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iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour stretches far and wide it sinks into our bodies encouraging a  downward slide   meddling with our precious genes corrupting our pure DNA America has spawned a great satanic cult of scientists who with … Continue reading

Dark forces

So science takes a million steps backwards in its haul of keeping corporates profitable Yes friends one and all   each level has to make their killing all along the line so we have to infiltrate the gentle cow the … Continue reading

Mendacity and all that

  its akin to a  parallel universe the, experimental regime built on the conscience of science a bit like the whalers who seem to imagine the rest of us stupid and they are  so  dumb I could scream     … Continue reading

Like parasitic worms they go underground

  Its unspeakable stuff but let’s shout it out the heavens must hear it just join in the rout   like parasitic worms they go underground and into depravity that’s what I’ve found   for the brain dead dumbed down … Continue reading

That was once me

there’s been a seal of secrecy and what happened was suppressed clandestine operations extremely sad at best   revelatory glimpses of the torment in our souls how we have been treated to all your dark controls   not many whistle … Continue reading

A new truth in Animal Experimentation confirmed

How can we trust the arrogance if the commercial world won’t play ball over experimentation it wont go away each specifies some testing and the animals know pain every conceivable torture is carried out for gain   and so the … Continue reading

Animal Testing (Inspired by a post in the Guardian and their tweet)

Sexist science sensationally subjects research to feel that testing drugs on male rats really isn’t real they worry about hormones in the female species but personal bias comes into the equation and the gut reaction springs eternal for me I … Continue reading

British Heart Foundation

A British Heart Foundation shop in Fulham and a band of animal angels to the fore informing those who come along the passers by  just what is wrong the voiceless get short shrift here that we’re sure   the moneys … Continue reading

Time for thought

Children we’ve all been there we probably witnessed grief we may have seen  some animal abuse no matter, how brief   we may have  seen dissection or possibly much more but did it register to the extent it got into … Continue reading

A duty of care exists everywhere or else

Oregon Health Sciences by virtue of their ways may have called up ancient spirits the Vanara’s whose displays may create a new awareness for the primates captured by these scientific debased trolls that in the gutters ply given credence they … Continue reading


The Universities all around the place get financed for their science and their projects the disgrace   is they are often using live animals and they are dissecting them and torturing them it seems it is their way   getting … Continue reading

Primate experimentation in Marseilles

To me its very sinful what all countries now do take primates from their tree top homes and ship them it is true to laboratories all over this planet we can say and experiment on them torture them to death … Continue reading

Mauritius a paradise in the Indian Ocean

Long tailed Macaques live in the wild this paradise was where Nature put them and they exist they do roam everywhere   but there are unscrupulous people around. as we all know ready to make a fast buck and see … Continue reading

Animals do have rights but do they in Universities one wonders

Our so called higher education comes from Universities this is where we get our knowledge thus we ask them with our plea’s why would they delve into the  darkness just why would they source animals from  unlicensed dealers why would … Continue reading

L’oreal hiding in the darkness giving impressions they are holier than thou

Its one big charade for Loreal the glamourand the lights the models and the you know what and its not the animal rights in L’real book the animals have no rights none at all they sit in cages doomed to … Continue reading

The Primate Expert

I find it more than tragic that a women with a child would stoop so low as to really go to town on primates, so       these bloody universities hide behind their cloak of respectability which is the … Continue reading

Denmark again fracking hell where are their ethics

Invasive surgery care of the MOD who sends its surgeons off to Denmark to do some surgery   where serious injury is allowed on  live pigs which are shot  tied upside down and singing free this is utter rot   … Continue reading

Experimentation on the wild one’s

These universities are given funding and operate laboratories that do all sorts of experimentation on the animals out of sight most do not have a clue   the extent of what they do there and the sadists and many of … Continue reading

Monkeys and all the others used for experimentation

forced into a contraption and strapped down on a bench its little heart is beating fast like some frightened wench look as its eyes  a flutter what right have we got to do this sort of torture to this little … Continue reading

Experimentation of pregnant Sheep

The British Heart Foundation apparently appears to fund exerimentation on sheep and through the tiers of Cambridge University of all places we hear pregnant ewes have their babies compromised and all that fear of certain suffocation of torture seems to … Continue reading

Vivisection and experimentation on Primates at UF

Supposedly civilised thats what we thought UF though tragically has to be sought for its evil intent and its dastardly ways of the abuse  and the torture of Primates, a phase of tasteless vulgarity torture and hell of undignified  order … Continue reading

A brief encounter with reality after watching that film and the subsequent film from 1974 with Gene Hackman

it kind of sounds like madness to the ordinary man in the street but then I got to thinking who is he its a feat that might be really hard to find for these days what we see are entities … Continue reading

Arrogance and why it is a terrible affliction

Listen up Good people a new idea afoot corporates whose arrogance is very clealy put     they have lost all guilt and fear carrying out their mean research on your children this new year   first some live bacteria … Continue reading

Universities and their so called research

How university staff can ever get involved like this supposedly intelligent but clearly many miss   the true creative ability of wild souls in their place trapped and tortured and shipped abroad to then have to  face   evil at … Continue reading

Boston University sexual studies

It clearly was no tea party what happens here is sick Boston University it seems some proper dick is in charge of investigations involving rats and mice the simply vile experiments and none of them are nice cruel beyond words … Continue reading

China has listened and the testing may stop

China is listening she seems to see sense up to this moment things appeared tense cosmetic sales needed to have been tested on animal earthlings and now that clause is gone so millions of animals will now be saved its … Continue reading

Can the public be made more aware

It seems really its not enough any more to realise animals are blood and gore by the time science discards after testing some scent some cleaner some polish some toothpaste they went to “Summerland” in every agony known but many … Continue reading

Science lesson “How to grow human livers on a mouse”

It just goes to show what some scientists do and who bloody funded it the likes of YOU we scrimp and we save and they blow it all proving that science can be a fool a mouse is a soul … Continue reading

Just a block of protoplasm from the laboratory

A mass of heads and limbs and trunks and stomachs form one block interspersed with blood and lymph to see it, its a shock previously several souls were put on this earth to be and at the hands of man … Continue reading

The face of an angel

Who but an angel would allow themselves to be fitted up in a restraint chair shackled painfully one of the wilder angels stolen from her home in the steamy jungle where with her kith she’d roam captured there and torn … Continue reading