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Sea birds

The tory hordes may fall On their swords But only the sea birds will cry Thats my response To the news of the day The malignancy came from the sky They did have the worst of intentions Negatives at every … Continue reading

DAPL/FRACKING/the Indigenous/and WATER

We are our own adversity We make it by the day We never listen to our hearts And for that so many pay It feels like a continual struggle With hardship all the way Rollercoaster emotions And never a sunny … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

We are all victims of the corporate state of affairs

Armed to the teeth But with miniscule brain Robots of sin Its all about gain The corporate giants Are ruling this world With their army of arses And their flags all unfurled Who is the enemy Now of the state … Continue reading

Is it’s so fracking obvious

It feels that way The general population looks away BUt that is life until the strife Comes down on them We Pay We pay as true protectors They call us terrorists Every name that’s in their book But we all … Continue reading

Fracking hell

It really is everyone’s story We are all going to have one so we Who try to be really good ancestors For children that are coming to be And their children for they will look back Or really how selfish … Continue reading

Fracking oil

So Theresa May Wants to play The shale oil card And right away With safeguards in place We will join the race And I understand That our precious land In the Weald of Kent Which was heaven sent Not for … Continue reading

Toxic wastelands the future for our children

Our green and pleasant land Worth fighting over Our fathers and our grandfathers Were there Digging with their bare hands In the fertile earth Planting crops that everyone Could share And now its being bull dozed The drills and pads … Continue reading

Under the carpet

We see without feeling We feel without seeing What to us has no purpose Now Within our being Todays trash tomorrow More scourings of sorrow Functionless purposeless Unwanted now Once it was practical not long ago With an earning capacity … Continue reading

They are fracking well attacking

This is the Hell we didn’t agree to This is our countryside where we were born This is the fracking and they are attacking The air that we breathe and although we now warn The people they listen to half … Continue reading