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Our legacy -we were the fracking generation

An invasion Is now happening The fracking clan are here Gas and oil are after Our blood and it is clear When the coppers and the government Actually get their way Life as we know in England We all will … Continue reading


This world of misadventure Where cruelty is rife Under the cover of distant lands The devil weilds his knife To the hurtfulness and the detriment Of children of the world Bright buttons of imagination Who in spitefulness are hurled The … Continue reading

The great migration

Fresh water and green grass To taste the verdure of the day Its what commands respect in Wilderbeest Whose real dismay The herds emaciated from the numbers Starving where The need and thrust Is to travel through the African dust … Continue reading

Under the ice

The world beneath her Under the Finnish Ice To lower oneself down into the sea Through a hole you have made throw the dice In a prism of light Where Bubble worlds be Where such silence exists Awe-inspiringly Having the … Continue reading

DAPL/FRACKING/the Indigenous/and WATER

We are our own adversity We make it by the day We never listen to our hearts And for that so many pay It feels like a continual struggle With hardship all the way Rollercoaster emotions And never a sunny … Continue reading

Yellowstone -The times they are a changing

Dylan was out there in front long ago Times were a changing as we all know And now its the climate existence abroad Its actuality that some can’t afford Looking at yellowstone That great sanctuary With the realization That a … Continue reading

The faroes

A film by Anders Brogaard About a diver called INge Soerensen How beautiful the forest of the kelps is All shades of green and red and gold appear The wonder thats on offer for all the fishes eyes In silence … Continue reading

Standing Rock protests

The warriors are on the bus The road is being blocked The cops are coming so we hear People now have flocked They were spraying the indigenous Arresting people too Energy transfer partners Monsters that’s our view The black snake … Continue reading

The Robin Hood Army

The Robin Hood army Fighting wastage they Came up with a great idea Where volunteers each day Give their time and energy Give their love and care It’s an enlightening prospect To recycle and to share The waste from local … Continue reading


Its all intimidation The pep talks that they get The tetra packs They can’t relax Their hours are clearly set The influence of WIFI And microwaves create A smoking gun of resentment How to delineate Spreading chaos through their being … Continue reading