cold heart There can be,no similarity With humanity today They have … Continue reading

Big eyes no heart

A South Korean Restaurant In Pusan prides itself on offering its customers Living foods. How loathsome and our hateful To imagine it can be right To consume living creation Enjoying every bite Torn out of the ocean As painful as … Continue reading

LIving sea creatures and all in a bowl

A restaurant of sorts Where clearly some thoughts Were the total transgression And a menu that sports Animals living alive alive oh Served up with cabbage and sauce All on show Chopsticks to the ready Thailand seems proud The total … Continue reading

It looks to be alive so lets eat it syndrome

Its their lewdness An aversion For a life form That should be Not in somebody’s Rice bowl But living in the sea To have realised that shoyu With its sodium content would Excite the nerves of the octopi And that … Continue reading

Lobster secrets

Its taken seven years And cost a packet And astaxanthin Is the substance they Noted has been The poor lobsters secret When cooked it turned From blue to red Okay When molecules Are bound together tightly The material appearance Is … Continue reading

Crab sales

Marketing the corporate message Often in plain sight Take the shrink wrapped crabs We see And know this isn’t right Ignorance of how a crab breathes Clearly it shows here When taking aquatic creatures From their realm It does appear … Continue reading

We must learn to study the wonders of Nature

The intricacy of simple things Is a mind blowing event Before we destroy our planet We must try to cement Some honest understanding Of the complexity of life Take the mussel for example Even with a knife it is hard … Continue reading

Everyones looking for a dentist

I have an indifference to Dentists Most of them think of one thing Money its all about money When you need them thats when they bring Contempt into the equation Their high costs beyond what most can Afford its got … Continue reading

Rays are sunlight from creation

Man could not be further from kind I have to say Those ray catch competitions Are the vilest of display On the pretence that wild rays Are eating all the shellfish, so They create a competition With prizes just to … Continue reading

What have we done to deserve this

Living under the sea Wearing armour all day You would think we’d be safe That we wouldn’t have to pay But up against humans Inexplicably They have the notion That it has to be Our diet is terrible We choose … Continue reading

Lobsters deserve the right to feel and be respected

the morons want to eat them Quietly in the place Protestors want to remind them This food is a damned disgrace Humanity can never Make excuses for their pain They pay the factory workers Who will one day be insane … Continue reading