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GADHIMAI God all mighty Existence if it’s known Uncreated and unmade These murderers have blown Their chances in the afterlife Through ignorant acclaim Murdering the innocent Can now only inflame The baseless groundless evil That exists in soulless fools Insubstantiality … Continue reading

Cattle feed for profit

It’s truly false economy It’s begrudging animals feed Ruminants should chew the cud It is hard to succeed On DDD and soya beans And GM shit all day We really want the best But feed the worst And the cattle … Continue reading


For hundreds of years For far greater numbers Of male calves born Sadly have been Abused and just thrown on the dust heap of life That practice I feel is Obscene It revolves around milk and the dairy And farmers … Continue reading

A calf plea’s for his life and for all calves

Wherever we are born alas Life’s terrible for we Are actually unwanted The world does so agree You humans think You are ungulates Cud chewers So you think You can sup on udders Our milk you want to drink The … Continue reading

At the livestock market

The innocence of babies Of little calves who find Themselves within an auction It enough to blow the mind Loads of laughing farming types Cavorting gleefully And you a little frightened calf Waiting harmlessly The calling out of figures The … Continue reading


I pray for the bull For that strong fighting force Tortured to hell And in Madrid Just on course To be tormented and stabbed Countless times Yes before The matador’s entrance And more blood and gore Emptiness his self-importance We … Continue reading

Poor cow

Licking the paint and condensation Off the trailer wall She is thirsty she is hungry And no one heeds her call She is in a filthy trailer The slaughterhouse in sight The MEAT TRADE is the murder Trade dead flesh … Continue reading

City tip and a strangled cow

We received a call from the City dump High up on the hill Overlooking Rajastan Not the greatest thrill To go up there and realise That a particular cow Was sifting through the Rubbish and did appear somehow To have … Continue reading


Beside the road We found her Abandoned all alone Barely breathing Lacking mothers milk And the odd groan Emaciated body On very feeble legs A beautiful little baby The question though it begs How can human beings Be so nasty … Continue reading


The bull was bleeding From one of its back legs Pretty bad A deep wound opened up a vein Which really was quite sad They are heavy animals And walking in the street All that dust and all those flies … Continue reading