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Australian Greyhounds exported to China

Dishonesty and untruthfulness Palm greasing nepotism Rascality and roguery Leading to recidivism Greyhounds out of New South Wales Tracks exported to Shanghai and to Macao To race Cheetah’s there The clue Profit, caring little For the wellbeing of these hounds … Continue reading

The Dingo

All apex predators matter Their impact really makes A difference in the scheme of things Creation makes no fakes Its man that ruins everything With his prejudice and pain With his lack of understanding If only he would refrain To … Continue reading


Aggression giving animals names To me is totally wrong Diablo renamed spirit Rambo all along The patriarchal emphasis Creates impressions and we The grand old public sentiment Go along with them and be Really part and parcel a predictive Attitude … Continue reading

Sled dogs

Any kind of animal Needs love and beyond that care Thats no different to all of us The real need is to share Needs must thats a saying Perhaps from history But what we really need is love Given generously … Continue reading

On a Toronto subway

A pet dog on your lap Requires responsibility A sound mind and a sense of care A personality A balance of behaviours And perceptivity Clearly all can realise Her insentient quality Unhearing and oblivious To the small dogs difficulty On … Continue reading


Creation for me Turned out badly Born as a dog That was I Nobody wanted me And that was a pain So thrown in a dumpster to die Found by a family called Leonard Taken home rescued so I Had … Continue reading


A barrel of tar Thrown in the street A little dog Someone saw his feet There he was poor little blighter stuck fast A little lost soul A tiny outcast Who knows how long He had been lying there With … Continue reading

Anubis your presence is required yet again

It truly is repellent Such a trusting soul we see Come to heel For we all feel Total agonyIts graphic so says FACEBOOK The desert was the place The godless the vilest infidels The impure oerverted face Wicked as the … Continue reading

“Dakota” we all attest to the pain he underwent

The savagery, the hatred The nausea one feels Its so intense utter repugnance And abhorrence that reveals A streak of detestation Of rancour deep inside Utter animosity Which will never be denied What should have been endearment Sadly instead we … Continue reading

Eating in Cambodia

At back block and fringes Of Phnom Penh in Cambodia today DOgs are on the menu Sadly I have to say Its borders are with Thailand LAos and Viet Nam Eaten as ancient medicine Where various places cram 40 to … Continue reading