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Foie gras

Fortnum & Mason From Piccadilly Serving the Royals Royal Crest aNd all All of that suffering And that lamentation A waking nightmare An afflicted creation All of the protests For all of the years Dressed up as Geese Crying real … Continue reading

Ducks deserve better

Godly creatures So designed Webbed feet They always were aligned to water all of That we know But not the farmers Of foie gras NO Souls are kept In cages standing Hardly adept upright each day And force fed fat … Continue reading


It makes so much sense That we understand That stale white bread Is far from grand As a mental process Our concentration Is seemingly An indication Our mindlessness It disordered be For offering bread Is disorderly Its apparent to us … Continue reading

GRESSINGHAM killers of feathered angels

Gressingham Ducks 8 millions souls Are dispatched to Heaven Each in their roles Their sacredness ending As blue coated sods As the RED TRACTOR rumbles We pray to our gods As ducks from the waters edge We can proclaim This … Continue reading

Gressingham DUCKs

#ASDA #TESCO #WAITROSE Improbity Venality Shamefulness disgrace Another Big RED TRACTOR Drives around the place Watching operatives argue Unethically they be Inglorious and unworthy These poor ducks such cruelty Shackled most unflatteringly Cruel beyond all care Rammed with force Dragged … Continue reading

Foie gras

Is there anything more dreadful More nasty Unwholesome and unhealthy Let me know Creating a disease in ducks and geese Until they scream In agony internally As their liver starts to grow Pushes its way into the lungs Cuts off … Continue reading

Foie gras disease torment and murder

This farm is non existent A nullity a blank Consciousness was never ever there And to be frank Negatives the uninvented It was called a farm Where beauTiful ducks Were caged and left In the most vilest or harm In … Continue reading

QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world Selling bush meat they Sell Exotic meat and live animals And apparently it’s a way Of creating the new pandemics So why would Australia keep Working with live animals And be in them so … Continue reading

Diseased fatty liver from tortured and innocent ducks and geese

The profligate the good for nothing The torturers of sin You who take the innocent The geese and ducks An in The darkness of your satanic soul You cause great woe and pain Your show your vile barbarity Over and … Continue reading

Ducks in Norfolk hurting bad

Every child who has ever fed the ducks In ponds around Learns to appreciate water fowl Wherever they are found The sadness is that carnivores Have need to eat all meats And ducks too find their eaten As one of … Continue reading

Interview with a farmer of foie gras

What do you do for a living I am a farmer of sorts With geese and with ducks I am reading It’s foie gras I have in my thoughts Such beautiful birds Of the water Attested and genuine souls For … Continue reading

Natural England’s and its undoubted arrogance

A show of force Where wildness Exists I have to say Resulting to Draconian Laws Can never be the way Natural England’s policy An intolerance to ducks Persecuting Mallards Honestly it sucks It lacks all understanding Of creation and I’d … Continue reading

Murrindindi wild life

The wild life of Australia Is up against it, they Many were around before the people But today The arrogance is everywhere The ignorance there too The rich have come to plunder A factor that is true There are a … Continue reading

Duck killing Victorians

Beautiful ducks From children we appreciate them so And to think that in Australia Hunters want to go And decimate their numbers The 16th of March To the 19th of May Thats the shooting season That appears their way Of … Continue reading