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An appeal from one dolphin

I am just one dolphin And the absurdity And ineptitude of Driving all of us My family tree Into the cove at TAIJI Slaughtering a few Driving some babies back to where they came from Yes its true Without their … Continue reading

Taiji’s fisherman and trophy hunters

There’s a wave of discontent with those Of us who are sick and tired Of being so respectful Of the fisherman I am fired Up with them They listen to nobody at all They are a bunch of violators Who … Continue reading

TAIJI ‘s ultimate arrogance Neptune ‘s edict

The species known as Dolphins Have free will and they be A species of their very own They are not our property That they swim in seas around us Doesn’t make them ours And we Must realise this concept Not … Continue reading

Frog sashimi

The willingness to commit A soul to agony Gratuitously to look upon A way Of maintaining the energy of the living With the so called skills Of death, and by display Creating what we see A kind of stupor An … Continue reading