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Master and his horseman

Huge Meynell started it Fox hunting the fool It’s pertains to the upper crust The countryside to rule A pack of hungry hounds in tow A wizen fox away The unspeakable is happening In a wood somewhere today Despite the … Continue reading

Canada Goose

It goes right through you It does for me The screwballs trap We didn’t see And now my leg is held Real tight And Canada GOOSE Believes it’s right They pay the oddballs who do this shit Next to nothing, … Continue reading


It is an obscenity For a predator Than who has to be Made invalid By a stroke Of misfortune Good and broke Unfit for life Disarmed in fact Emasculated Can you react To the ugliness To the enmity All that … Continue reading

Song bird killers

The committee against bird slaughter Is a group that’s out there, they Do everything they can to stop The evident dismay Of poachers hunters and others Who trap, who poach, and who kill Tiny little song birds And say they … Continue reading

Trophy hunting scoundrels

Hunting for trophies The biggest of lies These disgraceful humans Will never be wise They are pickled on wrongness guilty and shame Reprehensible scandalous Known by that name It’s all about ambush Cheating unfair Iniquitous imbeciles Who easily scare Inside … Continue reading

Losing the skills of venery

He who was skilled in the Ways of the beast All his waking hours Readily pieced together The ways of each wild forest Soul Who in Winter came forth In his unreserved role A hunter a venerer Keeper of game … Continue reading

Thomas Alexander HUNTER ARKANSAS

The shock and surprise Now before his eyes The Deer he had shot At, It lay Quietly remembering Much better times Til he came to gloat On that day He had pumped shots Into me, I was ailing A deer … Continue reading


Inherited characteristics That mindful chemistry The Orangutan its innermost True heredity Are Doomed it seems For it happens that Palm oil is the way Plantations are more lucrative That is what they say Allowed the space Allowed the run To … Continue reading

Coyote Kings

Mother Nature she knows best The Coyotes are supreme It makes no difference what men think Their place here of esteem Is guaranteed for ever For clearly they hit the spot On earth they are so vital Unlike hunters who … Continue reading

Big game hunters

An experienced big game hunter And his friend are on a hunt In Zimbabwe after trophies And apparently the brunt Of what is now the mystery That despite their knowledge They Were charged by two wild elephants And shot them … Continue reading