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I pray for the bull For that strong fighting force Tortured to hell And in Madrid Just on course To be tormented and stabbed Countless times Yes before The matador’s entrance And more blood and gore Emptiness his self-importance We … Continue reading

Poor cow

Licking the paint and condensation Off the trailer wall She is thirsty she is hungry And no one heeds her call She is in a filthy trailer The slaughterhouse in sight The MEAT TRADE is the murder Trade dead flesh … Continue reading

City tip and a strangled cow

We received a call from the City dump High up on the hill Overlooking Rajastan Not the greatest thrill To go up there and realise That a particular cow Was sifting through the Rubbish and did appear somehow To have … Continue reading


Beside the road We found her Abandoned all alone Barely breathing Lacking mothers milk And the odd groan Emaciated body On very feeble legs A beautiful little baby The question though it begs How can human beings Be so nasty … Continue reading


The bull was bleeding From one of its back legs Pretty bad A deep wound opened up a vein Which really was quite sad They are heavy animals And walking in the street All that dust and all those flies … Continue reading


The certainty was “Berry” Had been knocked down by a car And dragged along the road A hit and run Who knows how far There he was amongst the rubbish Tins and crap and everything A baby really in many … Continue reading

“Brianna and Winter”

Unbelievable cruelty Is carried out each day In dairy farms across the globe Where farmers will not pay A penny more than they have to Money the driving force And many a pregnant cow Is sent to the abattoir The … Continue reading

The poor old bull

The bull was sick He wouldn’t eat Heavy and sluggish On the street Clearly in trouble And we were called animal aid unlimited Hauled Out that morning And when we saw The massive bull Sat on the floor Living on … Continue reading


Innocence personified An irreproachability Guileless who would ever harm A baby wee and Tragically Lies on the busy dusty street Wet still from it’s afterbirth In the morning’s rampant heat A dishonesty of actual worth From a farmer who would … Continue reading

Esquivias murder

15 years old Learning to fight A calf just a baby Whose innocent flight Was had in the ring Being softened up by 4 Banderillas Under the sky Such deceit Pathological liars Are born Province of Toledo Where people are … Continue reading