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So many felt powerless At seeing the pain Prostration was livid Again and again Such barren impotence Of those who would dare To torture and murder And live for despair The Bulls were majestic And awfully strong Their intelligence promised … Continue reading

Sale Yards in Australia

New South Wales Victoria QLD The evidence is out there Yin and yang and we Must realise the concept And really try to be Willing to remember Heat is YANG and so Eating meat when it is hot The answer … Continue reading

Poor Cow

She is suffering Her agony They caused it You can feel The pain and aggravation Everytime its real Everytime she is for ed To move Her fear and hopelessness Become ber living nightmare Adding to her stress Milked to death … Continue reading

Andres Roca Roca Rey

Andres Roca Roca Rey Gave a really good display Dressed in yellow satiny tights The Matador reached torrid heights It looked as though a bulls horn went Up his arse YES heaven sent but actually it only grazed his thigh … Continue reading

The Matador

The matador Was dead for sure The walking dead Who is no more The powerless one Is all but done Impotent kaput obsolete A neutralized and sad dead-beat Inept inadequate Feeble mind He has no shadow He can’t unwind His … Continue reading

Rodeo in this day and age

Enlightenment in this day and age Wisdom really right off the page Amusement and true entertainment Shouldn’t be From buying a ticket And expecting to see Animals Tortured And assaulted They be Terror in these babies eyes Most agree Roped … Continue reading

this evil this insulting creature from HELL”

Let me set the scene Of pure horror where Baby calves languish and in his space share This vile and slovenly miserly shit A dairyman so called who now dares to pit His ungodly stance With angels now who Are … Continue reading

Mega farms

Industrialised farming Has been the way to go Massive sheds of animals The numbers grow and grow In Herefordshire for example More chickens than humans now And scattered across our countryside Many more and how some 800 mega farms Like … Continue reading

Dairy farms are costing the earth

New Zealand like so many places Realises they Have to watch their greenhouse gas emissions Which now play A big part in the catastrophe That is causing climate change And dairy cows are costly Right across the range On the … Continue reading

Bull running and fatalities

For me Spain and it’s culture It’s not dare devilry And I cannot say it’s courage Perhaps audacity I know it’s all been happening For years and years and years It’s fun out in the sun They say It’s young … Continue reading