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The wild Kangaroo’s

Fifty pence a kilo Thats what the kangaroo Fetches now the wholesale price Its not what we should do Regarding the economy And our iconic pride Watching them we can Learn A lot Lf what they keep inside The meat … Continue reading


Government funded tall mesh barriers Right down to the ground Said to keep wild dogs out But also what has been found Is that Emu’s and the Kangaroo’s Are being murdered too Falling foul of the fences And dying it … Continue reading

The Kaurareg

Aboard the cutter “America” From Sydney to Brisbane Which hit the Madjn Reef near Horn And was never seen again The crew it seems all drowned Including the captain he Captain Thompson died in front of his Wife apparently She … Continue reading

Aunty Ro Mudjin a pal o’ mine

The existence of creation The importance of its worth The undeniable history Played around Mother Earth The immortal the enduring The sum and substance we Share with the perpetual The complex and the free Tangible and solid Grounded everywhere Heartbreaking … Continue reading

WIld animals deserve so much more from AUSTRALIA

To admit to being inhumane By abandoning victims who Have been injured at the roadside takes so much away from you It shows beyond all doubt in fact Just how cruel you be Kangaroo’s and others injured Will be left … Continue reading


Respect is sadly lacking For the iconic Kangaroo Farmers send them packing Governments do that too Creation the most splendid Discovered long ago The need for a pack macropods Part of the great flow Of energy for Australia A survivor … Continue reading

Just another joey

My mother was a miracle Creation made her so Her exactitude and candour Her honour all who know Her know just how outspoken And Unembroidered and how true She carried me she loved me and did so her life through … Continue reading

Wildness a quality to revere

Its important to realise That the kangaroo Knows more about living Than any of you Thousands of years Historicity Creation provided them Knowledge you see The sky and the land Romantic it be When the moon seems to come Even … Continue reading

The meat trade is the enemy of Nature

The ignorance thats out there Is phenomenal How wild kangaroos are so worthwhile Each shooter that takes out a roo Is really hitting all of you For they are the wild guardians And that my friends is true Millions of … Continue reading

WE can get through said the Kangaroo

We are rhe shadows of long before Our feet pressed soft on the red dust floor Long before the British came And generated the huge blame game In the Pleistocene the canine roo’s Flesh eating macropods the clues Upon the … Continue reading