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Sharks we must stop killing them

Logicality and relevance And superiority In many aspects matchless And unrivalled in the sea The shark an Apex Predator A fearsome looking soul With a cartilaginous skeleton And gill slits on the whole No swim bladder a reason Therefore why … Continue reading


Who really are the pests Out in Australia Killing feeding Roo’s In car lights they Harvesting they call it All sanitised tis said Dressing that is removing heads and tails From the poor dead For the flesh eating Aussies It … Continue reading

Killing fields of Victoria

50,000 years If thats not long enough To walk the earth The red earth of the bush Alongside aborigines Painting in their caves Where were the Victorians In their hell born graves None of them the apple Of their mothers … Continue reading

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

From Northern Ontario Was actually where She came, a backwoods person She was aware Of the Natural World Of its animal souls But sadly did trespass And transgress The roles She took on Of fishing and shooting And saying That … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

Fighting for African Animals

Fighting for Africa’s animals Writing and posting each day And seeing canned hunting Murdering Lions And African farmers Who prey On Mistaken and so naive hunters Absorbing deceit everyday They Travel and murder the caged ones lions, duped and drugged … Continue reading

A Queen of Queens

In death the Queens of Queens Lies in a sensitive repose Bloodied in remembrance Adored I do suppose A tenderness about her A willingness to be All she had ever dreamed of Till the shots rang out and she Fell … Continue reading

A holiday of your dreams as advertised

A dream of a holiday So they describe And all in package Come meet our tribe So much to see So much to do Five days of hunting With one of our crew 8490 euros and you Can murder a … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading

An untimely end for a beautiful Black Bear

An untimely death In Wisconsin Baits set What we have now to know Lets begin 4 million gallons Of Bear Bait are thrown On public land The disrespect shown Just So much woe So much misjudgement There Attracting the wolves … Continue reading

Feelings and wildlife

As protectors it is concerning That binoculars are made And targeted at hunters An extension of trade Broadening the market Commercially feels wise But feelings have to play a part We have to realise We shouldn’t become detached from life … Continue reading

Animals peculiarly have no rights to the Hunter

Wisdom is an earned right And powers of thought can be Calling for discretion and sagacity Enlightenment when hunting A sense of consciousness A sixth sense and an awareness Even to obsess Animals have peculiarly No rights it appears Lacking … Continue reading


Guilty everyone of you Guilty as hell on earth Caught red-handed killing The iconic one whose worth To GOD in out back Heaven Their magical embrace With Nature and with History Of the latest Human Race The Kangaroo is special … Continue reading

TAIJI and elsewhere in JAPAN

For years we have been fighting Always and even till today Dolphins are being massacred In every awful way Taiji is synonymous With dolphin drives and pain With pithing and with torture And how protest is in vain How many … Continue reading

Wickedness was all I saw

Such love such depth Such empathy A token of generosity Such affection Such intimacy On her bucket list Of Integrity A valentine Oh goodness me What unbelievable chivalry A dead giraffe Its heart torn free And gifted to her As … Continue reading

Larsen One Dane I have no respect for

To be famous for inventing A trap to murder birds Magpies crows and jackdaws I am lost for words Such intelligence is out there More so than trappers who Are wicked as the day is long Doing what they do … Continue reading

Hunter Zoo somewhere in the bush

They had a regressive attitude A backsliding desire To go out and kill the life force Gods gifts and with the fire Of guns and ammunition Basically lie in wait Or hide somewhere like bandits And kill at such a … Continue reading

Montana,’s precious wolves

The beauty that is Nature Montana’s landscapes they Bring a lump into the throat Of tourists everyday The vastness and the ,wild life All god created sites What is the equilibrium And why we all have rites To come and … Continue reading

The plunderers

The Margiris owned by the Dutch So unfair A super trawler famed for its greed 6 thousand tonnes And each of them bleed Total destruction of so many souls In somebody’s ocean Acting out roles This mammoth digester Grasping its … Continue reading

Blake Barnett HUNTER

Whose a slave The africans And conservation means We go and shoot at animals If its within your means Then call it what you want to call it The trophy is the thing Skip across to Africa And don’t forget … Continue reading

Digital hunters the utmost in cowardice

The inevitable is happening In what is a sick and awful world The hunters who I view of with reluctance And unwillingness for where they have been hurled A shuddering loathing need Of murdering animals I grimace, at the thought … Continue reading

Zebra are right to murder

Getting close to Nature Really rocks his world Murdering the Zebras Were he feels he’s hurled In amongst the wild life All the dead flesh he Cuts it off the corpses And takes it home for tea. The horns and … Continue reading


Boring degenerates Such incoherence To truth and humanity Doubletalk they With their weasely words And their cruel expectations Their banging boats Leave Taiji everyday Concealed in their soul urge Untruths and deception Underhand dealings And furtive desire To trap pods … Continue reading

Shoes and footballs and contempt

Perfection its out there The wild ones who be God given god made Faultless to see These magnificent animals Leaping away Under the hot sun On any day Designed for Australia In every way Their flawless condition To watch their … Continue reading

The horned ungulates

Its pitiful in many ways The Rhinocerus For they can weigh a tonne Quite easily But have become the prey Of Black marketeers Who service The TCM brigade And Vietnam are stupified And its on their heads Its laid Ground … Continue reading

Hunter man I am no fan

They are everywhere Man creatures The woodwork Is prepared Creepy crawlie Hunting types The plunderers Are spared They you see Are culpable Camouflage and lead Waiting in the shadows And shooting wild life dead In this case its a LEOPARD … Continue reading

Namibia and its gifted Elephants

History gifted the greatest Land animal Living today the great gods Had seen To distribute these herds On land thought to be Where they could live Out their lives honourably A firmness of purpose An inclination to be Predestined to … Continue reading


The godliest of creatures Outback angels, they Have been around For 50,000 years They know the way Arid forest areas Hot sun baking dry Kangaroo’s are made to be And they realise why They don’t have little babies Godly thats … Continue reading

OH Dear God!

Oh dear God The trapper The wicked laxity Unconscientious Opportunism And partiality Hide the vile contraption For a great wild soul Who will know his foot is broken The trapper scored his goal Waiting licking shivering The agony we feel … Continue reading

Lock down and its affect on a person of the forest

The Orangutan An ape of magnitude and awe A swinger and a bringer A jungle man of war Who faces up to zoo keepers The lowest of the low The snarling rotten tight arsed Creeps Who just wishes he could … Continue reading