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Hollywood and safari’s

Selling the concept Making it pay Irreverence fills up The hours in the day Selling the man thing The gristle the grunt The meanness the wanting To be in the hunt For a trophy to take home For the puff … Continue reading

Seal babies

The illogicalness of blaming seals For reducing the fish All those deals Solecism so many flaws That Canada YES as a country ignores Contrary to reason, they Murder babies everyday Batter them Smashing their brains Bulging eye balls Done by … Continue reading

Netsilik Inuit

What wonders opened out before The nomads The harshest adaptation One could feel The drama and sensation Of their lives out on the sea ice Breathtaking and dramatic And so real. They took on frozen seas And wild cold winds … Continue reading

Wolf torturer

That look of fear That icy stare Run down by a Russian Hunter there He sits taunting Thie victim who is under the snowmobile In view Clearly feeling the wounded state All the vehicle all the weight Bearing down on … Continue reading

Montana sees sense

There is tumult and ferment In those hills I have to say The cowards are out there Laying traps And catching wolves who prey On Elk and Deer for sustenance Feral enchantment comes From frontiers so created From the beating … Continue reading

In their memory

Wildness and gracefulness Rewarded by The perversion of spirit As to a reason why Such beautiful wild souls Were targeted we Can only imagine Their iniquity Brandishing air pistols For cowardly acclaim They ventured to The water park Looking for … Continue reading

Scotland the Naive

The mountain hare Is so aware Lives high Where their heads Touch the sky The fairy folk In the dew soak They are magickal And hear the call Benevolent Such charity Their responsiveness In parity With the mountain climes With … Continue reading

Poor Black Bear v Miss Anthropic herself

A poor black bear In front of me A hunter too Ferocity is for a few Rancour of the sort I know Obduracy I hate you so She left some bait Needed to wait Her callousness One has to stress … Continue reading

The tears of a rhino mother

One child only A mother has to be Attentive of her surroundings And clearly courageously Ready in the wildness Of Africa where she Is up against the wildness And the abandonment A key Issue for her Humans Ugly in the … Continue reading

Minding their own business

A great big orange sky A golden sun just starts to fall Ox peckers giving rise to flight Hunting comes the call A watering hole And loads of tracks A half an hour or more It could be fifty yards … Continue reading