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Seal murderers of Canada

30,000 baby seals One has to ask now how that feels To be aware that on one’s land A people fail to understand Babies born of true creation Gifted to your special nation Can be slaughtered in such a way … Continue reading

Canadian Embassy 4/5 Trafalgar Square 1pm -5pm

CANADIAN EMBASSY TRAFALGAR SQUARE 1pm till 5 End this awful massacre Of baby seals Alive And graceful on the ice floes Until the murdering scum Bash their tiny brains out And drag them off Though some really some are still … Continue reading

Mangut or Tanuki known also as the Raccoon Dog

Caught up in the subterfuge Villianous trading Such criminality Its so degrading Known as the night wanderer It Can climb a tree An indigenous dog A wild refugee Russia China Finland Japan Weighs up to 10 kilos Where they began … Continue reading

How the indigenous respect animals

Communication happens we know Out of fulfilment The punctillious flow Respect for each other And deep understanding Great acts of courtesy And a good landing Indigenous people Projected their feelings With animal spirits In a good tempered way Keen to … Continue reading

Sharks and more especially the Great Hammerhead and the ocean beyond

Sharks have a long pedigree A vast bank on which to call Evolution tempers the philosophy Of all Existence as we know it Their historicity Bursting with improvements To their substantivity 450 million years A timely proposition Survivors of 5 … Continue reading

The Blue Whale

Oil food clothing and tools That was the bounty of the worlds Whaling fools Who set out to slaughter The greatest of beasts Just because they could And their devilish feasts Took place in the oceans Decades ago With horrendous … Continue reading

Paradise for the taking

You have Paradise to play with Yet with arrogance your choice Is to take tourists out whale watching Whilst in essence giving voice To the dolphin killing monsters That frequent old Taiji To the dolphin enslaving profiteers Who exert such … Continue reading

Personal note to the councillors of BROOME in WA

Paradise is yours I hear Beaches and seas And skies all clear Wildlife yours To ofcourse adore Whale watching The tourist flock For sure Cetacean spirits And energy Part and parcel Of a balanced sea Of life itself in all … Continue reading

Wheelchair hunter

Its all about one’s thinking The wantonness of pain A beautiful wild Leopard Will never breathe again And why is this A brazen fool as offensive as can be Sits there on his wheelchair Unashamed and heartless he Imagines as … Continue reading

Giraffes the new target

Submissive and passive Glorious souls Faithful and steadfast Honouring roles Of the worlds tallest animal A ruminant they Stand 18 feet In shrubveld they play With a penchant for thorn trees They never lie flat Also seldom sleep And know … Continue reading