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Lost Creek Golf

A certain Craig Loving Worked at the above A natural location This kind of job ofcourse he did love One morning he noticed out in the lake An owl was caught up And for the owls sake Decided to free … Continue reading

Licence to kill RAVENS

Murdering our wildlife Is not the thing to do RAvens have a valid place Creation says thats true Pandering to the gamekeepers And farmers and the rest By giving out shooting licences Is ignorance at best. Its not a balanced … Continue reading

Rajah’s Makaibari

The miracle that was Makaibari Took on an exciting turn A realization A philosophy of existence So as to learn An undeniable positive What may have appeared a dream In the mind of a giant With an enduring stream That … Continue reading

The initiation

The Barnacle Goose chick Comes into this world And thats when its troubles begin Its parents to prevent predation Have laid the eggs high And to win A life and a family And food on the table The poor little … Continue reading

Wild birds of Australia

Great swatches of colour Lighten each day With so much intensity And lustrous display The greatest of artists The world ever knew Has created feathers Of every hue Meteor flashes, flickering lights PolorIzation and all at the heights Of imagination … Continue reading

Is it a good idea to make a song and dance about it?

You know its best The puffed up chest The sage grouse Knows a thing Or two about his mating dance And really tries to bring All his self assurance Into what he does He is an exhibitionist He’s really got … Continue reading

Stanley and Josephine

We are unique in several ways Our feet our bills And if you gaze You might notice what we say And how we get around each day My name is Stanley Human John gave me the name He just locked … Continue reading

Alexandria Minnesota dissection suppliers

Inappropriate and discordant They have clearly lost their rag So detached from reality Rapidly they flag Their hostility and antipathy Clearly poles apart Arrogance personified Born with a stone cold heart There can be,no similarity With humanity today They have … Continue reading

Trained accredited harvesters and Science being used

The path that they seem to be following Is away from the CAFO to The it feels right, and sustainable To now do what we do We have our indigenous animals Soft footed kangaroo’s Wild and who range in the … Continue reading

Feathered apes or the Corvidea

The cognitive powers and abilities That the crow family display Brain size yes comparatively Really they are way More intelligent than most souls They really truly are Facial recognition and their language It is far Ahead of even elephants and … Continue reading