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Ortolan Buntings

Guormands a name applied to those With impure thoughts Whose shameless nose Whose grossness and salacious ways Offer a bawdy unwholesome phase Called murder in the first degree The Ortolan Bunting a bird who be Migrating to Africa every year … Continue reading

Terrible twelth to the tragic tenth of December

Hen harriers have really took a pasting And much of that is down to the red grouse The coporation blood sport of the so called toffs And really all should be in the courthouse Not paying all those thousands to … Continue reading


A paintbrush of blue sky above us The greenest of greens all around Balaton Lake’s natural beauty A storm coming bringing the sound Of the gods in the clouds with their great drums The wind scything up Through the reeds … Continue reading

VULTURES and human carnivores

We look at the scavengers And they appear Really rather ugly Though its actually clear Those that eat carrion Much of it though Is fresher than carnivores Eat here, you know Jackals and wild dogs and Hyena’s Are Providing a … Continue reading

Who is more detached the tourists or the swiftlets

Since time immemorial by thrusting design The sea bed rose skywards its pleasure to dine Such a momentum of seasonal rain matched by the spirit With so much to gain Lime sent a’sunder in massive tall casts Sheer do you … Continue reading


The kiwi never learned to fly With a long beak You might ask me why Along the sands she wanders free Like a pensioner yes actually Her beak is like a walking stick In many ways taking the mick Out … Continue reading

Wings to fly. A lamenting bird story

What is existence A givenness and presence here The wild have wings to fly To develop and to clear The treetops and the roof tops To take on the wind and rain To know the ways of shelter And intrinsically … Continue reading

Humility thats all we needed really

Forests full of every conceivable medicine, animals Reptiles, birds The great lungs of the planet Remember all these words The precious trees that harbour So much thats good around Aged beings lost in time Giants from the ground They wallow … Continue reading

Pigeons deserve better

Sir I have to ask you why the pigeon shooters do go to great lengths to torture and slaughter clearly you must understand that all life forms have some protection from the kind of evil demonstrated here it is a … Continue reading

A cachophony of song but it feels wrong

Birds a cachophony of song a ruffling yes all along waving sharing and now inside all of them I can’t abide our waste, our crap which we chucked away and they ate it and the debt is ours today their … Continue reading