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A view from the table

The polar bear Hotel In Heilongjiang it is where they Become the main attraction For visitors who stay At this hotel in Harbin Where artificial ice And pools are built Such ignorance Clearly no advice Was sought before the Unwitting … Continue reading

An untimely end for a beautiful Black Bear

An untimely death In Wisconsin Baits set What we have now to know Lets begin 4 million gallons Of Bear Bait are thrown On public land The disrespect shown Just So much woe So much misjudgement There Attracting the wolves … Continue reading


FATHER “ARCTUS” MOTHER “Mercedes” Born in Edinburgh Zoo 15/11/1991 I never knew of the icy wastes Or those amazing skies I was born in Edinburgh Zoo In a cage to my surprise Zoo’s are really prison camps Our wildness they … Continue reading

Ranoo the Bear

Zoo’s are past their sell by date Cruelty and pain Miserly and ungenerous They are into it for gain Tight fisted and grudging They don’t see how they gain By spending loads of money On cages when its plain the … Continue reading

Hunting for that beloved trophy

Hunting for that beloved trophy A business that attracts those who Are taken in by the philanthropic Fiction Rewarding what they do Bushmeat its the locals who Are rewarded for the work they do The hunters with their where for … Continue reading

Whose on trial for our BEAR BILE

A BEAR Just imagine Its really like you It heeds its liver Just as we do But quacks far away Chinese medicine BILE They say its a curative Are we in denial Trap the wild souls Operate on Open great … Continue reading

Restitution is not being seen to be happening

Apparently dissension is causing Aggravation Restitution for damaged crops Is Going by the board Villagers are adamant They need to put up fences Electrocute the attackers They just cannot afford The losses of their crops From wild boar and from … Continue reading

Wolf and Bear Killers

Copenhagen zoo Has no respect at all it runs out of some space And kill three wolves And a bear they face Their scruples and their heart felt strings That clearly stretch a way Murdering these animals Who just are … Continue reading

Bear Hunting

Estonia has always hunted bears Apparently The hunters need is to kill them Having them out there free To kill the farmers cattle And raid bee hives which they Do and then destroy so much And the bee keepers then … Continue reading


Demure, my arse Made up to look Attractive sadly Brought to book This savage, heartless Wicked troll Was out a hunting Without soul A bear killer An “awesome hunt” Her morals loose A sinful punt Ambush bait Thats what we … Continue reading

The poor old polar bear climate refugees

With grim determination Hordes of Polar Bears Resolutely forage Clearly their affairs Are becoming complicated Almost by the day No seals no ice Who rolls the dice They dont but they pay they really do have back bones And, tenacity … Continue reading

BOSCO the bear

For a wild bear to suffer The horrid conditions A concrete pit and on hard concrete ground Stuck on a box Surrounded by rocks Listen to her to her sound Arthritis affects her she clearly Now At this so called … Continue reading

I am losing heart

Peering into the sea I imagine that I Can see my reflection Just wondering why I don’t look that well It seems any more The sea ice is melting And I can’t ignore What feels like hopelessness Should I be … Continue reading

Rowldritch acorn

What more fitting a gift Than an acorn for they Are a symbol of strength and power That The Oak Casts away That wild souls consume Like the Squirrel and Pig The Bear and the Deer Both liking to dig … Continue reading

Huntress philosophy

The huntress with the mostest The morals she displays Rooted in her enablement To persevere she says To drive a lot of distance To hunt to eat to wear She learned it from her father Who like her is aware … Continue reading

Polar Bears

They are really up against it Concern and anxiety Anguished and tormented By what is the wintry sea The ice is melting faster The seals are not around Long suffering and downtrodden trecking across the ground Heartache and just weariness … Continue reading

Clark’s Bear’s trading post

Does anyone know what its like to be free Born into the wilds Bears Actually Familial creatures Living their life To be captured by men Introduced then to strife Subjection to be overwhelmed by it all Bondage enslavement Being on … Continue reading

Mama Bear

It happened just last week In Richmond, Showano County A mom and three cubs The mother gunned down Just like that An obtuseness that happens to some The sheriff is now looking out for the Culprit The towns people say … Continue reading

Bear back riding

Captivity Is cruelty And with cruelty one feels Its a paramount In Russia Where it activity reveals So called entertainment In a circus there Where bears are riding on buffalo’s backs Which will lead to despair Trooping slowly around the … Continue reading

Chang Puak Camp Zoo THAILAND

Ignorance is an issue At this established zoo An no appreciation for what They all should do Clearly there’s crass ignorance And a lack of education Shallow and superficial And letting down the Nation Thailand deserves better By a long … Continue reading

Trophy hunting POLAR BEARS

To The cowardly to the obnoxious To The evil hearted they Are offered up a journey A splendid holiday For about £36000 Sterling The hunter man can be Given a well trained Inuit guide And a splendid chance to see … Continue reading

I am cecil too

He is doing it to music Her white boots and her style It cuts into his poor old feet Torture off the dial Purple lights and laughter She the dancing queen His demeanour says it all Thoroughly obscene Chafing irritation … Continue reading

Elena Proklova

Telescopic rifle Her daughter by her side Elena Proklova Ofcourse she has relied, On ambushing the wild life Shooting from afar Aggressiveness and injustice And she feels she’s the star Her ugly mug on facebook A vile brazen display Insulting … Continue reading

Poor Black Bear v Miss Anthropic herself

A poor black bear In front of me A hunter too Ferocity is for a few Rancour of the sort I know Obduracy I hate you so She left some bait Needed to wait Her callousness One has to stress … Continue reading

Poor Bear

A meaningless murder A huntress doth pose Close to a bear Its head I suppose Almost as big as the women And she Ambushed this creature Till then wandering free She unaccountable for what she had done Inexpressible behaviour under … Continue reading

A fool at Brook falls

Anchorage Whitewater falls Brown bears feeding All these walls Of rock and water At Brook falls where Excitement is unrelenting there The drama plays out As salmon leap Up stream And the wild bears Clearly reap Fresh bold fish A … Continue reading

BearCub training in JIN YINPING CHINA

Circus is a wicked entertainment spectacle And In Jin yi ping in China To make them stand On their hind legs They chain them to the wall Forced their back legs upright And by walking tall Its alien behaviour And … Continue reading


Bodiless bears A mystery Scattered across the forest floor Something no one dare ignore A blach bear headless With its penis Bitten off and left Bleeding, such destructiveness I was left bereft Yellowstone Its paradise Away across each scene What … Continue reading


Planetary survivors Combative and strong Their universal conflict For some of them proved wrong Grappling with each circumstance Challenging the way Crossing swords with many And having to pay They had stickability Commitment and an aim They persisted where others … Continue reading

Anjali Goswami

Enduring surviving a genuine soul Well-grounded and tangible filling a role Of living one’s life with the purest of glow In essence in actual fact wanting to know Substantiality intrinsically she Delves into history wanting to be Ahead of the … Continue reading