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Ashridge protest 9/12/2018

We all felt the love this afternoon The National Trust,became The real people the nation ought to trust Its what they claim Of telling all the people The good that the trust does Then selling hunting licences You could just … Continue reading

MARKHOR (Screw horn goats)

Evolution presented The rugged the mountains Inhospitable places In Chitral where they The Markhor live out their lives Foraging daily On tussock grass and leaves Making their way Up high in the Summer And back down in the Winter Where … Continue reading

Poor Bear

A meaningless murder A huntress doth pose Close to a bear Its head I suppose Almost as big as the women And she Ambushed this creature Till then wandering free She unaccountable for what she had done Inexpressible behaviour under … Continue reading

Hunting holidays for all the family

We see a happy family Mum and dad and all On their hunting holiday Children as a rule Can spend some useful Hunting hours Out there on the farm Can join up with the hosts family Where all the world … Continue reading

Have a heart

A disembowelled heart Is bitten antagonistic I’d say A nauseous act A matter of fact But hardly a genuine way Of expressing respect For a victim That if not for you Still would be A soul in the forest Living … Continue reading


a case seemingly For uprightness rectitude And integrity A grand house Where visitors come Through and pay A game park Safari’s They are sold in that way And now we here hunters The worst kind of ghouls Those that want … Continue reading

The stags of Woburn

Someone had a bright idea Call it culling if you will For me a wandering poet For me really its just to kill To murder to assassinate A perfectly healthy soul £9000 for a handsome stag Whose antlers gave him … Continue reading

Woe burn for those poor doomed deer

Humility is missing From the consciousness of those Responsible at Woburn Their showiness suppose A blatancy a shamelessness An inverted snobbery An attitude a hubris. Entitled honourably A tyranny of brashness A brazen faced refrain To offer stags for slaughter … Continue reading

Deer oh deer!

Our wildlife up for grabs In woburn bedforshire We hear The Duke of Bedford’s Wondrous herd Of 9 species of Deer All waiting to be shot at Murdered in cold blood Its a money earner And there will be a … Continue reading

Trophy hunting here in the UK

Trophy hunting comes to Bedford What a great idea For the Duke of Bedford To earn some from his deer £9000 for a big red buck £3000 if its small And its hands on conservation And really that is all … Continue reading