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So called hunting ban

The obtuseness and naïveté of the public The so called hunts that shouldn’t be allowed Following a trail a denial that does sail Out across oblivion for every likely tale That we come across where riders and hounds Are in … Continue reading


A very old dog Was lying alone Tucked around a bush His spirit had flown Curled and suffering Flies everywhere A great open wound on his stomach To share With the wriggling maggots Busily feeding His ear half torn off … Continue reading

The Laboratory&Pharmacology&Toxicology MIENBUTTEL

It’s good to report that a place That has been Violent and cruel And wholly obscene Is closing down Animals rights have said so A prison of horror It soon it will go Within the EU In Germany they Took … Continue reading


A pool of blood That’s ominous Oozing from her nose A phantom shriek And whimpering In agony I suppose Giving up each as each moment passes This is what you do When faced with the inevitable And no one has … Continue reading


A leash around his straggly neck And on the pavement he Waiting for old death to come His sickle swinging free Obviously abandoned A puppy in distress Suffering the vagaries Of climate, so much stress Piled upon young shoulders Some … Continue reading

“Sona” and the street angels Animal aid unlimited

Neglected and there on her own Lying motionless On a pavement Yes in Rajasthan The street angels they found “Sona” Apparently peaceful Alone there on the ground Clearly a brain injury No fractures none at all But still she was … Continue reading


A street dog Called “Georgie” Crying A sad song He, hit by a car His back legs were busted really not moving Poor little soul couldn’t get very far We were called The street angels And there he was sitting … Continue reading

4 little puppies (the tar babies)

JEENA PEANUT PRIYA and JESSI A really sorry state of affairs 4 puppies on a heap Concealed in tar Stuck fast they are Clearly they did reap A whirlwind of emotions A fetid sticky ooze That spread around And captured … Continue reading


How long he ‘d been lying there Nobody knew But a little boy found him And knew what to do Called animal aid unlimited And they came by Wrapped him in blanket Which made the boy cry He was happy … Continue reading

“ Judith”

Neglected That was how she was Chained out in a yard Urinated on out of the window She was scarred By them who was supposedly her family Who watched her deteriorate Chucked her food all muddied Left her in a … Continue reading