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A horror from the dairy

Little known You can understand Just why that may be Unborn calves Their pregnant mums Slaughtered Which for me Is wicked Absolutely Its immorality Ungodly and irreligious But it happens As we see The leather trade Can profit From the … Continue reading

A certain weirdness

It curdles milk When making cheese A spell gone wrong Which could displease The sanely soul Whose fourth stomach Lining Supplements One’s finer dining The matriarchal destiny Kidnapping counts It seems to me An ungodliness A slippery slope For all … Continue reading

Live exports banned all over India

Animal RIGHTS Have come of age In india today Providing all the evidence That live exports Are no way Of ever treating animals Sending them to their death And torturing them on voyages even denying them breath Its discriminative behaviour … Continue reading

“Torturing a conscience” so says Hugo

Transgressing into sinfulness Could only ever be Worth anything to those who have Mastered their infamy A matador who felled a bull So contorted with the pain Would have less chance of a conscience And therefore our disdain And Hugo’s … Continue reading

Live exports through the EU

Its intolerable Its insufferable Its more than flesh and blood Can stand All these live exports Really theres a flood Of interest and of money to be made Of course thats true The muslims want live animals fresh meat Halal … Continue reading

“Quesero” a bull with a reason to leap

It happened at one of those Torture events In Tafalla thats in Northern Spain The bull clearly wanting to avenge All his dead mates Decided to share the real pain He leapt like a high jumper Out of the ring … Continue reading

Born to suffer

Expectancy was one thing Joyfulness another Essentiality was to be The order of each day My mother clearly loved me In her very special way By insemination Artificially Raped by some old farmers arm Who was no visionary Just a … Continue reading


They seem to believe they can vindicate Their murdering intent Kidnapping a baby calf, a child Creation sent Carried by a mother for nine long months Where she Struggled and worked her butt off Hopeful she would see Her baby … Continue reading

Misguided political correctness

Eccentricity this man adopts The label he Has his boisterous manner And a kind of idiocy His powers of thought are many His shenanigans are too But by siding with the matador For me just will not do Preaching to … Continue reading

Imperceptiveness personified

Running the bulls A pastime in Spain With a child on ones shoulder The obtuseness insane The senselessness nature Of what might occur If the bull really charges And the two of them were Broken and bleeding A father and … Continue reading