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The “Thunder”

A Norwegian ship built A while ago in 1969 Part of The Bandit six Group With shrewd heads in the line Were there, hunting and poaching In the Southern Ocean where The Patagonia Tooth Fish Resides and likes to share … Continue reading

Non invasive species on the menu

Consumption of wild animals Does appear to be The order of the day In Certain quarters Where we see High powered very important people Fronting corporations At annual dinners Being served In what’s called celebrations Of taking the pressure off … Continue reading


A homeless dog Kept following different ladies on the street Affirming some acceptance Or hopeful of a treat Disguising one’s affection Is no a easy thing to do Being a homeless animal and being voiceless too A white dog Clearly … Continue reading

Adam Shoults

The epitome of an adventurer With a restlessness to feel The art of being vulnerable And tempt providence for real A cartographer who imagined The lines on maps conceal Myriads of wonderment And essentially whats real That visionary approach That … Continue reading