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The miracle of the Canadian Goose

Our very bodies Godly charged Given with due need Apparently are signed off By the Businesses who bleed Us dry, they sacrifice our souls As cheaply as they may Trap and injure make us Into clothing Its their way Cuffs … Continue reading


Time is a shared value item And giving one’s time as some do Standing outside of Canada Goose Showing off just what they do Murdering mammals magnificence A badness of ungodly guilt Basically degenerate traders Its one where their business … Continue reading

Foie gras

Fortnum & Mason From Piccadilly Serving the Royals Royal Crest aNd all All of that suffering And that lamentation A waking nightmare An afflicted creation All of the protests For all of the years Dressed up as Geese Crying real … Continue reading

Wildness and the whole hunting theme

Existence, subsistence, eternity The whole life cycle where we The human, the hunter, encouraging those To come and spread fear and just be Undeniably practising murder Of the enduring and eternal flame What is the nirvana of many A groundless … Continue reading

Foie gras

Is there anything more dreadful More nasty Unwholesome and unhealthy Let me know Creating a disease in ducks and geese Until they scream In agony internally As their liver starts to grow Pushes its way into the lungs Cuts off … Continue reading

Vandals damaging geese in Kentucky

People who move into Beautiful Nature River and pond settings What they should do Is realise Nature Gets first chance at living Not go around killing And spoiling the view South fork Condo Complex The bedrock where beauty Where river … Continue reading

QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world Selling bush meat they Sell Exotic meat and live animals And apparently it’s a way Of creating the new pandemics So why would Australia keep Working with live animals And be in them so … Continue reading

Diseased fatty liver from tortured and innocent ducks and geese

The profligate the good for nothing The torturers of sin You who take the innocent The geese and ducks An in The darkness of your satanic soul You cause great woe and pain Your show your vile barbarity Over and … Continue reading

Interview with a farmer of foie gras

What do you do for a living I am a farmer of sorts With geese and with ducks I am reading It’s foie gras I have in my thoughts Such beautiful birds Of the water Attested and genuine souls For … Continue reading

Down feathers and Canadian Goose

Canada Goose Says all its DOWN Comes from the poultry industry And all the Hutterite Geese that they use Were slaughtered for meat Thats really good news So they are already dead And then Canada Goose Gets hold of their … Continue reading

Canada goose and the margin hunters

A certain illogicality.surrounds the fashion trade Canada Goose is a company Whose inconclusive raid Upon the natural wildlife Is measured in the way Their minds work And their balance sheet And their margins Everyday Their perception is that Coyotes were … Continue reading

The ducks

Seeing those birds Against the wall Hiding their faces Its says it all Their aversion And mine too To the foie gras farmer Who is there to do Is damndest really Such antipathy An anthema of hostility Its so forbidding … Continue reading

The COYOTE and Canada Goose

Canada Goose A company that doesnt think enough It knows about its balance sheet And, sometimes things get tough But as to the wild creatures That live and share the earth These companies are too miserly They do see their … Continue reading

Two geese or not two geese that was the question

The joy of love That chemistry Reciprocated It Takes you to another place The light inside you lit And no darkness can can worry you For a goose it is a place Like no other a rapture An exalted space … Continue reading

The initiation

The Barnacle Goose chick Comes into this world And thats when its troubles begin Its parents to prevent predation Have laid the eggs high And to win A life and a family And food on the table The poor little … Continue reading


Imagine it its an hour or two yea infact beyond Noon that is on Christmas Day Where everyone is fond Of eating a roasted bird That wanted to live , but we Decided it was time to leave this mortal … Continue reading

The Bull and the Duck and Goose fighting with diseased livers

The expression that art and music has is intense or can be so the art of musing and not refusing to within oneself just go   to divorce ones outer ego from the monetary reward and think about the animals … Continue reading

Goose down from live plucked birds

Hungary and China are exporters of this stuff in colder climes the population just can’t get enough when asked the industry tells you its all from the slaughterhouse but in point of fact they are lying or mistaken and my … Continue reading