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Poor sheep

When duty of care is clearly not there Animals suffer Painfully they Sheep just imagine Holed up inside The sunlight the green grass Ofcourse all denied Deprivation is obvious Disrespect and neglect Lack of alacrity Who does inspect The poor … Continue reading

The slaughterhouse and its victims

Undercover looks at merchants Markets and the wealth It sees the dreaded slaughterhouse And all thats done with stealth The scrimping pinching scraping Of time Along the line The monopolistic money-mad Each hard boiled inured sign Compassion over killing Nightmares … Continue reading

A few moments in the Dairy

The greatest con In History Milk and veal my god How could we all be taken in Its been a massive rod Bearing down upon us all The vegetarians too Who gave up flesh but drank The babies fluids who … Continue reading

Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour Morality abroad The virtue that is infancy And the due reward Of babies born Created by the almighty Who knows all But the parent killed For the table and the unborn Clearly spilled Out upon the slaughterhouse … Continue reading

Poultry and the message of life (hereafter)

The chicken gets a bad deal Almost everywhere All sorts of ways Of keeping its flesh cheap So much despair I have being a vegan For the people that I know Who fail to see What they eat And how … Continue reading

Animals cruelty sanctioned by carnivores

Auction houses slaughterhouses Farms and puppy mills vivisection laboratories Where animals blood just spills Out of them most every day Cruelty there reigns Operators most frustrated All with shit for brains The meat eating public All turn their blind eye … Continue reading

Sub standard dead flesh

Recently in Poland A slaughterhouse was found To be abusing its trading Platform for its market Wasnt sound The animals it butchered Were sickly and were lame They were buying in disabled souls Apparently their aim Was to increase their … Continue reading

My life as a cow

What they do to us is wrong Gentle as the day long Our individuality Cornered by depravity We enduring pain and thrust A constancy of true disgust You cannot imagine How we feel How sick inside And just how real … Continue reading

The torturer and his audience

Insensitiveness clearly That numbness we can see A woodenness an obtuseness Its true stupidity Unconcern snd lack of care Callous they truly are Half decapitate Then shake on salt The agony will scar Such an unconscious nature The actions of … Continue reading

Bloody pages

History shows so many pages Written with the blood of those Slaughterhouses everywhere Where everything now goes CAFO’s increase margins Its all based sadly on Cruelty and profit Its really a big con A madness known as god force GM … Continue reading