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Wanker banker fitness witness So called expert he Air source heat pump tustle muscle Allowed to wander free With his inappropriate aura Of deceit a sure divide Rampant Actuality leaking deep inside. Described To us as an expert a specialist … Continue reading

The bathroom ad ifinitum

The air source heat pump System Have never really made The house or the hot water Feel special its no aid To what we had been promised And the heating bills were still Higher than projected In the house a … Continue reading

How could we ever have had any faith

The air source heat pump saga Its installation poor For years it never gave us enough heat And it was raw Nothing had been thought about The tenant suffered so Her autistic son Was also hurt and resentment Too did … Continue reading

Flummoxed 8/3/18

Grant looked really flummoxed The system was for him Filled with ambiguity More akin to dim Stuck in dubiety And indecision, he Turned upon the tenant Had she meddled And sadly Of course she Hadn’t meddled No reason to at … Continue reading

Cladding soffits and the ASHP saga

Unreliability Coupled with distress Your cottage will be Cladded Sorry about the mess Your plant pots and your garden Your windows and your life The Romanians are on their way When peacefulness Gives way To stress and filth and dust … Continue reading