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The Knowledge

There was Knowledge and enlightenment An order in a time gone by When consciousness was relevant And acquaintanceship was high Lore and wisdom had been acquired By experience most true It was all hands on and mindful Its what they … Continue reading

Australian Bush Meat

Meretriciousness a nice long word To start the poem going Falseness guile and artfulness The wheeler dealers showing Collusion with the grey suits With their brand of skulduggery In the dirty business the veneer And The illusory Treacherous and spurious … Continue reading

Kanga banger

The forecast it appears to me Is the meat trade thinks it holds the key To better burgers and sauages too With Roo’s around they are going to do More business and more profits for The shooters hark they stand … Continue reading

Road kill night

Illogicalness false reasoning Sophistry of sorts Words like harvest instead of murdering Tells you that their thoughts Are contrary to reason And contradictory We are talking of life and death And historicity A road kill night where Kangaroo’s Are offered … Continue reading

Shooters 2

Money is the fuel that grinds Into the sweatiest pores In the red dust and entrails Internally the wars Of what is illegality The unlawfulness one feels The unwritten constitution The rebellion it reveals The outback is at night A … Continue reading


These so conservationists Who go out late at night Shooting our beloved roo’s In the pale moonlight Aiming at big males Because thats the thing to do But actually hitting females And squashing joeys too And pinkies also in the … Continue reading

Kanga anga

To have reconciled With our noble wild And iconic Kangaroo Its gallantry Its gentility Acknowledged Through and through Re branding it k-Roo infact And encouraging folk to eat And to want more Roo’s Is just not good news We should … Continue reading

Kangaroo the new film

For millions of years They have lived on this land Absolutely amazing Maternal and grand Designed for the outback And the motherland Fantastic lineage Can we understand They are not pests They are good to be here Creation knew better … Continue reading

Macropods and their time on earth

Supposedly protected from non aboriginal hunting The law which law is that ? with lobbyists whose big gobs Only a small number are hunted by the hunters Red males eastern greys and the common wallaroo We all know that the … Continue reading

My beloved Kangaroos

Every single shooter For me is a mercenary Dry eyed guilty of extremes and potent thuggery It is really all left up to those assassins out at night A single shot to a big red’s head So obvious in the … Continue reading