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Kangaroos hunted and murdered in the Texas

The evil thats out there How can it be right Breeding kangaroo’s Its a terrible slight On humanity really To see what they do The so called ranchers Creating for you You thats the hunters Oblivion knocks In Texas we … Continue reading

“Big boy” and the birth of CLZ in his honour

There was something about him Apart from his great stature He took it on himself to be the one The guru and the mentor For a number of the other males He possessed a status That was second to none … Continue reading

The murder house in Alberta

A spitefulness beyond the heart Ill-disposed and from the start Disloyal to every wild soul who Ever walked the forest through The unforgiving gloating male Behind his gun his laurels sail His courage lifts his manhood to A space beyond … Continue reading

Elena Proklova

Telescopic rifle Her daughter by her side Elena Proklova Ofcourse she has relied, On ambushing the wild life Shooting from afar Aggressiveness and injustice And she feels she’s the star Her ugly mug on facebook A vile brazen display Insulting … Continue reading

Divided allegiance

An animal doctor A healer of sorts She sits on the fence With her wave ring thoughts All that she kills She eats all of it For her it’s like pruning a tree For me she a bitch with an … Continue reading

Women and killing wild animals

There appears a force of argument That women have a right To compete out there with the men People have lost sight Of the sexes I believe The rationality The mother and the carer Charged with femininity The male the … Continue reading

Thug hunters

Canned HUNTING calls for idiots Its their ignorance that counts The safari’s that do organise This new found sport amounts To very little grey matter Empty heads they need Pockets full of money And a reason to succeed Big game … Continue reading

Native rights are one thing

There is apathy and imperturbability The islanders and the Aboriginals do Hunt for dugong in amongst the eel grass And the sea turtles spearing them, its true These are rare and sensitive beautiful animals Native rights is one thing but … Continue reading

OREGON fish and wildlife

We have heard the of old adage Of the fox and the chickens So hearing today The Dept may see A hunter a killer Of many wild animals Coming to work with Wilflife For me It sounds catastrophic How can … Continue reading

Hen harriers and their plight on this earth

Self-seeking eco-centrics Covetous as well Whose principle of evil In my belief is hell They are manipulators Where destruction is their thing They also have a one track mind Mercenaries that bring A suspiciousness into their ploy And a criminality … Continue reading