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Unadulterated fear As far as the eyes can see The heat that’s coming at us Being felt by me An agony where all I know Is rapidly no more All the trees The birds and bees Are in an unholy … Continue reading

Wild birds

Our feathered friends Are angels of the silent wing That share their wondrous voices Such beauty they do bring And many of us fail them Our fireworks split the air Rockets fired and filings A crescendo that we share a … Continue reading

The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts Of the the country We need to realise we are bound to share Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed There by creation Acceptance is to be the word, and … Continue reading


Bird watching Is when we watch them But the ROBIN tends to be Hiding always watching us Yes remarkably His little red breast glowing His real loose feathered pose Conscious of a friendship That everybody knows Assured perhaps Where earth … Continue reading


Where have all the sparrows gone to When I was a boy My garden was just full of them Which did bring me some joy But now the little blighters Apparently believe There possibly are better places For them to … Continue reading


Detritus haunts the beaches The oceans and the seas From shopping trolleys to Plastic dollies The world at large agrees The wide expanse of heaven and Earth Suitably exacerbates The Albatross is at a loss For within her soul she … Continue reading

The birds

Conflict does exist alas Between car owners and birds Parking underneath the trees Some can be lost for words Living in a forest In nature so to say And complaining about wild life It’s simply not the way You do … Continue reading

Little bird

She was a little parrot Atricial she from birth She got a viral complication Ariiving on gods earth Birds born in his category Have no feathers at all But anyway she lost them all Before she began school Presumably no … Continue reading


The bull was bleeding From one of its back legs Pretty bad A deep wound opened up a vein Which really was quite sad They are heavy animals And walking in the street All that dust and all those flies … Continue reading


The moorlands are spectacular Managed maybe so But created by the almighty hand Of the gods of long ago “Lagopus lagopus Scotia” The red grouse that is I An autumnal plumage of red and brown A black tail and white … Continue reading