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Wild foxes

Hundreds of descriptive odes come to mind Of the wise wily fellow Who does purposefully dine In a covey of hens In a ramshackle coop Clucking for England Making sense as they troop Seemingly actively chatting away The barbed wire … Continue reading

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Owl finds a toy horse

Owls truly are a remarkable breed Assiduous hunters this one did succeed In finding a toy horse and giving a go To riding the object and we now know From the sky over Brecon what it appeared To be was … Continue reading

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Chicago can be a problem

The wind can be a bloody nuisance Blown this way, and blown that On one’s own one can be blown Some where, than where one’s at Which could be embarrassing Injurious as well Enlightening in Wintry climes Where such moves … Continue reading

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Performing in the park

An 85 year old lady A performer Had a marionette of herself Dancing in the park Clearly attracting attention From inquisitive passers by She was feeding a squirrel That’s no word of a lie Despite her age her dexterity In … Continue reading

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