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Baby calves

Abandonment reality For calves now everywhere Humans drinking dairy milk If they were aware Of What happens to the babies That the milk they drink Was for Would they want to drink it still Despite the pus and gore Its … Continue reading

Flame throwers

What has to be remembered here These cows ofcourse they be Females in the true sense of the word A catastrophe Of thinking comes into my mind The misogyny thats there Using flame throwers To burn away The bits of … Continue reading

Disrespecting life.

Scant respect for animals Created as were we Uncorrupted and undefiled Misunderstood they be Inoffensive their purity Is clear for all to see But abandoned in so many ways By our delinquency Of aiding and abetting The farmers and the … Continue reading


This is infact the world today For baby cows Just thrown away In paper sacks Like refuse they Are going to their deaths TODAY This is Columbia But ofcourse Calves here also Feel the force Of profitablity Of the trade … Continue reading

The final moments

Prancing in his pink and black Beaded squandering lavishness A torturer and a murderer Of Bulls a grubby mean Vile stress A bull thats sufferred terribly At the hands of the cuadrilla men A mob of villains at their worst … Continue reading

Cow girls suffer so

Death is supposed to be A peaceful affair But not with a one leg On a hoist in mid air This is a female Its an obscenity To hang her like this Such vulgarity She’s been raped many times Her … Continue reading

Australia your politics will be your downfall

Theres a loathing of live exports But theres money to be made The farmers are much richer As is the Fresh flesh TRADE Lobbying the ministers Making them understand If they let the bill pass through For them it wont … Continue reading

“Happy cows” my arse!

Farm animals are without protection And females get it bad Behind closed doors To no applause You can see why they look so sad The workers are misogynists Give them half a chance And they set to work at punching … Continue reading


I am that cow And am installed In the slaughterhouse of sin The misjudgment and the prejudice For me its wearing thin The human tribe Make up new words To nullify the thought That what is happening down the line … Continue reading

Emanuel Exports licence cancelled

The aura around them of violence and pain Live exports in those ships Never again So many innocents died or were maimed With no duty of care Ofcourse they were blamed Lots of excuses But what we could see Was … Continue reading