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Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour Morality abroad The virtue that is infancy And the due reward Of babies born Created by the almighty Who knows all But the parent killed For the table and the unborn Clearly spilled Out upon the slaughterhouse … Continue reading

Sub standard dead flesh

Recently in Poland A slaughterhouse was found To be abusing its trading Platform for its market Wasnt sound The animals it butchered Were sickly and were lame They were buying in disabled souls Apparently their aim Was to increase their … Continue reading

My life as a cow

What they do to us is wrong Gentle as the day long Our individuality Cornered by depravity We enduring pain and thrust A constancy of true disgust You cannot imagine How we feel How sick inside And just how real … Continue reading

Bloody pages

History shows so many pages Written with the blood of those Slaughterhouses everywhere Where everything now goes CAFO’s increase margins Its all based sadly on Cruelty and profit Its really a big con A madness known as god force GM … Continue reading

Butcher boy

One hundred and twenty years Sees everyone of us beyond The pale of life and living That infinate time bond With breath and soul and being Despite whatever, we Can process every chicken On gods earth and profitably Sell them … Continue reading


I want you to try An imagine our pain We are babies for goodness sake Little to gain We have horn growth Some of us a year old So we According to farmers Who dont want to see Horns so … Continue reading

A Renegade on Christmas Day

By the time some of you read this Many of my friends Will have been sadly eaten The message that that sends Is one of absolute misery For I too might have been Jointed and Annointed It so gets me … Continue reading

Farmer fraudsters

It happened in mid wales Or so someone said A farmer his business Was failing which led Him to inject his cows With red diesel to see If it messed up the readings On what was TB It was for … Continue reading

Baby calves

Abandonment reality For calves now everywhere Humans drinking dairy milk If they were aware Of What happens to the babies That the milk they drink Was for Would they want to drink it still Despite the pus and gore Its … Continue reading

Flame throwers

What has to be remembered here These cows ofcourse they be Females in the true sense of the word A catastrophe Of thinking comes into my mind The misogyny thats there Using flame throwers To burn away The bits of … Continue reading