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The wicked ways the slippery slope The iniquitous hanging from a rope The despicable criminality what is complete depravity The covetous the miscreants Humanity who sees the need To abuse their place in history And by so doing then succeed … Continue reading


Hardship and continual suffering Traits of the dogs that are Out there in the streets all day Running near and far One such hound was in collision That damaged her hind legs Which made her crawl into a drain Which … Continue reading

Scotch corner

It happened in Kilmarnock In Scotland so I hear A women fancied going away But she had a dog It was clear She couldn’t take it away with her So what she decided to do Was tape up its jaws … Continue reading


At the end of October Somebody called A dog had been hit By a car Which appalled us all At the eentre And so we came fast And there in the road was MIghty was cast A very injury Bleeding … Continue reading


In a derelict building Against an old wall He laid as forlorn Didn’t move at our call His eyes staring upwards Empty and alone A little lost soul No joy had he known His back legs collapsing A weariness we … Continue reading


There in the road The little dog lay Where he had been hit Had been made to pay For just being there Not moved out of the way Or loved or caressed What can one say Clearly a collision A … Continue reading


Fear and dread was evident On this puppy that we found Mange had really destroyed her skin And she just ran around Fearful now of everybody Her phobias were many When we tried to approach her There just wasn’t any … Continue reading


A hopeless state An emotion date Loneliness a loss His life became so empty No one cared a toss An injury and Kalu Basically just gave Found a hole to lay in Which would end up as his grave Hours … Continue reading

So called hunting ban

The obtuseness and naïveté of the public The so called hunts that shouldn’t be allowed Following a trail a denial that does sail Out across oblivion for every likely tale That we come across where riders and hounds Are in … Continue reading


A very old dog Was lying alone Tucked around a bush His spirit had flown Curled and suffering Flies everywhere A great open wound on his stomach To share With the wriggling maggots Busily feeding His ear half torn off … Continue reading