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To be consumed by money To spend at any cost To completely destroy the environment That a forest can be lost A persons home and garden Destroyed because they do Want to frack with What is their new age fracking … Continue reading

Our legacy -we were the fracking generation

An invasion Is now happening The fracking clan are here Gas and oil are after Our blood and it is clear When the coppers and the government Actually get their way Life as we know in England We all will … Continue reading

New Energy ( thoughts on a dying year)

With Christmas around the corner And a new year coming fast The corporate enforcement role Of the police That die is cast We witness that involvement As the corporate giants come Into our communities And imagine we are dumb Or … Continue reading

A shale tale

Greg Clark the man from Tunbridge Wells I bet none of them frack And will he soon be signing off If he does expect some flack Not forgetting Andy Samuel Who knows a thing or two About the devastation of … Continue reading

The South East and 2018

Negative equity could be the new kid on the block Ian put his finger on it maybe its the shock That hits the time starved southerners When unconventional oil Comes knocking with its drills and rigs Upon this mortal coil … Continue reading

Infested slime

They are crimes against humanity Bleeding our water dry Rivers lakes and aquifers The question I ask why? People in water scarce areas Scratching in the dust Drinking polluted water Dont you feel disgust? So a land baron in Texas … Continue reading

Electro coagulation

Electrocoagulation A nice long word That doesn’t mean A lot to anyone thats reading Standing really at the scene KIRBY MISPERTON A wellsite Greg Clark whose on the case Third Energy cant use flowback To say they could debase Their … Continue reading


Greg Clark is skulking around the place Whilst the frackers do their thing Barclays Bank injects some cash Third Energy does bring Its power to the equation The risks are higher here We have got grin and bear it Despite … Continue reading

Unconventional invasions by a child

Unconventional invasions Are coming to our shores To our parklands to our spots of beauty The outlaws Are bringing great big noisy drills Tankers full of slime Stealing huge great baths of water Turning our air to grime I call … Continue reading

Australia’s fracking disaster

AUstralia a land where water really Will in the future suffer therefore they The government should look ahead to shortages Value the water not give it away To frackers, ignorant money grabbing bastards In it for themselves, the future NO … Continue reading