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Bruins ruin

Huntsmen give the impression they are snooty Such nobility always on the right side Of the law full on integrity Its their sense of honour Being top knotch but we know Anyone caught hunting foxes Is in my book really … Continue reading

It was no misunderstanding

It was no misunderstanding As the blizzard tore into I was tied up to that telphone pole Not knowing what to do A travesty of justice Cross-purposes not I Where is the revelation The hoarding from on high Unconcealed and … Continue reading

Tied to a telephone pole

Abandoned thats me Left all alone Tied up in a blizzard And just left to moan In Mainsworth Terrace Thats in Hartlepool A German Shepherd Which you know as a rule I favour one master And so now for me … Continue reading

Blatant disregard for a life

This happened in the municipality of Eastern Goiao in Brazil 40 km from capital Brasilia A place where there are a number of pet shops and grooming salons And a large open air market. Such grossness such vulgarity From a … Continue reading

Poor dog

The great scale of humility Falls on a few And sadly so many suffer they do One little soul was half buried there whimpering quietly in so much despair Very few heard him but there were a few Who came … Continue reading

Baiting stations in Russia

I remember my mother She did love us so Two little cubs She watched us grow Showed us the ropes Built up our hopes Nurtured us till It was her time to go The existence of man In Russia where … Continue reading

Victim Golden Retriever place China

A policeman with a stick His car, his flashing lights All those vile spectators Just in case the poor dog bites Tied up whilst his guardian Goes away and shops And up comes this false hearted scum And pulls out … Continue reading

中國 there are no excuses

An audience of satanic sinful malevolent Intent Standing witnessing degeneracy their Degradation spent The enormity of suffering The flagrancy we see The heinousness the wrong doing Its base iniquity Unworthy to be human They are the fatal flaw Po faced … Continue reading

Sirius in Moni Cyprus

Who is really the brightest star In the night sky I think you are Devoted to loving the forgotten stray That is lost then found by you today Such thankfulness is on their face And appreciativeness of the human race … Continue reading

Australian Greyhounds exported to China

Dishonesty and untruthfulness Palm greasing nepotism Rascality and roguery Leading to recidivism Greyhounds out of New South Wales Tracks exported to Shanghai and to Macao To race Cheetah’s there The clue Profit, caring little For the wellbeing of these hounds … Continue reading