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Poor Black Bear v Miss Anthropic herself

A poor black bear In front of me A hunter too Ferocity is for a few Rancour of the sort I know Obduracy I hate you so She left some bait Needed to wait Her callousness One has to stress … Continue reading

Poor Bear

A meaningless murder A huntress doth pose Close to a bear Its head I suppose Almost as big as the women And she Ambushed this creature Till then wandering free She unaccountable for what she had done Inexpressible behaviour under … Continue reading

A fool at Brook falls

Anchorage Whitewater falls Brown bears feeding All these walls Of rock and water At Brook falls where Excitement is unrelenting there The drama plays out As salmon leap Up stream And the wild bears Clearly reap Fresh bold fish A … Continue reading

BearCub training in JIN YINPING CHINA

Circus is a wicked entertainment spectacle And In Jin yi ping in China To make them stand On their hind legs They chain them to the wall Forced their back legs upright And by walking tall Its alien behaviour And … Continue reading


Bodiless bears A mystery Scattered across the forest floor Something no one dare ignore A blach bear headless With its penis Bitten off and left Bleeding, such destructiveness I was left bereft Yellowstone Its paradise Away across each scene What … Continue reading


Planetary survivors Combative and strong Their universal conflict For some of them proved wrong Grappling with each circumstance Challenging the way Crossing swords with many And having to pay They had stickability Commitment and an aim They persisted where others … Continue reading

Anjali Goswami

Enduring surviving a genuine soul Well-grounded and tangible filling a role Of living one’s life with the purest of glow In essence in actual fact wanting to know Substantiality intrinsically she Delves into history wanting to be Ahead of the … Continue reading

Omnivore grizzly

Its strange you know the Grizzly Bear Is an omnivore and he Not only eats the flesh of others But insects too who be Getting in his private space No matter he will chew On any little critter Who comes … Continue reading

Baiting stations in Russia

I remember my mother She did love us so Two little cubs She watched us grow Showed us the ropes Built up our hopes Nurtured us till It was her time to go The existence of man In Russia where … Continue reading

I was that Polar Bear

There was a time when bears like me Were hunted very regularly Now the ice is melting fast It feels the die for me is cast Seals no longer come to lie For me no reason to ask why Its … Continue reading