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Sea World

SEAWORLD a corporation Of arrogance and pain Of ignorance and deception It’s as if the falling rain Is orchestrated daily Sea mammals stolen they Are prisoners in a bath tub For the likes of you To get education Of how … Continue reading

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Lough Neagh

This massive lake The biggest actually in the whole UK Home to Eels that live and die And apparently do pay A high price for their want to be Calling it where they Take up residence A massive business in … Continue reading

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All life forms Are being destroyed We’re unseeing Of the hourly victim count Wildness aware Polluting our waterways Plastics and glyphosate Deaths are increasing And So many don’t care

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The pollutive firework phenomena

Tradition and Culture Are words that are used These days unfortunately They are abused Animals slaughtered in rings In Spain and elsewhere The gushing of blood Into vile dark despair The fifth of November The gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes and … Continue reading

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The Navajo Nation and the gold king mine

They fail to understand And they truly fail to care They never knew the indigenous Were really ever there 300 abandoned hard rock mines The upper animus sites Private federal and state land And now of course it blights The … Continue reading

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TAIJI often refutes the notion Of mercury Eating dolphins Eating Whales But Its now no mystery They check our their hair samples But that only relates to fish They do have much raised levels But maybe their other wish Of … Continue reading

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Back in eighteen thirty three Amalgam happened by 2 french dentists Served it up A bit like apple pie Dentists here in England Told them to go and run With 50 per cent pure mercury You were safer with a … Continue reading

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Drip drip

The drip drip of mercury Into our brains Into our bodies What were we thinking What are we eating Curries and sugar And what are we drinking 17 micrograms every day From every filling And they say thats okay All … Continue reading

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