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Live exports of sheep and cattle

Its the vilest of exports Shipping live animals From farm to slaughter To me its a crime And its all about money Which doesnt feel funny For me those who do this Are no better than slime Creation of animals … Continue reading


We have phillistines in government Who turn their blindest eyes Bowing down to the meat trade mob Despite the nations cries Bleating and cattle mooing Still ship truck loads by sea On hell ships to the Middle East Where they … Continue reading

Live exports from Australia

Animal welfare is key so I read To the great MIA but do they succeed In giving the public the confidence to Agree that Live Exports Is all the way through To the destination Wherever that be Is all above … Continue reading

Exporting live sheep to The Middle East

Who are we really To imagine that we Have the right now to punish Sheep constantly Chastise them and persecute Them as we do With total abandonment For me it won’t do We must unfrock the liars This has to … Continue reading

Animals are emotional unlike the Australian Politicians

Australia seems to recognise That animals now will Because they have emotions I read this, and a chill Went down my back Yea Suddenly What of the kangaroo’s Shot to death Their joey stomped on This is breaking news! The … Continue reading

A lamb dreams

A vivid stream of consciousness A sixth sense maybe so A little lamb in ivy How large will it grow Its inner child is resting A personality Reasoning and thinking Of running so freely Inquisitiveness is how the Young learn … Continue reading

Easter Lamb girls and boys

The appearence of curly woolly Babies innocent angels in every way 6 weeks or so into their life Bouncing souls who play In the grassy meadows Where the milk witches fly Their golden teeth are open To Oestra from on … Continue reading

Babies a very close encounter

A baby child a baby lamb About the same weight I think I am Already feeling a sense of dread That either of these could soon be dead Carnivores the majority Cannibals though few do we see Behind closed doors … Continue reading

Sam the Lamb

OK so I am a Lamb I bleat, that is my thing You people think we are idiots But to this world we bring Joy just watch us Dance and leap and joyfully engage Ok I am a Lamb my … Continue reading

Polymers worth at least 5 quid

The polymer fiver Is not a survivor The uproar it caused On the street Tallow was used Females were abused And really it wasnt discreet Rendered from animal sources So many of them get to see The idiots who take … Continue reading