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The Faroes

Hard as nails The Faroese The Grindadrap The Danish Navy If you please! Protects their vikings Just Throwbacks who Wipe out Pilot Whale Pods And They do The bloodbath The whole family tree Torn to shreds The agony They drive, … Continue reading

Wolf killers

A lack of understanding Of Nature and its balances Dissension on the part Of wicked soulless people who Call themselves brave hunters Non conformist rotters Ignorant and arrogant Who just do what slobs do Its all about the ammo The … Continue reading

Leisure Hunters

Laying traps in order To catch wild souls and pets When you are after pheasants Really pushing bets They do it just for leisure Hobbyists infact Some breathing space Its a disgrace And House cats they attract Here we see … Continue reading

Criminal abusers must be prosecuted

Animals have rights But these wild souls perished In hails of gunfire Together, alone Running away from a maddening Fire storm cowards Murdering and taunting We all must disown These squalid of tainted and Mental case wallers 500 wild deer … Continue reading

DUGONGS their frantic plea to the ABORIGINE

Australia must hang their heads In utter shame, for they Allow the Native Rights brigade To actually get away With torturing and slaughtering The most iconic soul Suffering the agony Your hunting lacks control a great spear thrust in its … Continue reading


Dont give them excuses For rotten abuses This American Hunter In Chitral believes A bow and an arrow Though his reason be narrow The rarest of thinking Achieves In him so much wonder To take himself under The spirited plain … Continue reading

We are proud of our Daddy

We are proud of our Daddy Whilst Africa mourns One Rhino is dead But flogging its horns Will pay for the holiday Out in the sun Watching a warrior Really he spun In a circle, as our bullets Took him … Continue reading


I don’t live in Australia But have travelled there And know The extent of the great Continent And its ebb and flow From Perth down to Adelaide And up to Darwin, I Then across to Cairns and down to Brisbane … Continue reading

I thank the Goddess for Baronsdown

Its bitterly cold In the forest The wind shock the system And we The wild ones that live and that Play here Are shocked by the Adversity Christmas brings frost And snow falling Earnestly we have to be Careful when … Continue reading

a lot of sad vixens

A lot of sad vixens Holed up in the earth With their cubs It just rubs And shows me their worth And What Hunters believe They can chase any soul For they have the upper hand Yes they control On … Continue reading

Delusional idiots

Ethical this hunter Uses arrogance for she Is so tied up in her own delusion She forgets to see Freedom a wild animal Roaming were it was placed Very much in tune with life The reality thats faced These cowardly … Continue reading

Rejoicing at first blood

A lass just 13 years old Was rejoicing She had got over a cancer scare And she Was going off to hunt And kill some wildlife Exultant in the fortune Which was key Euphoric about claiming A few white tails … Continue reading

A departing soul

A selfish psychopathic killer They all are, everyone Degenerates unsightly,and disfigured Their lives ruled by the gun The blubbering of angels Such ululation, they Cannot feel the heaving breast The wailing weeping way Or A love thats lost forever Barking … Continue reading

Exotic leather

Living skin is invaluable Dead skin becomes the hide Or leather and then whether The wearer had denied The life force or the death knell Either way we see A living breathing miracle And lifeless infamy. Uppitiness and snobbery Its … Continue reading

Wildness in the Ocean

A huge brain in a huge head And devotion in the ocean Families with a massive family tree Who have the notion That mariners of consequence Who sail the salty sea Many fishing blue fin Our food, the food where … Continue reading

Life in all its glory is why I tell this story

Life and all its glory Is why I tell this story Wildness is my being Its when I am all seeing The forest is my darkness The tall trees are my place The freedom the encounter For me is a … Continue reading

Disrespect of the dead

Jarring and grating of spirit Of soul Artless and tasteless Your imperfect role To disrespect Nature Such harshness I see Turgid and tasteless Such barbarity An animal shot through A life stolen by Oafs heartless soulless Liars who try Wickedness … Continue reading


Murdering pregnant mothers Thats what their whalers do This small Roqual Baleen whale You see they take the view They will not be dictated to By the IWC And like to help their the JAPANESE When they are dead they … Continue reading

Victims of Hunters

The internet Safari’s They advertise And tell Hunters who want Holidays Which do amount to Hell For animals in Africa Living where they were put The wilderness the landscape Its out there underfoot Here is one bold feline A cat … Continue reading


The low of the low The wicked you know Ungodly amoral All of these things No license to kill An iniquitous pill Heartlessly cold And all that that brings They have no emotion They are obscene Backsliding low life Who … Continue reading

The “Thunder”

A Norwegian ship built A while ago in 1969 Part of The Bandit six Group With shrewd heads in the line Were there, hunting and poaching In the Southern Ocean where The Patagonia Tooth Fish Resides and likes to share … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading

Our precious Kangaroo

In 30 years some 90 million Kangaroo’s have lost their life Shot to death by shooters At night, whilst feeding So much extra strife Australia’s National Symbol Wild animals they be God put them on this continent Surrounded by the … Continue reading

A stag in the bag

Leaping agility Acceleration Down through the heather A sprint whose creation Offers the spirit Of being with family Together fleetness and fleeing Into the sea, taste the salt Crisp and dry Swift fast and rapidly Under a sky Of crisp … Continue reading

Hunters sicken me

Scotland in the wilds A peaceful true serenity And hunters lie awaiting A herd of deers who be Coming down the rock face In real flight fine and free And these hunters who should be locked up Not down if … Continue reading

Taiji and its continual abhorrent drives

Hour after hour Day after day Month after month The same selfish way Year after year Pod after pod Complete family trees Who swim with their god Those who watch captures Recording the sight Of capture selection And killing Whats … Continue reading


Its Happening in England On our green and pleasant land Truculence and cussedness Who can understand The misanthropic monsters That trap and hunt and kill Thousands of our wild life And are doing it still Their arrogance is sky high … Continue reading

TV host huntress

She was Born in Sarasota Florida and she A Gemini in the year Of the Ox Is where she be A, tv presenter And a huntress Of big game Posting on social media She is different So they claim She … Continue reading

Bear Hunting

Estonia has always hunted bears Apparently The hunters need is to kill them Having them out there free To kill the farmers cattle And raid bee hives which they Do and then destroy so much And the bee keepers then … Continue reading