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Tears and my food

Females and males That happen to be Food for the conventional Yea family Cows give us milk leather And meat Chicks are given life But if they are male Down the street To the grinder They are sexed On their … Continue reading

This child told the emperor KFC to stop

PLay this inside KFC A child so sad in fact to see Her little friend lost to the world Into a spacial hole now hurled She doesnt move Her neck it flops The childs beside herself And stops The mother … Continue reading

Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain A baby alone Where is its mother Its future thrown To the winds of the time Lords far far Way Its fighting for breath In a most futile way The chickens The worst for wear Bruised … Continue reading

Whose chicken?

Manufactured life forms Chicken flavoured they Are just about existing But not grounded in any way Enduring and developing Into beasts of woe Their lives we have turned upside down In just how fast they grow An emptiness of feeling … Continue reading


Trays of living animals Waiting patiently Looking through the cages At what seems eternity Listening to the humans Crying on the street So gluttons and other humans Can buy their flesh to eat The truck now is stationary Waiting for … Continue reading

I am just one chick of the billions slaughtered each year

To exist in a mist of confusion and chaos Where lovelessness comes and it goes To break through that shell from a given spell With this beak at the end of our nose A chicken we be with a freedom … Continue reading

Cock fighting and the so called fiesta in Sabong

Medieval madness Brought forward to this day The total insensitivity Of making animals pay None of us are immortal And chickens lives are short So picking them up and using them as weapons As a sport Is degrading of the … Continue reading

A miracle of life

A little chick A fluffy ball of feathers A miracle of life As we all are A heart a soul a liver And two wings to fly 2 eyes to see And a reason to ask why? YES I know … Continue reading

McDonalds Canada’s egg suppliers

Of flesh and blood Existing in a quagmire That represents Not an ounce of compassion Nor an inch of sense Not a prophet to be seen Just profits for the insane Wired for perpetuity Purely for their gain Innocence becomes … Continue reading

Just one of the billions of male chicks born in egg laying farms

I came to be Life was mine Existence started I knew the sign A realness an actuality Flesh and blood Intrinsically A temper a humour A disposition My characteristics Now on a mission Atavistic involved I be In what is … Continue reading