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Happy cows

Integrity and honour Is the cow, that I know A female and a mother Open hearted and transparent Sincere and good to go Happy cows a statement Seen from beings the insane Imagining that insult Which is so that they … Continue reading

Falsehood at the Dairy

The spuriousness and falsity Untruthfulness and mendacity Pathological lying here Falsification and constant fear The dairy industry purports So many fables in our thoughts Cows on grass such peaceful fields Baby calves the picture builds Of perfect serendipity Of what … Continue reading

Founder of E bay wants to build a dairy farm

Pierre Omidyar feels the need To start a dairy farm His greed Extends from e bay through to Kauai Where thousands of dairy cows Will die The industry is extremely bad These massive lots So very sad The cows are … Continue reading

Animals are emotional unlike the Australian Politicians

Australia seems to recognise That animals now will Because they have emotions I read this, and a chill Went down my back Yea Suddenly What of the kangaroo’s Shot to death Their joey stomped on This is breaking news! The … Continue reading

I was saved

Barely breathing Lost and broken Her reward was left By the roadside Wondering why she was bereft Of true and goodly empathy Would should this baby be Dumped beside a busy road To die in agony Where was the integrity´╝č … Continue reading

The dairy and those of you who support them

There is nothing that is positive About this ugly trade Drinking milk or eating cheese On your souls it be laid The malevolence and brutality The callousness and pain Subjecting female cows to degradation Its a bane In my life, … Continue reading

Investigations in okeechobee dairies Florida

Contrary to reason irrational belief Unrigorous and ungrounded Creating utter grief Incongruous and unwarranted Untenable and unsound A total lack of vision And biased judgement all around Male chauvinism everywhere The abundance of it clear Narrow minded intolerance Which leads … Continue reading

A mahogany bull from Brazil

Unconscious and impassive Insensitive and numb Negligent and spiritless A coarseness that has some Of us feeling sick inside our Stomachs when we see How animals must suffer And how it seems to be gabriel was a mahogany bull Raised … Continue reading

Oakland slaughterhouse protest

People thats us human beings We have to raise our game We cannot let these slaughterhouses Carry on, they claim Little, murdering animals Many by the day Its sickening to realise How the victims pay Those who eat meat Apparently … Continue reading

To slaughter females that want to live

From our dirty sheds We have cometh Caked in shit and soul We have lived short lives of misery And face the sheer control Of the corporate of the energy The deplorable design The memory of grassy fields And being … Continue reading