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60 seconds via Peta

The evidence is there Before the world our eyes can see The obtuseness and the coarseness And the vulgarity Warped and twisted mindsets Unsound minds now be Under a delusion That this is not real cruelty One must question the … Continue reading

Ululation heartfelt

Blubbering whimpering The requiem the elegy Each cow that feels the breath Within her nostrils Knows just how to be A female with the reddest eyes Such harassment yes it defies Pleasure-giving and the appeal The martyrdom and just how … Continue reading

Shackle and hoist

It was never about religion It was a method to kill Done and as cheaply as possible For profit Then ofcourse will Be higher and that was the Reason Shackle and Hoist centre stage A most evil cruel wicked method … Continue reading

Live exports from Australia

Animal welfare is key so I read To the great MIA but do they succeed In giving the public the confidence to Agree that Live Exports Is all the way through To the destination Wherever that be Is all above … Continue reading

Katmandu’s stone age butchering of the buffalo’s shipped in from India

The Indian Water Buffalo Faces adversity Transported to Katmandu Where they are murdered mercilessly 500 or so everyday Slaughtered in the street With sledgehammers and knives Nothing is discreet Their suffering is awful Babies especially Tied up and transported Without … Continue reading

Happy cows

Integrity and honour Is the cow, that I know A female and a mother Open hearted and transparent Sincere and good to go Happy cows a statement Seen from beings the insane Imagining that insult Which is so that they … Continue reading

And all he could do was spit at me

Constancy and endurance My life spent in the field My unflagging efforts Just trying to build Muscle and brawn and strength For to try And live out my life Under the sky Fortitude that was the name of the game … Continue reading

Australian Rodeo or (any excuse to harm the bovine species)

Apparently men seem to think That its right That its really so masculine To put up a fight With the bovine brigade From male bulls through to calves No Australian man does nothing by halves. It attracts the women Or … Continue reading

Falsehood at the Dairy

The spuriousness and falsity Untruthfulness and mendacity Pathological lying here Falsification and constant fear The dairy industry purports So many fables in our thoughts Cows on grass such peaceful fields Baby calves the picture builds Of perfect serendipity Of what … Continue reading

The lions and the Buffalo

Botswana’s Okavango Delta The Drama and the prayer A pride of Lions so hungry And a Buffalo Bull was there 900 massive kilos Of muscle through and through Standing in the swamp alone What were they planning to do? He … Continue reading