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Its not really that far fetched when you think it through

The freedom that flight gives you When we recall Our great mother gave some The right to not fall But to fly and to soar To be forever free Wild birds thats their mandate For eternity Huge corporations soulless they … Continue reading

Denmark prepares to dissect a frozen LION

Denmark truthfully appears To sink into a mire of tears First animal brothels Then the dead giraffe And now a Lion The country is naff It wants to dissect A lion I hear In front of children To me its … Continue reading

Rainsong sanctuary

A sanctuary in Costa Rica Springs to mind today Mary Perry an American friend Its there that she does stay She started it in the nineties And has struggled through it, she Gets volunteers to come and help To help … Continue reading

Feelings around well house lane

There it stands An old brick structure Gates at front And at the side A pipe A rush of sacred water In the darkness Who may hide Well house lane close by the yew tree Branches,of the chalice well Up … Continue reading

Moonstone cottage

An enchanting play on delightfulness In the cottage where we stayed It’s boundary wall is the abbey wall Which would have course been made Centuries ago and forms the boundary To where An apple tree and a raised platform Gracefully … Continue reading

The goddess

The Landscape Goddess sits serene the Tor is her breast the Chalice Hills been her pregnant belly and Wearyall Hill her knee which she’s raised and Stone down ┬ástays still her head at the levels and there she can see … Continue reading

The White Spring

I heard that Dion Fortune once sat above the spring in a tiny chalet and looking up did bring the magical experience she felt down to this earth and below her was the white spring and the feeling of great … Continue reading

The White Spring

Well House Lane opposite the Chalice Spring there sits an ediface of ancient stone crumbing as befits an ancient pagan monument it quietly manifests a soulful wistful aura and therein, it rests a haunting apotheosis a raging rasping stream that … Continue reading

Chalice Well Glastonbury’s secret garden and area

  Chalice Well, an idyll, resting by the side of a busy road peace and timeless fascination seduces hearts, helps them unload stressful moments float away across deep thoughts an elysian grove within a yew strung treasure trove silence is … Continue reading