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Nebraska’s Puma hunting

A lot of loose thinking And a lack of vision Nebraska judgement From me some derision A narrow mind An intolerance for The Puma or Mountain Lion Where there’s war It’s sort of attrition A mission that’s mean Just 40 … Continue reading

African muti medicine

The Zulu’s Have a word for it Muti it’s derived From the word UMUTHI The roots that have survived Deep in Southern Africa Where magic is said to reign Where the izinyanga operate And many more attain Knowledge weird and … Continue reading

Taking a life

The miracle of a living life That spark brought to the fore Vitality and bio-energy and a whole lot more Biological function Across an allotted span Part of the vital building blocks From whence it all began Imagine this great … Continue reading

If Massachusetts can do it so can the world

The reasoning power of many And the consciousness of some The inner child whose spirit Who perhaps may put their thumb Directly onto a problem With hindsight probably May browse for hours And smell the flowers Before commenting thoughtfully Distracted … Continue reading

Norway’s shame

The circle of the spirit And the magic of each day Understanding Nature It really is a way Of transforming one’s existence Of generating soul Of creating true enlightenment By being in control The reed that gives the life force … Continue reading

The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts Of the the country We need to realise we are bound to share Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed There by creation Acceptance is to be the word, and … Continue reading


E bay now and AMAZON Are offering for sale steel Jaw traps imagine that It’s such a tragic tale Of utter woe and evil And I am surprised to see People profiting from this type Of iniquitous injury. The brain … Continue reading

The unfortunate Cougar

A hungry Cougar approaching A feeder station on A ranch in Freer was gunned down By a lease hunter a tear Ran down my face precisely When I heard the awful tale Hunger brought the beast Into the ranch That’s … Continue reading

Master and his horseman

Huge Meynell started it Fox hunting the fool It’s pertains to the upper crust The countryside to rule A pack of hungry hounds in tow A wizen fox away The unspeakable is happening In a wood somewhere today Despite the … Continue reading

Canada Goose

It goes right through you It does for me The screwballs trap We didn’t see And now my leg is held Real tight And Canada GOOSE Believes it’s right They pay the oddballs who do this shit Next to nothing, … Continue reading