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A voice from the animals

Niall Blair what a hypocrite Arrogance too Permeates the grey matter Like it shouldnt do Not a lot of rain A big drought around And frackings still is going on cracking the ground Vast quantities wasted and polluted like hell! … Continue reading

Live exports banned all over India

Animal RIGHTS Have come of age In india today Providing all the evidence That live exports Are no way Of ever treating animals Sending them to their death And torturing them on voyages even denying them breath Its discriminative behaviour … Continue reading

Live exports through the EU

Its intolerable Its insufferable Its more than flesh and blood Can stand All these live exports Really theres a flood Of interest and of money to be made Of course thats true The muslims want live animals fresh meat Halal … Continue reading

Live exports from Ramsgate

It lacks so much compassion Live exports anywhere Shipping living creatures Around causes despair Its cruelty personified Its money all the way RAMSGATE a name from Raven Cliff gap A healthy place some say That was in the year 1275 … Continue reading

out of sight out of mind really Australia?

Despite the closer scrutiny Of live exports what we see Is still too many sheep that die On each voyage which feels to me Like abuse and dreadful cruelty These are animals and they Face stress beyond their wildest thoughts … Continue reading

Exporting live animals to the middle east by ship

Morality appears to have just Disappeared for good Shippers are unconscious And insincere they should Care about the animals And realise their worth Creation made them miracles On One part of this earth To Farmers trucking animals In sweltering heat, … Continue reading

Live exports of sheep and cattle

Its the vilest of exports Shipping live animals From farm to slaughter To me its a crime And its all about money Which doesnt feel funny For me those who do this Are no better than slime Creation of animals … Continue reading


We have phillistines in government Who turn their blindest eyes Bowing down to the meat trade mob Despite the nations cries Bleating and cattle mooing Still ship truck loads by sea On hell ships to the Middle East Where they … Continue reading

Live exports from Australia

Animal welfare is key so I read To the great MIA but do they succeed In giving the public the confidence to Agree that Live Exports Is all the way through To the destination Wherever that be Is all above … Continue reading

Exporting live sheep to The Middle East

Who are we really To imagine that we Have the right now to punish Sheep constantly Chastise them and persecute Them as we do With total abandonment For me it won’t do We must unfrock the liars This has to … Continue reading