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IVAN the terrible The bull assassin A blackguard of death Paid by the malevolent To procure breath From a proud master A bull of the field Who knows persecution And what it does yield Oppression and callousness Pitilessness Bludgeoned and … Continue reading

To slaughter females that want to live

From our dirty sheds We have cometh Caked in shit and soul We have lived short lives of misery And face the sheer control Of the corporate of the energy The deplorable design The memory of grassy fields And being … Continue reading

Tears and my food

Females and males That happen to be Food for the conventional Yea family Cows give us milk leather And meat Chicks are given life But if they are male Down the street To the grinder They are sexed On their … Continue reading


Rodeo is a Spanish Concept Which influenced the US their Stock Farms were required by law From 1851 to share A rodeo of sorts within the limits Of their place It was William F Cody himself Who in North platte … Continue reading


NEw Zealand of all places Don their cowboy attire And sacrifice our sanity In aggressive acts so dire On calves on bulls on horses The running roping acts And causing really bad distress And for sure they are the facts … Continue reading

The festival of the virgin Mary in Tenerife 15th Century

A Religious so called fiesta In Mexico we hear In Tiacotulpan Its mayhem! never cheer Drunkards run amok Among the people And we see Tortured bulls In unbelievable pain And cruelty Roman Catholic dreadfulness Its mismatched and its wrong Despite … Continue reading

Feed lots

I stood up a long time ago And said out to myself aloud I will not support the meat trade I will no longer be a coward Who just eats flesh and drinks the milk Designed for calves not me … Continue reading

A real understanding of animal husbandry

Among the indigenous people Is an honest understanding ICeland’s packs of horses And Thailands Buffalo’s A detailed understanding Of the environment and how they can Assist the domesticated souls Which is a damn good plan Its hard work with a … Continue reading

Joyful and triumphant

Chained up all my life Its not a life NO not for me Despiste my neck being so strong NOw I have to be In true realization That nobody loves me And in effect, I am so loathed By man … Continue reading

Last chance saloon

Calm and peaceful in repose Eternity I do suppose Only when defending do they Get aggressive in any way predictable simple and slow That is really all they know Heavy weights around their neck Thats to keep them all in … Continue reading