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To slaughter females that want to live

From our dirty sheds We have cometh Caked in shit and soul We have lived short lives of misery And face the sheer control Of the corporate of the energy The deplorable design The memory of grassy fields And being … Continue reading

Feed lots

I stood up a long time ago And said out to myself aloud I will not support the meat trade I will no longer be a coward Who just eats flesh and drinks the milk Designed for calves not me … Continue reading

Keep animals off your plates

Lying in a drain A baby alone Where is its mother Its future thrown To the winds of the time Lords far far Way Its fighting for breath In a most futile way The chickens The worst for wear Bruised … Continue reading

Baby calves and the fucking dairies

Affection is is what babies need The dairy though creates An evil and place of suffering Behind its noxious gates Of such insensibility Run by the unconscious who Provide such ugly suffering And an agony thats true Their life is … Continue reading

Benny And his flesh eating followers

Benny had a name But not much else it seems His dreams Immediately were nightmares How many though heard his screams His mother did but not his father His father was the creep Who shoved his mother in the rape … Continue reading

In cahoots

In the presence of animals One clearly feels A givenness as a matter of fact It reveals A whole lot of questions Why the sacrifice Why abandon the laws To protect in a trice The fox looking after the hen … Continue reading

Burger king and the downers

These are mothers spent and wasted Their circumstances vile They have lost all their identity With none of them on trial They are just about existing Affirming they have life Suffering like crazy With man induced dark strife The stalls … Continue reading

The herd a film bringing its darkness into the light

In plain sight But behind closed doors Away,from the light Given due applause Imagining the emptiness The absence of the true Is it groundless is it unfounded Unimagined yes by you Bodiless and bloodless In a tenuous display Dressed up … Continue reading

Veal and canada’s shame

Remember these are victims Of rape and kidnap, they Are treated by our squalor And our murderous display We are the thinking caring sentient Beings so to say But we drink their milk and force their hand Till the poor … Continue reading

COWshwitz California

One hundred thousand cattle A source of much methane The farting and the burping Would drive me quite insane Employing about 400 souls On 14,000 acres From farm to fork It all is there The camp that I call camp … Continue reading