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Class action

The balaclava warriors The angels of the field They really take a lot of stick From the hunters who do build All sorts of class structure The plum in mouth brigade Who love to kill The feral souls And join … Continue reading

Gamekeepers and their apparent roles

Apparently the CV of one such Man we hear Is he manages the countryside So as to make it clear There is sufficient shooting and angling Infact he seeks to provide the victims So that others can react Employed by … Continue reading

Wild fox killed and dressed up as going to a party a sick hunting joke

Among the hunting fraternity There are imbeciles galore Lowbrow numskull phillistines Who carry out their war On some of the wild animals That frequent the countryside The fox that has been hunted Is sometimes denied Due respect for being A … Continue reading


We bave been out and voted Or couldnt be bothered We have an opinion Or dont care a damn Whether the foxes are chased Around the countryside Or left to live lives Some say its a sham Badgers our history … Continue reading

A young vixen lost its life

At the illustrious college and university school, we hear A student is presently studying Animal care and its clear That she has a very long way to go For it is alleged that she Brutally slaughtered a vixen With a … Continue reading

Extinction dulls the memory

Violent vandalism A paroxysm of pain A cataclysmic tremor That lodges in one’s brain The destruction of those wild souls Given free reign to be here To create such total turmoil Such struggling kicking fear The turbulent the tumultuous The … Continue reading

The feral spirit

The feral spirit Remains untainted by the arrogance Of man The wilderness creates an understanding So profound and GAIA sets the plan To find a sickly wild soul And to give care to its plight Like a fox mauled by … Continue reading

Hunter man

The philosophy of existence Where Every species has its place Enduring and perpetual Surviving in the face Of genuine creation Attested and fulfilled Essental and purposeful In essence all instilled With feelings and with spirit With a tendency to be … Continue reading

Wild foxes and their place in creation

Back in the 16th Century When royalty like to chop Heads off queens they also Hunted foxes but they did stop Chopping heads off people When they gained far more sense When they became more cultured And not so bloody … Continue reading

Wild fox

Look at me I am what I am A wild soul of the field Created as you all were On this earth to wield My blessed life before you And a family hopefully Up against the hunters And the terriermen … Continue reading