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ICELAND 77 78 and 79

Three endangered fin whales Were this morning gleefully Swimming in their freedom In the cold Atlantic sea A realness undeniably Attested and so sure Enduring all life threw at them And a great deal more Each part of the angelic … Continue reading

A love affair

Of all the towns In all the world One wonders why taiji Why japan How it began Both places on the sea The third of march In 42 The japanese came by Bombed the port of Broome And 88 did … Continue reading


Despite the tears Despite our fears Despite the pain we feel Iceland keeps its relentless Murdering spree Its very real A millionaire Who is so aware Decided he would kill Endangered fin whales Because he could Their blood he wants … Continue reading

The predicament is growing

The “Farley Mowat” crew One Oona Layolle A captain on manoevres Trying to Avert the gaze of artisanal fishermen Who are laying gillnets Illegally, they do Believe their livelihoods Are being ruined But its all tied in with The Totoaba … Continue reading

The Faroes still at it

135 long finned pilot whales 1 white sided dolphin 38 long finned pilot whales Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Slaying and destruction Vivisection They The butchers of the Faroe islands Abort in every way Life forms Gentle angels A death blow every hour A … Continue reading

Killing a whale

Daggers drawn A smouldering rage An angel rises off the page Its painful feelings The last straw As the cannon harpoon hits its core Great wrathfulness A tantrum torn Tears of rage Before the storm Piqued and gailed Offended by … Continue reading

Kristjan Loftsson

Pre-occupied with killing An addiction so to say Wrapped up in its being Obsessed in every way Really tunnel vision And illogicality Unrigorous and muddled With a dose of lunacy A multiple personality An inferiority A clinical depressive Away from … Continue reading

Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors Of the land More of them are being killed Is it hard to understand They are the heartfelt warriors Their morality they share Often abused and maltreated And martyred everywhere Anguished and ansgt ridden Victimized they be … Continue reading

The faroes and their medieval customs

Thors harbour thats the capital Of the Faroes A craggy set of islands Where there be 50,000 people throwbacks From the norse days Butchers of the beaches Tragically A medieval bloodlust An affliction No benediction hear I have to say … Continue reading

Lady Gaga in Bulgaria

Materialism personified Irreverent and wrong To wallow in the death of others Perverted all along Self-centred and uncaring Acquisitive denial Fifty beautiful badgers Someone did defile A lily livered trapper A sinful dark display A transgression of the boudaries Apparently … Continue reading