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Creation for me Turned out badly Born as a dog That was I Nobody wanted me And that was a pain So thrown in a dumpster to die Found by a family called Leonard Taken home rescued so I Had … Continue reading


A barrel of tar Thrown in the street A little dog Someone saw his feet There he was poor little blighter stuck fast A little lost soul A tiny outcast Who knows how long He had been lying there With … Continue reading

Anubis your presence is required yet again

It truly is repellent Such a trusting soul we see Come to heel For we all feel Total agonyIts graphic so says FACEBOOK The desert was the place The godless the vilest infidels The impure oerverted face Wicked as the … Continue reading

“Dakota” we all attest to the pain he underwent

The savagery, the hatred The nausea one feels Its so intense utter repugnance And abhorrence that reveals A streak of detestation Of rancour deep inside Utter animosity Which will never be denied What should have been endearment Sadly instead we … Continue reading

Eating in Cambodia

At back block and fringes Of Phnom Penh in Cambodia today DOgs are on the menu Sadly I have to say Its borders are with Thailand LAos and Viet Nam Eaten as ancient medicine Where various places cram 40 to … Continue reading

Just part of the family

EQuality of life on earth Equivalence for all A dog a loyal family member Who answers every call To be a guard In a kennel in the rain The frost the cold On a chain to hold Yea life for … Continue reading

Major Sahib

Wounded and dying Eaten away by maggots all over him On that sad day Nobody loved him or cared for him He Was passing and close to it apparently ANimals aid unlimited they Found this poor soul Starving away Managed … Continue reading

Street life

On the streets under the streets Its only hell I ever saw To be a stray in Bucharest Cuts into every inch of core There are no laws protecting those Who walk the street without a place To call a … Continue reading

5 Rescue dogs and a horse

Owning land in Spain can get one Into true hot water A lady with a rescue centre Found that to be true Told shunters to keep off her land Or she would have to fine them Clearly got their backs … Continue reading

Love knows no bounds

A bleak and frosty Railway track A bitch and a dog in pain The bitch is clearly injured And can’t move And its insane By anybody’s standard But her friend he stays there too To comfort her And to love … Continue reading