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The time of day

Lacy branches Leaflessly Allows the November Sun to be Hiding gazing Meditation A bird or two Find their salvation Black of feather Underside of slate and purple Far and wide Defiance in a daring way Challenging The time of day


The low of the low The wicked you know Ungodly amoral All of these things No license to kill An iniquitous pill Heartlessly cold And all that that brings They have no emotion They are obscene Backsliding low life Who … Continue reading


Its arrogance personified The new gods so to say They decide who lives and dies The RSPB way They should be under scrutiny When They decide who dies They have taken over Nature Their ignorance defies All logic, and all … Continue reading

Pigeon flying

It’s all about selective cross breeding So to say Man dapples and manipulates Everything, it’s his way A bird becomes something to race A sport a gambling tool A way to all make money From a bird who is no … Continue reading

Glue traps and song birds

The government of France Are being told that they Should get up off their derrière and let all song birds fly Away Singing in the forests In the woods and trees Hunters in France want to stop These melodies and … Continue reading

Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short What is an irreverence The great aged forests Priceless if sold Trees of great age And a wealth of wild treasures Gifted by the gods And right off the page When It comes to wonders … Continue reading

Hunter man I am no fan

Contempt for really beautiful birds A wreathed hornbill who Flits about the forest Doing what Hornbills do His snooty bragging attitude A Typical hunter who Goes into another’s place And decides to shoot him through Unworthy of any title Despised … Continue reading


Connectedness apparent A kinship one can feel A really strong identity With lots of keen appeal A pair of wood pigeons Clearly him and her But she clearly wears the trousers For she on the higher spur Up there on … Continue reading

Insufficient evidence

Insufficient evidence That’s the judgement here A lack of understanding Of the foresight and the fear We who are the wild ones Birds and mammals we Will suffer as life gets tougher Than we every hoped it could be An … Continue reading

The idiots are at it

The idiots are at it If only they could fly And were our size we could dive bomb them I know I bloody try They must think we are stupid Shooting from those hides Laying decoys about the place And … Continue reading

Shooters no where to hide

Black god and pigeon extremes From his chosen arsenal After the crows and jackdaws Who must feed They love their roosts In down town yea East Sussex Hides built decoys in place Perhaps a dead one flapping When the crows … Continue reading

Licensed to kill wild birds

This is a poem written by the corvidae About the human trash that resides in country areas Carrying guns to kill rabbits. We have self awareness And community groups too We recognise your faces And we know then what to … Continue reading

anyone can murder wild life by license

Jays,jackdaws,magpies,and carrion crows We hear we are on the hit list Natural Resources Wales But it’s happening all over The UK and it pales Under general license GL 001 2 and four apparently Now the day is done We have … Continue reading

Bird and fox killers

Natural England Has that ring About it’s name That seems to bring A consciousness into the fore But the current death toll We ignore Nearly 600 foxes died And 800 crows on the other side Slaughtered sadly alive no more … Continue reading

The old gate (the edge of the moor below Cosdon Hill)

For me “NO HUNTING” Says it all A peaty path Where shadows fall Across Dartmoor A wooden gate A dry stone wall Whose crumbled state Gives passers by A chance maybe To stop and ponder And to see And feel … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and the drought

Africa is drying up And heat is on the rise The land is like a desert Parched and is where those with eyes To see the land so desiccated Cry into their soul Elephants are falling on their knees Out … Continue reading


Unadulterated fear As far as the eyes can see The heat that’s coming at us Being felt by me An agony where all I know Is rapidly no more All the trees The birds and bees Are in an unholy … Continue reading

Wild birds

Our feathered friends Are angels of the silent wing That share their wondrous voices Such beauty they do bring And many of us fail them Our fireworks split the air Rockets fired and filings A crescendo that we share a … Continue reading

The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts Of the the country We need to realise we are bound to share Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed There by creation Acceptance is to be the word, and … Continue reading


Bird watching Is when we watch them But the ROBIN tends to be Hiding always watching us Yes remarkably His little red breast glowing His real loose feathered pose Conscious of a friendship That everybody knows Assured perhaps Where earth … Continue reading


Where have all the sparrows gone to When I was a boy My garden was just full of them Which did bring me some joy But now the little blighters Apparently believe There possibly are better places For them to … Continue reading


Detritus haunts the beaches The oceans and the seas From shopping trolleys to Plastic dollies The world at large agrees The wide expanse of heaven and Earth Suitably exacerbates The Albatross is at a loss For within her soul she … Continue reading

The birds

Conflict does exist alas Between car owners and birds Parking underneath the trees Some can be lost for words Living in a forest In nature so to say And complaining about wild life It’s simply not the way You do … Continue reading

Little bird

She was a little parrot Atricial she from birth She got a viral complication Ariiving on gods earth Birds born in his category Have no feathers at all But anyway she lost them all Before she began school Presumably no … Continue reading


The bull was bleeding From one of its back legs Pretty bad A deep wound opened up a vein Which really was quite sad They are heavy animals And walking in the street All that dust and all those flies … Continue reading


The moorlands are spectacular Managed maybe so But created by the almighty hand Of the gods of long ago “Lagopus lagopus Scotia” The red grouse that is I An autumnal plumage of red and brown A black tail and white … Continue reading

Clutching at straws

We sit together Whilst all around The crackling heat The dry parched ground Such bad theatre No dialogue The final curtain Perhaps the dog And the primates cower The Indigenous too The tragedy Is coming true Impersonating The acrobat The … Continue reading

My plastic outfit

Oil based hues of sky And sea and ocean really too A masterful rejection Of everything that’s true Plastic bags are everywhere Smutty corrupt sleaze Killing the cetacean hordes And the birds up in the trees Everywhere we look these … Continue reading


Behold the feathered choristers Whose throats are full of song Ascertaining Nature now conducts Them all along Melodic and rhapsodic Peaceful and serene Joyous thus inducing ballads that have been In our minds and in our hearts Forever and a … Continue reading

The Corvidae

Who has quirky mannerisms Dresses in the gothic look Cut and dried and so precise The Corvidea and they suffice To say are individuals everyone Non conformists in the sun An inkiness a duskiness And a true perceptive consciousness Thoughtfulness … Continue reading