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Lamentis animus

Alive each life a miracle Creation made it so Each entity in actuality Part of our show Coming into being Tangible and true Showing us all the qualities Of wildness now on view We all come from one mother Absolute … Continue reading

Bruins ruin

Huntsmen give the impression they are snooty Such nobility always on the right side Of the law full on integrity Its their sense of honour Being top knotch but we know Anyone caught hunting foxes Is in my book really … Continue reading


why are foxes victims A wild soul of the field A vixen and three little cubs A family he must build All the pressure on him To hunt and find the food And with hunters out there Chasing His fate … Continue reading

The poor old fox

The refusers to recant Their sinful stubbornness Where they Dress up in their clobber And chase foxes half the day A schooner full of fino A whip a horse and they Tanked up on the thought of spilling blood Are … Continue reading

Hunters of foxes beware

We have an air of decency against each killing spree Of roguish rotten hunters whose place in history Is to be vile and scornful Chasing a wee soul Across the English countryside Out of all control Taking hounds left hungry … Continue reading

Dressed to kill

Illegal fox hunting Is against the law They sweep down the high street Whats it all for The hounds in our gardens all doing their thing Chasing a wild fox Hoping to bring It down so the hounds can tear … Continue reading

The hunters

They paint a picture of innocence Of irreproachability Harmlessness and saintliness Ofcourse its their big mystery For they are rich in financial terms But very wicked too Their principles of evil We know come shining through Unvirtuous and amoral Transgressing … Continue reading

The National should we trust

Narrowly defeated Thats the news today Blood sports get the final laugh The fox won’t get away The haughtiness and arrogance The flagrancy abroad The toffs dress up Their schooners brim Though few can now afford The hunt, the real … Continue reading

Class action

The balaclava warriors The angels of the field They really take a lot of stick From the hunters who do build All sorts of class structure The plum in mouth brigade Who love to kill The feral souls And join … Continue reading

Gamekeepers and their apparent roles

Apparently the CV of one such Man we hear Is he manages the countryside So as to make it clear There is sufficient shooting and angling Infact he seeks to provide the victims So that others can react Employed by … Continue reading