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Anger issues

A so called shooter Has some anger issues So much so the coppers Say to those walkers On the bridal paths To watch out for this person So much so his belligerence Which grows More and more aggresively And seemingly … Continue reading

Trophy hunting instructor

Exposing trophy hunting Someone has to try They are not human beings Nor monsters they rely On social media stories As glories come and go Trapping the wild animals Its not dominance you know Parents letting children learn From these … Continue reading


Demure, my arse Made up to look Attractive sadly Brought to book This savage, heartless Wicked troll Was out a hunting Without soul A bear killer An “awesome hunt” Her morals loose A sinful punt Ambush bait Thats what we … Continue reading

Hares and coursing

malignancy and malice Amongst the coursing who spitefully use the flat lands To do what they must do Exercise their greyhounds or their Sitehounds in the way Of chasing hares at special fairs Passing the time of day Hunting killng … Continue reading

Nordstrom across all its lines

Compunction and compassion Are an order of the day Benevolence and gentleness Creates a bright new ray Of optimism true charity Of feeling from the heart And for fashion stores to adopt This strategy is a good start Down the … Continue reading

Muscle bound

A muscle bound thicko A trapper invests In telling the world On the front of his chest That he is a trapper Resigned it appears To Ambush wild cats And drive up their fears Bereft of All reasoning Cynically Cowering … Continue reading


Idaho I dont know Infanticide A right For so called hunters To murder little cubs Out in the light There is Something really rotten About the kind of guys That shoot up little babies And do not realise What is … Continue reading

Hunter men

A beautiful Leopard Enjoying its freedom Aligned with its god Independent as such The low life bunters Their dogs at their side Shots ring out loudly And all is denied The leopard is panting The shots clearly poor Lying , … Continue reading

Trophy hunting

With drought killing elephants What do we see The wankers and bankers The small brained who be Coming to Zimbabwe To sample The fair Shooting the big 4 Because they live there America reverses the rules So to say By … Continue reading

Ivory ( the rotters who procure it)

The Narathiwat National Park In Southern Thailand found A fifteen year old Elephant A male tusker on the ground Half in a canal it seems It’s head hacked off oh dear Such a grisly murder scene That raises yet more … Continue reading

Killer Safari’s

Fancy killing animals A profession some do say Encouraging the low life To come on holiday Not to just see Africa But to murder the wild souls The Big five and the rest of them If these are your goals … Continue reading

ELK got it’s own way in the end

A bow hunter shot an elk And went to bed In the morning woke up Thinking it was dead He then went out a looking And suddenly he found The ELK was charging at him And knocked him to the … Continue reading


Mobanza Mobimbo Gerard As sinful as they come He a Ivory trafficker One of the chosen scum It’s said he murdered Elephants 500 met his strife Felt his bullets In their soul And Of course lost their life And it … Continue reading

Wildness in Lions is fast disappearing

Harvesting wild animals Especially the LIONS Conning volunteers To come You must have seen the signs They pay to go and nurture The cubs and can you see We turn our backs on Nature And it’s legitimacy That gargantuan roar … Continue reading

THe Poachers of Kerala

Kerala is establishing a bad name So I hear Torturing elephants poaching Bison IT iS very clear Us ANIMAL rights around the world Are noticing the trend The Indians are cruel and vile And it better end six killed a … Continue reading

Hunters and slaughterhouse workers

Hunters and butchers and slaughterhouse operatives One must imagine their childhood What sent them flying towards blood and guts Death and destruction on the wilder mutts Disrespecting that we each have a life Unblurred and conspicuous An observable strife Must … Continue reading

Inglorious 12th

We die in our droves Sacrificed for The men with guns Those to abhor Selfish Unsettling Egoists who Have a monopolistic And covetous view The moors the expanse The heather the sky The great spirit of kings All of that … Continue reading

How were we raised And what difference it makes

Cristina Zenato As women go she does Portray the angel logic The caring sharing buzz anyone can see it Can feel it In how she Can give her love and Honour to the sharks All wild and free How the … Continue reading

12th of August a day when the elephants are held in our hearts

This date goes back nine years When Patricia Sims and Micbael Clark Of Canazwest pictures took it upon themselves to Try to leave their mark To persuade The countries gifted With great Pachyderms in fact Who Were suffering out in … Continue reading


As many as 356 Elephants Have crashed to the ground And have tragically died Botswana is mourning their loss As am I Why is it a mystery Still far and wide The bafflement really The humiliation As survivors we do … Continue reading

Elephants and Ivory and China

There is a growing realisation Out there In Villages in China People see That Elephants have Ivory And to want to use that substance animals have to be killed And seemingly Some assumed before That it wasn’t the case But … Continue reading


Another braggart In raptures because He can lie in ambush And of course push His agenda disguised A false narrative, he Can kill bloody armies Of wildness and free That rush of adrenaline Actually he Shits himself twice Goose pimples … Continue reading

The trophy murderer

The impulse to kill The excitement so called A sort of arousal for some Aaron a prophet a brother of Moses But a hunter today leaves me numb To the Arrogance out there The feeling that they Can do what … Continue reading

Glue traps and song birds

The government of France Are being told that they Should get up off their derrière and let all song birds fly Away Singing in the forests In the woods and trees Hunters in France want to stop These melodies and … Continue reading

Some one thinks they are Robin Hood

There is someone in Brabham That’s Western who, imagines That they have the right To get out their bow and their arrows And shoot Kangaroo’s shoot them on sight Mothers with babies imagine that gall A five month old baby … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading

Huntress philosophy

The huntress with the mostest The morals she displays Rooted in her enablement To persevere she says To drive a lot of distance To hunt to eat to wear She learned it from her father Who like her is aware … Continue reading

The wonderful world of wildlife

In this wonderful world of wild life There are many souls who care Warriors who use the strength God gave them So aware Of Realness and actuality Of their phenomenal worth Of their intrinsicality And value on this earth Of … Continue reading


It’s carnage pure and simple So evil through and through The GRINDADRAP they call it And this is what they do Loyalty and courage The bond these whales all feel As for the rotten islanders All they do reveal Is … Continue reading

Hound dumping

There comes a time Where lack of care and unconcern Arise Normally when the hunting season ends The dogs demise Comes from heartless brazen gits Whose dourness and thick skin Allows them just to kill their dogs For by doing … Continue reading