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Glue traps stop selling them even tiny souls suffer

Glue traps r immensely cruel Sellers buyers hear the school Of thought the mammals and insects caught Suffer frustration and pain It’s really obvious But apparently It’s good they die so terribly All creatures whether big or small Have hearts … Continue reading

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Cruel dirty practice in horse racing

Horse Racing gambling vile cruelty Electro shocking with “Buzzers“ That be In mouths or underwear Yes jockeys do Disguised in the blinkers Oh yes it is true It gets them to run faster Jockeys and trainers Cruelty experts Really no … Continue reading

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The Magna Building Abingdon And at Regent Street St James appliances we dream of with certainty The  claims eight out of ten Ethicsl Consumer over May and June assurances a pedigree irrefutable and in tune   with everything thats special … Continue reading

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