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Wild foxes and their place in creation

Back in the 16th Century When royalty like to chop Heads off queens they also Hunted foxes but they did stop Chopping heads off people When they gained far more sense When they became more cultured And not so bloody … Continue reading

Wildness in captivity

The industry that supports Such dreadful cruelty Of wild souls such as foxes Has to be Appreciative of exactly how aadistic The farmers are On the animals they see Take foxes they are wild And kept in cages Clearly there … Continue reading

Skin and bone and they die alone

To look after animals really Requires a heart and soul Look at the folk in sanctuaries And then those who control A fur farm lne in Wisconsin Mink and fox all caged In what is really filth and gore With … Continue reading

Wild fox

Look at me I am what I am A wild soul of the field Created as you all were On this earth to wield My blessed life before you And a family hopefully Up against the hunters And the terriermen … Continue reading

The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest Great drama we may see The players clad in their own skins Coming out to be Themselves among the sentinels The dancing spirits who Shake their leaves like tambourines To the beat thats often true There … Continue reading

They say its a miracle whatever that is

A blackout curtain was all young Jack Was ever able to see Nothing else was evident Such totality Behind his home was a forest And from his home a path Smelling the different smells he could And hearing his great … Continue reading

Animals and humans forage in Iceland

The arctic fox looks timid But this mother she is bold Looking out for her little cubs On wild birds she is sold Kittiwakes that nest upon the high crags Wild and free but getting to them Isnt easy its … Continue reading

A stall in the market

A rail of murdered animals You can almost hear their cries The raccoon dogs in china Skinned before our eyes Alive hung on a rusty nail On a rotten pole And stretched and pulled Whilst screaming This a true wild … Continue reading

Fox Hunting and Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes the explorer Born in WIndsor he Was a British Army Officer One year younger than me The spirit of adventure Has always been his flair Life and equilibrium Of all this he is aware Up the Nile … Continue reading


Where is the divine justice With Creation as a whole When placement was made in colder climes Fur bearing took a role To safeguard against trauma And an insulation for The recipients true body So as to protect our core … Continue reading