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Poor lad Nobody to care And few apparently aware Out in the street Behind a gate And there he lay In quite a state We were called And found him there. Clearly suffering And in despair Wrapped him Carried him … Continue reading


By a busy roadside We found an injured dog He was old and suffering His life was one big slog Suffering an ear injury There were Maggots everywhere We took Him off to hospital He was a true old soul … Continue reading

Australian dishonour

There is no honour amongst friends That much we know is true Greyhounds give themselves away By running as they do Racing around a track To catch the non existent one Winning is the only way When the day is … Continue reading


We found him Little “Sparkle” Looking rather sad Very weak and emaciated We thought in fact he had Been a victim of a car strike But found out actually That he had just stopped eating Anorexic tragically We examined him … Continue reading

“Little Whisper”

She was laying in the rubble Rubbish all around One of her front legs Completely crushed By a bike That’s what we found Out With multiple fractures And infection ride alas When getting her back to hospital Really there was … Continue reading


The ignorance is stunning The unconsciousness too Coal mining and oil fields Are what the people do It’s the northern most of cities An industrial atmosphere And the festival of eating Dogs and lychees It is clear KOver ten day … Continue reading

Deceit and karma

A photograph of a victim A deer from faraway The objective is to train a dog To fetch the wounded prey Human hunters pride themselves On not looking into the eyes Of the object of their denial Who fail to … Continue reading


A little boy discovered  Him  Crying all alone  Clearly  he was  suffering deep pain from the bone we took him to the hospital his leg was swollen badly the string tied tight around his leg producing somewhat sadly a lot … Continue reading


When we found him he looked  so the worst for wear smothered  in mange feeling the despair of life  on the streets  Where nobody cared just the bugs and the maggots and the flies tbey all shared   their violent … Continue reading

Bramble Hale Farm awful cruelty

It happened in Pembrokeshire Attested and rotten beyond Any imaginary circumstance It was good someone did respond To the unbelievable cruelty Going on all around this place Unlicensed breeding of dogs Up for Sale Welfare and keeping alas unsanitary conditions … Continue reading

Pit bulls so she murdered all five of them brutally

Duty of care It’s was never there This bitch of a women She locked Five healthy pit bulls In cages at home Didn’t feed them At all clearly well rocked No water no food no loving how crude In a … Continue reading


A very sick sad individual Says that accidently, he poured Boiling water over his own dog one “Sassy” The agony apparently it caused The dog to cry to whimper after being scalded But he did not know why He alleged … Continue reading

I can understand mum

I know we have a problem For it soon does grow too long I can trip myself over with it And of course that is wrong When you comb me and it’s matted Knotted oh it hurts a lot It’s … Continue reading

Inducing muscular dystrophy in dogs

Mary Shelleys terror story All those years ago Frightened many readers But now some of you know Laboratories around the world Create hell here today And dogs are going through the mill And there should be no way Any beautiful … Continue reading

Sad little dog

Thats what you get When you give of yourself Faithful and loyal to the end A rope around my neck My body in check And dumped in the water My neck Pulled very hard And my sinews Busting and breaking … Continue reading

Dog den HENAN. Rescue By a dog

China has its warriors too They are not killers Some are true To the animals They believe like us And take on the killers With little fuss in Keifeng An ancient capital In the Northern SONG Dynasty They Now in … Continue reading


I am really very fortunate Blessedness is how Living with the Hambidges Despite the lockdown now They are the perfect family And I am well pleased living there The garden and the countryside For all of it they share Ancestrally … Continue reading

Greyhounds in SPAIN

Malingering and disrespectful Greyhound owners here Spain has got its knickers in a great big twist The fear They have forever losing It calls in question not every dog can win Those that fail are tortured and hung out to … Continue reading

An appeal to Anubis for a puppy killed in cold blood

It happened in Hoya de Salobrai In Jaen that is in Spain The country where pain figures A lot and it’s a stain On all of humanity That animals seem to be Actually considered worthless So it appears to me … Continue reading

Need to be more mindful

Not equipped with the brains She was born with And what seems to be that she Was forgetful and really thoughtless To the heat there that could be She left her pet dog in her car Whilst she went shopping … Continue reading

Little black puppy

Called to a puppy Clearly in distress Emaciated And hopping with stress Covered in mange Frightened as hell When we tried to rescue just ran and fell And all the time whimpering Frightened was he abandoned by some Rotter evidently … Continue reading

Dog rescue

Called out to a dog Running down a road A little grey dog Of no fixed abode Clearly was frighted And hungry and lean And it was hard to catch him Because at the scene He ran about wildly Wouldn’t … Continue reading

A Hanging in Entre Rios

Someone’s making a statement What apathy and phlegm A dog hung on a soccer arch Anubis is with them Both the perpetrator They knew who they are And whether they can sleep at night And really whose the star What … Continue reading


He was laying paralysed Clearly in pain Exhausted and dusty In the hot sun again and again DY by day just lying there With his own thoughts Creating despair We found him and Took the sacking a Away His skin … Continue reading


It was April, A brickworks A production machine Took the leg off a soul A mother dog Who had a role In nursing her three pups And now what we saw Was a three legged dog Stressed out for sure … Continue reading


There he was curled up BY the side of a shop Sporting pink walls Was where he chose to stop Clearly abandoned A poodle for sure Neglected and dirty Sat on the floor We put on a leash And took … Continue reading


An old German shepherd From a construction site Chained up during the day And guarding at night Through all the weather The climate dared throw And shot away sadly By the wind and the snow Clearly disabled and suffering so … Continue reading


Heli” was motionless Lying in the snow Bleeding the wrongness You felt and you know This innocent canine A poor soul in pain Had been shot in the back Again and again The lack of pity To just leave him … Continue reading


We received a report By a fast flowing stream A dog there injured And so it did seem We needed to fetch him In the cold snow Shivering wildly As the wind did blow Someone had shot him With buckshot … Continue reading

Blue eyes mother with three babies “Hera”

We were notified In a pipe beside an busy country road Was a mother dog With her babies Carrying one heavy load Clearly little food around In what was such thick snow Nestled in the hedge Cold and windswept as … Continue reading