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Star Poultry Melbourne

This abbatoir in Melbourne Came uder scrutiny From Animal Rights More and more frights Reluctant seems to me Hens done with egg laying Should be given space But instead are stunned And their throats slit Blood, all over the place … Continue reading

Oakland slaughterhouse protest

People thats us human beings We have to raise our game We cannot let these slaughterhouses Carry on, they claim Little, murdering animals Many by the day Its sickening to realise How the victims pay Those who eat meat Apparently … Continue reading


The spark of life That miracle The playfulness The harmlessness Feathers new and powdery Yes i be squeaky clean Riding on the conveyor belt Into the toothed machine. Wide eyed a clear conscience Happy to be here Riding through this … Continue reading

Sanderson’s 100per cent Natural Chicken

The lies they tell To flog you stuff The food industry What they feed to animals And can in honesty Then describe at point of sale Its their kind of pliancy Sandersons sell chicken And its all natural too One … Continue reading

Lilydale’s chicken British Columbia CANADA

Lilydales sanitised chicken “Lilies growing free on the dales” With the promise of Nature Reaching your psyche But really thats where it All fails Its a hellhole of filth and of torture With Wretchedness at every turn Wanton distress one … Continue reading

Tears and my food

Females and males That happen to be Food for the conventional Yea family Cows give us milk leather And meat Chicks are given life But if they are male Down the street To the grinder They are sexed On their … Continue reading

This child told the emperor KFC to stop

PLay this inside KFC A child so sad in fact to see Her little friend lost to the world Into a spacial hole now hurled She doesnt move Her neck it flops The childs beside herself And stops The mother … Continue reading

Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain A baby alone Where is its mother Its future thrown To the winds of the time Lords far far Way Its fighting for breath In a most futile way The chickens The worst for wear Bruised … Continue reading

Whose chicken?

Manufactured life forms Chicken flavoured they Are just about existing But not grounded in any way Enduring and developing Into beasts of woe Their lives we have turned upside down In just how fast they grow An emptiness of feeling … Continue reading


Trays of living animals Waiting patiently Looking through the cages At what seems eternity Listening to the humans Crying on the street So gluttons and other humans Can buy their flesh to eat The truck now is stationary Waiting for … Continue reading