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Tinker lane

Tinker lane The big green gates Badboy lock on’s It creates Excitability From the start Exhileration From the heart Fracking is a worthless State Energy that isnt great Unstable in a frenzied day Volatile how it will pay When the … Continue reading

Tinker lane today

This morning bright and early Two ladies are locked on In front of the I gas gates In their fancy mouton Sheepishly and peacefully With their nativity Of little furry animals Around we all can see When Ian did his … Continue reading

I gas frack pad TINKER Lane North NOTTINGHAM

Yesterday at Tinker Lane The warriors on show Protecting land and air and water As some of you may know Up against the corporations Who have infiltrated and Are set to cause disruption Right across our land The day began … Continue reading

PNR Fracking

Swearing on the bible Statements under oath Insistent and emphatic Corporate enforcers wroth The frackers think they are Masterful Where theres money To be made Its all to do with the Bowland shale And protectors know they are laid out … Continue reading

Fracking gas world

Realness actuality The fundamentals flowing free The purest air and a warm blue sky Lungs just helping us to fly Oxygenation from the trees Sunlight And a luscious breeze Natures palette decked in gold On life itself I am clearly … Continue reading

Attacking fracking

Brainwashing our angels Thats not cops jobs The fluorescent army Of community yobs Out to abuse us and intimidate those who Are protecting communities Which is what they do Each on this mortal coil An unspecified time Some paid to … Continue reading


Acidisation is coming Prepare for house prices to fall Who wants a home in a gas field Its coming the tories appal All of us really their greed in all this Its the corporatocracy who Always vote tory a gory … Continue reading

Clumber park

They have made a legal challenge For access to the shale Are are going to the High Court Infact the heartless fail Seismic testing in Clumber Park So thats to be their game To discover where to frack the rock … Continue reading


Nothingness oblivion Its just obliteration Its baseless and its groundless And ofcourse without foundation Most morning pilots hit the skies With chemicals galore Forming crosses everyone Their patterning for sure Producing ugly pathways Descending to the gound The cadmium and … Continue reading


To be consumed by money To spend at any cost To completely destroy the environment That a forest can be lost A persons home and garden Destroyed because they do Want to frack with What is their new age fracking … Continue reading