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Kangaroo’s and Emu’s

It is discrimination Total vacuity A kind of inertia An insensibility Unconcerned and thoughtless Disregarding facts Not mindful of Gaia Using moronic attacks Where is their stream of Consciousness Perhaps it never was Perhaps they never had one And that … Continue reading

The iconic one

Wild and feral Children of the bush Spectators who Dodge commercial hunters Licensed good and true Harvesters their pockets full of tags Their hearts on fire In the Mulga country Where the spirit world is dire Shooters all approved of … Continue reading


This is a picture posted by Angel Of a kangaroo family Mum dad and child Mother clearly dying Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The iconic one Australia was gifted Kangaroo’s How some use them for leather goods And meat too its the blues I … Continue reading

From a joey to a football

In the pocket of life sits a joey Flushed from its mother, so sweet A corn of a boy A pencil of joy Soft on the ground By her feet Her kangaroo baby is crying Swept into life on a … Continue reading


Doodlebug is no name for a baby Kangaroo A v1 bomb whoever named him did they have clue What its like to give names to animals today To be named after an explosive device To me its wrong to say … Continue reading

Murder in the bush

A total lack of conscience And unscrupulousness too A father with his son out in the outback Killing Roo A mother lies spreadeagled Her joey torn from inside Such baseness such dishonour All it’s innocence denied Squashed in half by … Continue reading

Lidl mothers day and the iconic one

In Australia in the sanctuaries a lot of new Australians go along and pat the Roo’s and let their children feed they see the gentle nature of these sweet iconic creatures living in their rural homes where nothing’s up to … Continue reading

Kangaroos Australia is flogging you off to China soon

Australia you really do annoy me Caring now so little for the wild souls who Give Australia something so iconic and what the hell is it you want to do flog them to the Chinese who will eat them what … Continue reading

I’m a bloody Kangaroo

I’M A BLOODY KANGAROO and an Australian through and through I wasn’t shipped from England in some prison boat not me My ancestors were Australians this is where I be and you so called Australians create a brand new word … Continue reading

Good news for the Kangaroos

Once again a blanket ban of Kangaroo comes into place Macro Investments Australia really has to face the reason why its happened 18 or so tonne was shipped and found contaminated though cleared so someone slipped the Russians retaliated with … Continue reading