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When I am lame you kick me you bastards

You raped my mother And you kidnapped me Yes your the MEAT TRADE The murder Trade, we are the ANIMALS In some ramshackle place No grass and no sunshine Just kicked in the face Punched in the udder It is … Continue reading

The bitch needs shooting

when we choose to live in rural parts Of the the country We need to realise we are bound to share Our spaces with the wild folk who were placed There by creation Acceptance is to be the word, and … Continue reading

An Australian Cattle Station death camp

Live exports from Australia

Australia had better wake up To what we all see Live exports being sent abroad Into adversity Neglected on the voyage not fed or watered Properly And when they reach the destination Many as we see Are injured or malnourished … Continue reading

Community liason

40 million years They have walked the red earths of Australia The wombat a marsupial A special kind of soul Recently a community Liason Officer Of the police Stoned to death a victim Who probably came in peace Waylon Johncocks … Continue reading

To CATTLE ranchers

Smacking beating thrashing It’s about adversity It’s weirdness truly vile in many ways Misogyny Beating up on females The cows the milkers you Call all yourselves the hard men When really all you do Is castigate and torture It’s not … Continue reading


They are really going through the mill For Australia believes It’s wildlife are now very frail Industry achieves A lot more than the animals Gifted to the land The Koala is one of those gifts Which some don’t understand They … Continue reading

The life of a JOEY

There is a wickedness out there So sinful and wrong And the innocent suffer They have all along It’s the egoist self seekers Each Covetous creep Who monopolise soul urge And then fail to reap The censure of guilt For … Continue reading

“MISHKA” (pekingnese maltese cross)

It was all caught on camera What this chump did A 27 year old In some kind of bid To offset his frustration Of a relationship kind He took to beating a dog up His way to unwind A perfect … Continue reading

We are baby goats

We are goats We are babies But sadly we are males Guiltless blameless Wiggly tails A state of grace Suckling we be Above suspicion Our purity Is second to none at the end of the day But surplus we hear … Continue reading