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36 Beagles saved

Unconquerable and unflagging A stalwart rugged breed Strapping and up for anything Thats why they could succeed A certain agri science corporation’s Big idea Was to feed these dogs with their fungicide Adavelt that Clear Ofcourse it could have harmed … Continue reading

HACHIKO One man’s best friend

One man’s best friend Was an Akita dog From Akita in Japan A professor of agriculture It had always been his plan To try to adopt an Akita dog And one of his students said There was a dog in … Continue reading

They walk in our midst

Theres and unsightly hideousness Sharing our spaces Their countenance countrified Forbidding faces Land owners farmers Bumpkins maybe The rustic the caustic Bloodlusting they be Throwbacks to an age Medieval before People took heed of the ways Of the law Respect … Continue reading

Street dog under a porch

Lying panting underneath A porch Yes there he lay The worse for wear All alone Living with despair In India in Udaipur Rajasthan was he Really very very sick As sick as he could be By the hand of fortune … Continue reading

The Hunting Act 2004

Laws that are being broken With the authority of the few Our wild ones they were spoken For But what did you lot do You made it known that the tories Loved the hunting clan That you prefereed to turn … Continue reading


ALbus I met Albus Fully clothed he was In his little cotton suit His mother said because He loved to romp In muddy pools That was the reason why They dress him up In his one piece Which When he … Continue reading

“Goodday” a message to my human friend

You became my lifelong friend My rock yes I can say From a little puppy dog I kind of found my way To me I was clearly wanted I found you which felt right And so began our friendship Where … Continue reading

These evil traps

Traps and snares are everywhere The evil set them they are after killing wild life Foxes mainly pay A price that few may witness The torturing method used A dying vixen possibly Terribly abused In this case It was a … Continue reading


You can feel the love Its there to see Dont pass me by Please look at me So many humans Want a hound A wolf all sorts But those around Already abandoned Unloved uncared So want a home Want to … Continue reading

Poor dog found her in Naples

Imagine being hungry So desperate so alone Nobody to care for you The street is all you have known Rubbish bags still burning Where possibly there may Be something that is edible There has to be today Its desolate Its … Continue reading