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We really have to ask ourselves Why we allow abuse Of animals like the kangaroo There is no real excuse They are wild and they are iconic To Australia and they Have been and won their totemic status and respect … Continue reading


Circus alleges it brought To the masses Animals clearly The arrogant few Who earned a good future From dreadful abuse They were all low life Being obtuse Ignorant numbskulls Dressed up on show With unflattering fineries Travellers throw Everything into … Continue reading

Dead kangaroo

Whoever you are You sit there The two of you feeling supreme Before you a soul of magnificence Lost to a world That cant dream From an ancestral gifting His wildness designed His personal honour all saw But you wanted … Continue reading

Kanga RULE

This being The case The great human race Can never keep pace With the ROO Being too far ahead Its true lots are dead But idealism won through An undenible fact So many react Stubbornly brutishly They Have been soldiers … Continue reading

“Maintaining wild aspects”

Wildness smacks enchantment The opposite though is true And May lead to a rewilding Its what arrogance can do “A ready to turn dirt development” Is not an attractive sign Its born out of a lack of understanding Down the … Continue reading


There is no excuse at all For remaining ignorant Of what goes on Shooting kangaroo’s Like there’s no tomorrow what are We going to do when they are gone? Murdering for the meat trade And for leather too Farmers allowing … Continue reading

A voice from the animals

Niall Blair what a hypocrite Arrogance too Permeates the grey matter Like it shouldnt do Not a lot of rain A big drought around And frackings still is going on cracking the ground Vast quantities wasted and polluted like hell! … Continue reading

Abusing kangaroo’s out of total ignorance

A boxing ring A kangaroo Expecting it to be Part of some great fight night Insensitivity A non-realization Crass ignorance we see An animal in bewilderment And the artless infamy Man unkind Untutored Illiterate And dumb Really the new age … Continue reading

Epping Kangaroos

A mob of some 400 Kangaroo’s have been Given the mark of death From whom The RSPCA Its obscene. they are a charity Who kills many souls Cats and dogs and horses And kangaroos The goals Apparently are own goals … Continue reading

Processsing of Kangaroo

We come back once again To how we process Wild kangaroos the purpose Was so we Can incorporate the kanga’s Into the pet food trade To extend the shelf life And profitability This is done with adding Sulphur dioxide Masking … Continue reading