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Wild fox

Look at me I am what I am A wild soul of the field Created as you all were On this earth to wield My blessed life before you And a family hopefully Up against the hunters And the terriermen … Continue reading

His eyes met mine

HUnters do they feel? Do they care about the pain? We all have strong emotions And have families And its insane How they train these hounds of theirs A wild soul and believe That this is sport they have no … Continue reading

Away in the distance where there’s no resistance

The role of the police in blood sports is sketchy The fact it is unlawful to hunt foxes, we See it we know those of us here Countryside watching where its all very clear The tOffs mostly tories are sharing … Continue reading


A subtle swish of horror On a yuletide canvas where A joyful picture is unrolled For all of us to share A father in the garden Erecting the trampoline not without some difficulty But we see the coming scene Whereupon … Continue reading

A brief look at what some call cubbing

The arrogance of hunters For that is what it is And leads on into cruelty And really we must quiz All and sundry over this For dogs they will not chase A wild fox and to teach them this Is … Continue reading

Fox Hunting and Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes the explorer Born in WIndsor he Was a British Army Officer One year younger than me The spirit of adventure Has always been his flair Life and equilibrium Of all this he is aware Up the Nile … Continue reading

The so called hunter army

The so called hunter army Leather clad they be Out to shock all those care for The animals and who see This group as one of enmity A hideous desire To creation and it’s miracles To set their world on … Continue reading

To repeal or not to repeal that is their question

For me to repeal to go back in time To honour the torturers who would climb Back into their saddles and chase Brer Fox A child of the forests whose wildness rocks It’s absurd and senseless and asks a lot … Continue reading

Terrier men

They love seeing dogs work These terrier men Sadistic and cruel Now frankly when Would you contemplate seeing them The early morn Late on Summer evenings But let me warn They can be with local hunts Or controllerS of pests … Continue reading

The hunt hangers on

Despite the laws And the flaws And the police who show Little interest in the act And the huntsmen grow and grow Their arrogance supported By Cameron and his mob Who basically turn a blind eye At those of us … Continue reading