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The fisherman of Taiji

Aggressive on the outside Robotic in a way Openly in defiance with cove guardians i’d say With an air of superiority Of potency and power Distracted by reactions And really wondering how Their roughness and their strong arm tactics And … Continue reading

Ortolan Buntings

Guormands a name applied to those With impure thoughts Whose shameless nose Whose grossness and salacious ways Offer a bawdy unwholesome phase Called murder in the first degree The Ortolan Bunting a bird who be Migrating to Africa every year … Continue reading

The iconic one

Wild and feral Children of the bush Spectators who Dodge commercial hunters Licensed good and true Harvesters their pockets full of tags Their hearts on fire In the Mulga country Where the spirit world is dire Shooters all approved of … Continue reading

Heavy thoughts of wild and heavy horses

The laborious slogging And strenuous plodding Painstaking and active Uphill and down Put out one’s effort And one’s endeavours Move heaven and earth For the sight of a crown How muscles are driven Through clods and through clayballs We pull … Continue reading

The Faroes

Standing on the cliffs Looking down into the sea A pod of pilot whales Perfectione And they be Together their immaculateness You can feel their solid joy Wholesome healthy salutary Inside of me that boy Who felt the avid heartache … Continue reading

The faroes and farmed salmon

Shipping farmed salmon to China And talking up the need to kill whales The grind its whose mind, needs looking into Tradition and culture I find There are real shallow excuses Whales live on squid mostly they Dont eat the … Continue reading

THe Faroes and their pig headedness over eating pilot whales

Whale lice, cestodes,nematodes And bacteria including the flu Upper respiratory tract infections Pilot whales suffer they do Mercury the mono methyl PCB’s and DDT CAdmium All sadly infect these mammals So eating them will affect you Asia is burning huge … Continue reading

Just check the search engine

If you want to go hunting Kill an elephant yay Get on the internet Blow them away A 10 day package A pretty big bill 38 thousand US I hear And a few extras Its all very yclear If you … Continue reading

Terrible twelth to the tragic tenth of December

Hen harriers have really took a pasting And much of that is down to the red grouse The coporation blood sport of the so called toffs And really all should be in the courthouse Not paying all those thousands to … Continue reading

60 whales were slaughtered today

60 whales this morning lost their precious lives The Faroes Islanders wickedly proclaimed Thors harbour saw the wretched blood and thunder Acted out and all of them are blamed Their sinfulness and iniquitous behaviour There is no need to slaughter … Continue reading