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Trail hunting a toffs day out

Subterfuge and chicanery The order of the day Hunting without killing foxes Has to be the way Has to because the law Has changed And foxes must not be Chased around the countryside By idiots who be Often tanked on … Continue reading

Corporative coercion

Despite the law of England Despite the wild life who Most support in England The hunters want to do Their hunting unimpeded For them the law is an ass For them its an anathema And they do believe on mass … Continue reading


How many wild foxes Fall foul to these snares These cruel torture chambers Badgers and Hares Other wild creatures no doubt Fight for breath And so very slowly Die an agonising death Under the branches In bracken somewhere They lie … Continue reading

Laying traps for badgers

An ancestral home Where wonderment And countryside expertise Generates a home of homes Where brocks can carefully ease Their bodies Through dug tunnels In sandy soil or clay On slopes or hillsides Close to woodland To find some peace and … Continue reading


Kidology and wishful thinking Thats fox hunting here Hunts are still in process So many speak of fear Sophistry its everywhere The magistrates appear To always take the hunters side Or so it does appear Out there in the velvet … Continue reading

Lamentis animus

Alive each life a miracle Creation made it so Each entity in actuality Part of our show Coming into being Tangible and true Showing us all the qualities Of wildness now on view We all come from one mother Absolute … Continue reading

Bruins ruin

Huntsmen give the impression they are snooty Such nobility always on the right side Of the law full on integrity Its their sense of honour Being top knotch but we know Anyone caught hunting foxes Is in my book really … Continue reading


why are foxes victims A wild soul of the field A vixen and three little cubs A family he must build All the pressure on him To hunt and find the food And with hunters out there Chasing His fate … Continue reading

The poor old fox

The refusers to recant Their sinful stubbornness Where they Dress up in their clobber And chase foxes half the day A schooner full of fino A whip a horse and they Tanked up on the thought of spilling blood Are … Continue reading

Hunters of foxes beware

We have an air of decency against each killing spree Of roguish rotten hunters whose place in history Is to be vile and scornful Chasing a wee soul Across the English countryside Out of all control Taking hounds left hungry … Continue reading