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Little white and little grey

Imagine at two years old in Russian Arctic waters being  captured and sold to China to the changFeng  Ocean World the fear element in their hearts and souls Must  have been Just awful to Shanghai an Aquarium The poor young souls … Continue reading

Elephant hunting in Africa

I fail to see the difference as to why some countries do allow their gifted animals to be shot and killed   the  view we can make some money its a business after all and those who conduct these organisations should … Continue reading

Pescado seco”

Hong  Kong Customs  have just seized shark fins  from Ecuador all labelled in Spanish clearly there is a war going on and predator sharks are being murdered still thresher sharks and silky sharks their blood they surely spill the irreverence … Continue reading

AFRICA ‘ scumbag canned and trophy hunters

The philosophy of existence is held to question here the scumbags of  iniquity are crying can you hear  their screeching voices deafen,it is a stubborn fact that with the world on lockdown the maggots  do  react we are genuine they … Continue reading

On the trail

On the trail of brother fox reading signs and comprehending for foxes in their wily way Are never  shy  For they are sending messages as to what they do For those  who care and take   a view  night is … Continue reading

The lock down is costing big bucks

The Global Pandemic Was it engineered And out of its squalor Of course it’s appeared SOuth Africa and Botswana With their borders shut The poachers are at it And we have seen a glut Of killings this month 15 Rhino’s … Continue reading

The hunters

I have experienced life first hand Being the son of a Poacher man A countryman in the nineteen twenties In a family 10 boys and 2 girls an Living in lower BEADING in Sussex All that time ago Hares and … Continue reading

Leopards and Snow Leopard tonics

Some of the Chinese Pharmaceuticals Have been trading many years Like the BeijingTangrentong place There are a lot of tears Falling in the big cats stakes The LIONS the LEOPARDS too Supposedly for tonics The bones in wine it’s true … Continue reading

Baby Zebra

British trophy hunters The scum of the earth Murdering mother zebras And their babies just after birth Imagine that can anyone The grief the pain the woe Monsters clad in camouflage Who slaughter as they go They Have to pull … Continue reading

Illegal poacher shot dead

This happened in Matabeleland In a private conservancy BUBYE VALLEY west of Beitbridge In Zimbabwe and apparently illegal poachers After killing black rhino and they Shot a young male Lion alas which brought the rangers To engage with them so … Continue reading

There areTwo wolf packs now grieving

It’s frighteningly obvious For Pacts of wolves where ever They be in trumps America Left these days I have to say The MEAT TRADE has the where for all And everybody has to pay Wild life should be number one … Continue reading


His red tunic gives the game away The leather jodhpurs all can pay The hounds the rounds the pounds We see Arrogance which most agree The fox a shy and timid soul Family orientation Such control Lost in his sojourn … Continue reading

The African Pangolin

The Chinese scourge of traditional Chinese Medicine Is hoovering up Our endangered species fast The pangolin that has roamed The earth some 80 million years Is coming under fire like crazy and so many tears Are falling from ecologists They … Continue reading

The ocelot (Field Tiger)

Since Chavez was got rid of The country had taken a dive The population a lot of them Are trying to survive Lots of local people are starving and it seems Have gone over to eating cats and dogs and … Continue reading

The idiots are at it

The idiots are at it If only they could fly And were our size we could dive bomb them I know I bloody try They must think we are stupid Shooting from those hides Laying decoys about the place And … Continue reading

Shooters no where to hide

Black god and pigeon extremes From his chosen arsenal After the crows and jackdaws Who must feed They love their roosts In down town yea East Sussex Hides built decoys in place Perhaps a dead one flapping When the crows … Continue reading

Licensed to kill wild birds

This is a poem written by the corvidae About the human trash that resides in country areas Carrying guns to kill rabbits. We have self awareness And community groups too We recognise your faces And we know then what to … Continue reading

Spiral horn slam

How to be a murderer Pay your money take your choice How to put the end to life For a soul without a voice Africa the Cameroon A place where herds of Eland are Grass and leaves what that achieves … Continue reading

Aaron Neilson

anyone who goes around Killing seems to me Needs a bloody good hiding Their insensibility Is shot away forever For them it’s unconcern For the predator and the prey And they are not prepared to learn They imagine that creation … Continue reading

Pig dogging

Attested and genuine Torture personified Queensland Australia Land of the sun The blue skies The gum trees Where wild pigs are likely It’s here in this wonderland Where hunting is done Known as pig dogging The wild men called hunters … Continue reading

Coyotes and the killing fields

In America the so called hunting fraternity appear To have lost their real uprightness And home truths are not clear They have lost their sense of honour Soul searching seemingly Is cancelled out bygoing out and shooting pointlessly New York … Continue reading

The great forgotten

The Podenco like the greyhounds And the galgos Suffer so For in SPAIN There is much pain around As the countries name does show The so called Spanish hunter Is as unlawful as could be Transgressing so much further Than … Continue reading

Bleached haired bitch

The hubris and the insolence It’s everywhere to see This bleached hair bitch Imagines she is queen of snobbery Holding up a dying creatures head for all to see Upstaging a wild soul In its natural urgency It is dying, … Continue reading

Indiscriminate fishing

Commerciality In the world of animals Can tragically create a world Where compassion can be lost The empathy of caring Of living life and sharing Of facing competition And making life your mission Life is pure and sacred Which ever … Continue reading

The hunting dog

An abandoned hunting dog.thats a dog apparently who doesn’t want to stalk and be party To the killing of another spirit Which to me Is genuine and honest so when they end up on a tree The minds eye of … Continue reading


To possess that innate perverse amorality To wake up knowing that you have that quality To kill and make a business of shooting Our wild creatures The fox the little warrior whose free To wander through the hedgerows into gardens … Continue reading

Think again huntress!!!

Scotland’s wildness captivates Constant in its rectitude sky scapes unbelievable A living growing interlude Realness actuality Absolute and sure Towering mountains Sparkling streams And forestry galore What is the beating artery Life in all its forms Tangible and considerable The … Continue reading

Nebraska’s Puma hunting

A lot of loose thinking And a lack of vision Nebraska judgement From me some derision A narrow mind An intolerance for The Puma or Mountain Lion Where there’s war It’s sort of attrition A mission that’s mean Just 40 … Continue reading

African muti medicine

The Zulu’s Have a word for it Muti it’s derived From the word UMUTHI The roots that have survived Deep in Southern Africa Where magic is said to reign Where the izinyanga operate And many more attain Knowledge weird and … Continue reading

Taking a life

The miracle of a living life That spark brought to the fore Vitality and bio-energy and a whole lot more Biological function Across an allotted span Part of the vital building blocks From whence it all began Imagine this great … Continue reading