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I am really very fortunate Blessedness is how Living with the Hambidges Despite the lockdown now They are the perfect family And I am well pleased living there The garden and the countryside For all of it they share Ancestrally … Continue reading

Greyhounds in SPAIN

Malingering and disrespectful Greyhound owners here Spain has got its knickers in a great big twist The fear They have forever losing It calls in question not every dog can win Those that fail are tortured and hung out to … Continue reading

An appeal to Anubis for a puppy killed in cold blood

It happened in Hoya de Salobrai In Jaen that is in Spain The country where pain figures A lot and it’s a stain On all of humanity That animals seem to be Actually considered worthless So it appears to me … Continue reading

Need to be more mindful

Not equipped with the brains She was born with And what seems to be that she Was forgetful and really thoughtless To the heat there that could be She left her pet dog in her car Whilst she went shopping … Continue reading

Little black puppy

Called to a puppy Clearly in distress Emaciated And hopping with stress Covered in mange Frightened as hell When we tried to rescue just ran and fell And all the time whimpering Frightened was he abandoned by some Rotter evidently … Continue reading

Dog rescue

Called out to a dog Running down a road A little grey dog Of no fixed abode Clearly was frighted And hungry and lean And it was hard to catch him Because at the scene He ran about wildly Wouldn’t … Continue reading

A Hanging in Entre Rios

Someone’s making a statement What apathy and phlegm A dog hung on a soccer arch Anubis is with them Both the perpetrator They knew who they are And whether they can sleep at night And really whose the star What … Continue reading


He was laying paralysed Clearly in pain Exhausted and dusty In the hot sun again and again DY by day just lying there With his own thoughts Creating despair We found him and Took the sacking a Away His skin … Continue reading


It was April, A brickworks A production machine Took the leg off a soul A mother dog Who had a role In nursing her three pups And now what we saw Was a three legged dog Stressed out for sure … Continue reading


There he was curled up BY the side of a shop Sporting pink walls Was where he chose to stop Clearly abandoned A poodle for sure Neglected and dirty Sat on the floor We put on a leash And took … Continue reading