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THe Horseshoe Crab

The philosophy of existence Apparently extends To catching hordes of horseshoe crabs Calling them our friends Abusing them entirely By removing from them blood Its of the bluest colour A cerulean flood And why would science do this To a … Continue reading


Such tiny cages Screaming laments Total frustration Many atttempts Blue gloved technicians Come to be there Taxpayer funded Though few are aware The sedated mother Lifeless she lays Head on one side Some awful malaise Set full of grief Drugged … Continue reading


Come cry with me Come wipe my tears Come feel my heart break At the fears Erupting in the room today As primates suffer So we say Masks and uniforms Nurses technicians Vile impostors, they Treat each darling animal In … Continue reading

VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances In vaccinations primed to safeguard those Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose And Mandatory the new kid on the health block Heavy … Continue reading


Prisoners, we create so many From animals who once were wild The elephants chained to a wall Fully grown but as a child Looking sad and so frustrated Beaten when it suits until Once they were happy in their jungle … Continue reading

Experimentation for your household goods

What a sad and unforgiving system TORY Toffs Home Office fails to be Compassionate on animals Still serving as their guinea pigs Cats and dogs and monkeys they all see The likes of corporations testing toxics Washing up liquid polish … Continue reading

Chemical trails

Its happening everywhere Up in the skies The UK the USA and Europe The wise Geo engineers In the pay of the fools The grey suits Who treat us And make all the rules We are as bugs on a … Continue reading


Its a total disrespectfulness A complete irreverence Its an humiliation and an affront That makes no sense Its contemptible behaviour To underrate their worth To minimize and belittle Others on this Earth To have that lack of conscience That deviousness … Continue reading

Corporate enhancement

The corporate ideal Is really never one to feel The utility and ability To amplify for real The logic of perception And the colour of deception Taste and smell are paramount More from less can mean The Mary Shelley principle … Continue reading

Shortcomings of a CAFO concentrated animal farming operation

Mercola surmises That may be some surprises Why Alzheimer’s disease Is Increasing so much Could be the reason The great CAFO season Of arrogance everywhere And We’re out of touch animals giving us their Flesh, we call meat The stuff … Continue reading