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Idiot wind or A reason not to hunt BEAR

You have to know what you are doing For bears are very smart When baiting them you have to be Aware right from the start You must pick natural corridors Near water preferably Where there’s dense vegetation And trails out … Continue reading

Yellowstone- adapt my son

The plight alas of the grizzly bears Who are also struggling too Hibernation time is coming The bellies of a few Are heaving, with food slowly digesting Over time but the pine nuts That the grizzlies relish The pine beetles … Continue reading

Yellowstone -The times they are a changing

Dylan was out there in front long ago Times were a changing as we all know And now its the climate existence abroad Its actuality that some can’t afford Looking at yellowstone That great sanctuary With the realization That a … Continue reading

TOMI A brown Albanian Bear

I am Tomi a bear An Albanian bear i lived in the mountains I was so aware North of Tirana Immortal was I I could sit I could stand And look up at the sky Nothing to worry me The … Continue reading

GJINA/JETA A female BEAR chained to the floor

To be a bear Both wild and free To subsist out there Is to really be Grounded and reigning Through wilderness parts Out in the world Where life in fact starts So to come under the Subordination What became imperfection … Continue reading

Colonsay and its recent discovery

Imagine being a polar bear With the glaciars around you there Ice your forte and extreme sea Those massive winds with vital qi Vast blue skies and the coldest air Transcending everything thats there An impermanense appArently As the climate … Continue reading

Climate change

Existence Its was my giveness An actuality The sea ice and the icy winds And glaciars that be Out there all around me A positiveness I Knew it formed the bedrock Of my life beside the sea With a great … Continue reading


Those who live where wild life lives Those iconic souls Are just taken for granted Despite their special roles The black bear in New Jersey Some 3000 or more I hear Are sacrificed like some disease Every single year And … Continue reading

“Pedals”. The black bear

The givenness of eternity A black bear wandering free Disabled by some injuries But able constantly To walk upon his hind legs To hunt through seasons, he Was able to he had proved his worth It was where he deemed … Continue reading

The Grizzlies

Some say they are poker faces Then what we see Behind those big eyes Is the will to stay free Alone they know quietness Unruffled I’d say Down at the waters edge Most of the day After the salmon Fresh … Continue reading