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Deer oh deer!

Our wildlife up for grabs In woburn bedforshire We hear The Duke of Bedford’s Wondrous herd Of 9 species of Deer All waiting to be shot at Murdered in cold blood Its a money earner And there will be a … Continue reading

Trophy hunting here in the UK

Trophy hunting comes to Bedford What a great idea For the Duke of Bedford To earn some from his deer £9000 for a big red buck £3000 if its small And its hands on conservation And really that is all … Continue reading


Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Dugongs and turtles

23 million people Live in Australia 1 million of them hunters It appears Almost 6 million firearms Rifles and shot guns All of these and bows Would raise my fears Being a wild kangaroo Or dingo Lots of introduced Creatures … Continue reading

Myanmar’s elephants

No respite for the pachyderms The tragedy we hear Of elephants shot with poisonous darts And bullets its the fear Of the largest of land animals That was created to be wild Is being murdered everywhere Its spirit just defiled … Continue reading

Mistaken identity

Its mistaken identity Your honour Thats his excuse And we hear The judge summing up Spoke of his firearm But sadly for me Its too clear Eyesight And mindfulness Clearly this clown Needed both And didnt have either And down … Continue reading


Each toff Is off Their rocker Killing birds for sport Murdering in cold blood Without a single thought They really do not get a chance Its a firing range thats all It helps release frustration But for me it does … Continue reading

Murdering wildlife for the toffs

They see it like Farmed animals All of them raised to kill For meat The flesh trade Is lucrative Where The big boys get to spill A fortune And they lobby hard And grey suits Can but hear So the … Continue reading

Zambia’s quest for more trophy hunters

The time this all flared up Was about two years ago The country wants a reason To increase the hunter flow And Hippo’s have tusk ivory Great teeth and trophy fair And are a draw I understand Though some are … Continue reading

Otorongo glue

CHINA sits on top of the Worst animal torturing clan They are throwbacks from the yesteryear Apparently with a plan With their terribly sick mentality Taking the animal tribes to task The tigers lions and jaguars And the elephants that … Continue reading