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Cow girls suffer so

Death is supposed to be A peaceful affair But not with a one leg On a hoist in mid air This is a female Its an obscenity To hang her like this Such vulgarity She’s been raped many times Her … Continue reading

Infections and the ignorant meat trade

If your parents ate it Probably You are eating it too But why would we eat animals And farm them But its true They are raised artificially And fed on god knows what And pumped up with the antibiotics Which … Continue reading

“Happy cows” my arse!

Farm animals are without protection And females get it bad Behind closed doors To no applause You can see why they look so sad The workers are misogynists Give them half a chance And they set to work at punching … Continue reading


I am that cow And am installed In the slaughterhouse of sin The misjudgment and the prejudice For me its wearing thin The human tribe Make up new words To nullify the thought That what is happening down the line … Continue reading

I can tweet and its all been a lie first from the chick and second from the cow

No arms.just fluff But I can tweet. I’m sort of yellow With two pink feet Down i go Roller coaster ride Soon I shall be On the other side Crushed to death Or suffocated Devoid of breath Or even crated … Continue reading

A certain weirdness

It curdles milk When making cheese A spell gone wrong Which could displease The sanely soul Whose fourth stomach Lining Supplements One’s finer dining The matriarchal destiny Kidnapping counts It seems to me An ungodliness A slippery slope For all … Continue reading

“Torturing a conscience” so says Hugo

Transgressing into sinfulness Could only ever be Worth anything to those who have Mastered their infamy A matador who felled a bull So contorted with the pain Would have less chance of a conscience And therefore our disdain And Hugo’s … Continue reading

Giving farmers in Australia free reign to murder kangaroos because they drink water

A drought in Australia And what do they do A flash of genius A great breakthrough The grey suits Are with it They accept Theres a drought So free reign to farmers To do something about The shortage of water … Continue reading


They seem to believe they can vindicate Their murdering intent Kidnapping a baby calf, a child Creation sent Carried by a mother for nine long months Where she Struggled and worked her butt off Hopeful she would see Her baby … Continue reading

Intolerable torture

Its intolerable behaviour SPAIN has the right name Pain and suffering causing And everyones to blame Harshness bleakness roughness On an animal bold and brave Up against a cuadrilla And the matador, the knave Dressed in silks a flutter A … Continue reading