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Fossil fuels

Barclays lets itself down By propping up those who Send contaminants into the atmosphere Funders sadly who Support the Coal and Tar Sands And the Frackers too And millions of gallons Of potable water What a biased view It gives … Continue reading

Gilet jaunes

Twenty third week of the gilet jaunes Fires lit everywhere Smoke bombs The gendamerie So much smoke filled air The traffic lights forgotten Crowds just everywhere Macron is a monster Who from the start was not aware Protestors being manhandled … Continue reading

Attacking fracking

Filter feeding mussels It’s what you might expect Oil and gas waste It has to be faced Science ofcourse will detect Strontium that lack of calcium And Clearly it now has been found Fracking is lacking And ofcourse attacking Our … Continue reading

Hunting on Islay

By her own admission She’s hardcore Whatever thant means But for me Anyone ambushing wild life Abandons good judgement We see beautiful stags Roaming freely And wild handsome goats And to feel That so called hardcore Hunting humans Are out … Continue reading


A thousand people Have joined the protectors The movement is showing its face Cuadrilla the corporate cancer Created confusion all over the place Egan just one of the frackers Whose humility just isnt there Its all common purpose And banksters … Continue reading

Seismic alarms

Three tiny tremors Picked up so we hear The monitors buzzing Too small though its clear Clustered close by to the A583 Peel Road they say And fracking might be The reason, nobody Up top could feel Only the monitors … Continue reading

Unearthing doom

A university professor In Tennessee has said Fracking can open A can of worms And put our need to bed Thats my interpretation Written in my words Dragging ancient bacteria With fluids Little birds Will not be outside tweeting For … Continue reading

Perry beri

Visiting a fracking site Whats all that about CLaire Perry needs no cozying She is in no doubt Fracking is the answer And it must go ahead And all these grannies And circus clowns Should stay put in their bed … Continue reading


A blue sky The three boys here At PNR You bet its clear Greatvto see them Spuds on heat Great to be free Cheers all round PNR We are all bound Cameras clicking Hugs and all The three are free … Continue reading

Fracking breakthrough

An appeal court have said That the sentences were Frightfully unfair and if you Refer To some other sentences This judge has passed Lorry surfing for freedom It leaves me aghast Banged up in Preston jail Three men who dared … Continue reading

Fracking three

Conditional discharges And they still have their beards At ten minutes past four They were free Over to the grass Away from the gates All of them under a tree BBC, channel 4 soak up the news Roses all around … Continue reading

Fracking release

This is the place Where three angels Were taken Incarcerated And made to feel bad Forfeited freedom For the community Lets not forget Its Cuadrilla who had The nerve to start fracking When we all said NO Polluting our water … Continue reading

The lorry surfers

The three men of courage Cuadrillas karma The three fracking heroes Came through the brown doors Freedom of action And the reaction Great satisfaction And fantastic applause BBC Channel 4 Lots of live streaming Banged up for no reason Surfers … Continue reading

Preston New Road

Van surfing at tHe Cuadrilla site Stop the start campaign The first Uk Frack of shale gas Is to happen once again Despite all the protests And the council saying NO The tories saw ro overide And thats why three … Continue reading

James Hansen and his comments

James Hansen is the father Of Climate Science and he Knows much more about it all And so seemingly Is far from being happy about The tory stance On fracking in the country Which is no song nor dance Ignoring … Continue reading

Australia and all nations of the world

You don’t need a PHD In Science to Understand the principles We see All this geo engineering Everywhere in every sky The arrogance The desperation It does more than mystify People looking up Seeing curling swathes of smoke Coming out … Continue reading


Tomorrow is the day They start the fracking Minimal risk is all its seen To be Thats according to Justice Supperstone Francis Egan’s clearly happily Ready to get moving on the shale gas BOb Dennett is disappointed as we know … Continue reading

A Commisioner

“If extracted safely” Her words And despite The risks My words The giant footprint Around the world that we Have seen and know The pollution that has happened Frequently A Commissioner a person Endowed with certain powers To work closely … Continue reading

The Perry Magic

Here we have a pygmy fracking expert Common purpose raining in her will A sad day for the people Earthquakes must be seen As anger from the earth itself The policy obscene Promised relaxation Of the seismic rules This is … Continue reading


A drilling rig Has been erected Without planning Thats the way! Who needs planning Now the tories Gory stories are in play A 4 metre Fracking rig Right outside the door Of the BCIS Dep’t In Westmonster And whats more … Continue reading

Long term

Rachel Bailey made a statement On the Sunday Politics “Shale gas extraction in the long term Is environmentally friendly” That was a curious remark to make For clearly as we know Unless friendly means something else This women ought to … Continue reading

Frack free 4

The frack free 4 Now languishing In Preston prison But we say The same judge Who sentenced them Has sent paedophiles Away for lesser times How is this justified Our peaceful protectors They only climbed on lorries At the end … Continue reading

Planning laws

Massive changes coming To planning rules I hear Giving fracking the greenlight And increasing the fear All of us us are now having And its happening right away and its clearly so upsetting As we witness the decay To a … Continue reading

Preston Station

Outside Preston Station Which echoes with the drums Clearly loads of energy Despite the wind that numbs The finger tips, no worries Banners to the fore And many earth protectors Are ready and are sure The march will soon be … Continue reading

The three heroes in Preston prison

This is how they treat you The government of the day Lock you up for 15-16 months And throw the key away And what crime had you Perpetuated Lorry surfing where Outside Cuadrilla’s Mud hole The frack site of despair … Continue reading

Solidarity for the PNR3 in Preston Prison for caring about the community

It wasn’t’ just hearts beating Drums beating we Witnessed the marchers In PRESTON’s plea To anyone listening Wholesness is power PNR3 unity They showed us how Slowly the march Took the many along Drumming and chanting And singing their song … Continue reading

Gold standard regulations

Gold standard regulations Its what Britain is famed for We saw all that grenfell That was when the law Suddenly came unstuck And the fracking sites now too Havent got their plans in place If emergencies come true Schools are … Continue reading


Egan was really bubbly As confident as could be Injunctions every which way And fracking happily He was going to get it underway With well so much ease But Didnt account for drill and drop And their expertise Now not … Continue reading

No fracking excuses

Those who want to establish A gas and oil field closer to Where many live Where schools are And and ofcourse people give Their hard earned cash to build their homes And gardens and to this regard Along comes fracking … Continue reading

Fracking hell

Despite the prison sentences Cuadrilla’s fracking site Preston new road is not going to plan Lock on’s left and right Tripods every which way Police vans rows and rows People getting arrested Just ordinary joe’s Negative equity Everywhere No one … Continue reading