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A mother and her son

In this day and age In a year of such adversity abroad To witness true existence for our eyes Is a reward Reality has proven the maternal spirit shows In a climate where devotion For one’s offspring clearly grows It … Continue reading

Sabi Sands lions

The Sabi sand game reserve Privately owned Has today got a problem With Lions that have roamed Across the reserve In the heat of the day Under drought conditions And have started to pay A price for such stress Has … Continue reading


According to Brent Staplekamp The saga carries on The liars and the criminals They had quickly gone Were got out of the country So they wouldn’t face the wrath Whilst Cecil had died in agony And his final path Took … Continue reading

EMOYA our African dream

We originally came from Africa And were shipped across the sea To Peru yes and to Colombia To circus totally Immersed in all that squalor Beaten black and blue Whipped and beaten with iron bars And all of us were … Continue reading


CErtainly Ignorantly Test the Evil shits The trade in Lions continues And trophy hunting fits Clearly on the table Where the hunters do their thing The international trade in Lions Has that peculiar ring About it but we understand Bones … Continue reading

Disease is the karma

DIsease is a karmic debt Under the sun Given to man for he has begun To rupture the life force And stolidly stack A theorem completely And it’s then when the flack Hits home Creating a disease state And will … Continue reading

Captive Lions

WE have to feel sorry for all captive Lions Caught in the arrogance trap Really it’s worse than the cancer we know of The absurdity of it does slap A kind of euphoria onto the players Whereas Those that once … Continue reading


There was a time not long ago When a King reigned and was seen But now it’s an absurdity And some might say obscene To imagine my iconic stature Taken now to be Purely a pain in someone’s arse A … Continue reading

Walter Slippers canned hunting camps

It is frightening and horrific It’s everything that’s wrong The so called Walter Slippers He does not belong Anywhere near animals He tortures them and so He farms them can you believe that And the numbers grow Lions and wild … Continue reading

Canned hunts and photo shoots

Ramping up the drama That is what they do Shooting lions all raised in cages How many think that’s true It isn’t Stalking it isn’t hunting its just a criminal act 8/10 lions in a week How should we react … Continue reading