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The mania at fish farms

Invaders, the fish farms Humans who feel They own the fish And so they reveal Their business its Salmon In huge netted rings In the sea for gods sake And of course it brings The seals, they were put there … Continue reading

SALMON Hell man scotland the naive

250 farm sites In Scotland alone Vast writhing cesspools of arrogance Lacking the wildness once known Now it is all about profit And not one prophet around to say NO Such irreverence and stony indifference Watching the little fish grow … Continue reading

Salmon farming

The arrogance of modern man Of His disrespect I am no fan Such absconding and lack of alacrity And what amounts to truancy God made fish made places where Salmon swam and breatheD the air Indiscipline and mutiny Brought fish … Continue reading

The most terrifying poem ever written

Mother writhing Slaughtered for The burger joint Yea up the street The the “cow and burger”a great place Where plastic plates and bottles greet The frantic dossers Wanting more Beef the grief For evermore With lots of lettuce All of … Continue reading


Nets of nylon Hooks of steel Exploding harpoons All for real Dredged and trawled Caught on long lines Can none of you now see the signs? Beaching Its teaching Its beseeching The screeching The bleaching of corals The death the … Continue reading

Human intervention

Wilderness in oceans Are fast becoming rare Human intervention Ofcourse is everywhere There really isnt anything thats Measured Sadly we Over fish over pollute Humans apparently Are any thing but innocuous They show little restraint Everything is to excess Everywhere … Continue reading

The faroes and their medieval customs

Thors harbour thats the capital Of the Faroes A craggy set of islands Where there be 50,000 people throwbacks From the norse days Butchers of the beaches Tragically A medieval bloodlust An affliction No benediction hear I have to say … Continue reading

The faroes

200 miles from Scotland Rugged cliffs proclaim A pardise of seabirds A people who are game To run the ocean gauntlet To drive the pilot whales Whole pods of them onto their beaches To the shallow water trails Idyllic sandy … Continue reading

The oceans are dying

The oceans are dying So many are lying Through their back teeth Then on and beyond Poachers and hunters And criminal gangs Are out illegally The ocean hangs On a pure equilibrium NAture knows best Though the great corporations Are … Continue reading

Is man really kind?

Science creates problems But the problem is that we Imagine science is a god How ever bad it be It has potentiality But it also can transcend And recreate more problems That some may then defend Chemistry is intricate The … Continue reading

Vegan angels lets reward them now

The Ocean has authenticity Its absoluteness spans Into perpetuity Its realism stands The course of time An immortal space A universe alone So supportive of the landmass And anyone whose thrown A line into the great lake The swimmers came … Continue reading

Humility thats all we needed really

Forests full of every conceivable medicine, animals Reptiles, birds The great lungs of the planet Remember all these words The precious trees that harbour So much thats good around Aged beings lost in time Giants from the ground They wallow … Continue reading

Fish and how unkind we all are

The indifference and the uninterest The insouciance we feel Unresponsive to the agony That others feel for real Most could not care less about the soul The ocean child We show a kind of apathy towards Them when they are … Continue reading


All the world is plundering The wildness of the earth The arrogance and vile conceit For what is true shared worth The wild ones live on Krill The ocean store is there’s to use Not corporation larcenists Who thoroughly abuse … Continue reading

Farmed fish and the implications for humanity/ environment

Corruption is a cancer That spreads now everywhere Top down it is causing Really much despair Fish a rich commodity Where some corporations Do Extend their grubby fingers That might reach the likes of you It’s really a massive business … Continue reading