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Lithuania to Israel live exports

Healthy cows The journey beckons Lithuania farewell We are going off to Israel Is it Paradise or Hell? A box known yes as a container A lot of us Free standing there Every movement every roll Increases our despair Fighting … Continue reading


Despite the risein eating meat SPAIN Decides that she Must carry on murdering bulls And calves and do it blatantly Forget the vile barbarity Bloodlust and violent traits Abusers of the world delight It opening the gates Of hell in … Continue reading


They set light to our horns Which burned our eyes So We charge through the flesh Of the none too wise The ugly Spaniards Tanked up on The sangria A bottle gone then the cruelty It begins Spanish culture Sin … Continue reading

Bull fighting school

COLMENTAR VIEJO SPAIN In this day and age A school for killing Animals Learning to fight bulls Or rather kill Torture them until they drop Blood spewing from their heads Witnessing their agony Watching them in sheds Losing it completely … Continue reading


Made to feel inferior Every single day We really feel the chaos And all of the dismay Transported to this show ground The stench of human kind We are given a number It was a human mind Who forced such … Continue reading

Loath to be sentient

To be grudging and unwilling Are human traits and we Who serve the tourists in hot countries Really need to be Amenable to assist them And show kindness where we can Our refusal to look after Our animals a man … Continue reading

Running the Bulls at Pamplona in July

They sell it as a celebration Tradition and culture they scream Running the bulls through Pamplona For some it’s a nightmarish dream Six angry Bulls and six lumbering cows Hit the cobble stone narrows and run Into the equation a … Continue reading

The very thought of it got under my skin

The incoordination of the average Mind out there What is a state of chaos And anarchic despair An upheavel of creation A dishevelment of thought Embroiled in the thought of profit In its convolution caught What began with hunter gatherers … Continue reading


So many felt powerless At seeing the pain Prostration was livid Again and again Such barren impotence Of those who would dare To torture and murder And live for despair The Bulls were majestic And awfully strong Their intelligence promised … Continue reading

Sale Yards in Australia

New South Wales Victoria QLD The evidence is out there Yin and yang and we Must realise the concept And really try to be Willing to remember Heat is YANG and so Eating meat when it is hot The answer … Continue reading