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The King

Inspired by my lovely friend Maria The king can bring us anything And can wing it for a few With his glorious mane Has so much to gain When like this he looks at you In his myriad of colours … Continue reading

In the lap of the gods

The king could hear her above his roar A sound that he dare not ignore Tuned into “bast” he made his way To the coastal cliff where he would stay The water lapping at his feet The sun above providing … Continue reading

Sasha’s new life

A wild heart full of spirit Found being behind bars Under lock and key all day Life’s enduring scars A Guatamalan Circus Slavery to boot Deprivation ordered Bondage an offshoot A decade of existence Coercion to exclude Every breath of … Continue reading

Wild animal poaching

The dishonesty is out there At high level Unconscientiousnesss rampant As we know Its about the opportunism And the shabby venality The aiding and abetting That does grow Everybodys at it When there money to be had All sorts of … Continue reading

“Marjan” the last lion

A precious stone they called him A gift from Cologne Zoo To Kabul Zoo on Kabul river When he was just two That was in 1976 It was a thriving place But was dangerous and very threatening And wars moved … Continue reading

The mindset of a killer

There was a time when farmers In South Africa grew fruit And then they heard about LION BONES And money is at the root Of all the scandalous pastimes And the TCM route felt Doable and many of them Like … Continue reading

A perfect LION

The enactment the execution A solution maybe so A transaction a redaction Was it a way to go Africa a lion sleeps Content possibly so Fulfilment was the goal today To undertake and grow He pulls his trigger three times … Continue reading

Zoos who murder animals

ZOo’s who kill their animals For me will never be Anything to do with kindness And most I hope agree The innocence the purity of heart Their state of grace Rewarded by the zoo Where they were born What a … Continue reading

Wild Lion v captivity

An awareness born of consciousness A philosophy of being In the now of reasoning And perception and all seeing Vitalism verging on an meditative desire To pit ones wits And be wrapped in thought With ones hunting heart of fire … Continue reading

The lions and the Buffalo

Botswana’s Okavango Delta The Drama and the prayer A pride of Lions so hungry And a Buffalo Bull was there 900 massive kilos Of muscle through and through Standing in the swamp alone What were they planning to do? He … Continue reading