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Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading

The ungulates expected

Blame the BOVINE females For the Methane they create Vast clouds of it And why is that Farmers who berate Us all in the Concentrated Animals Feeding Operations Oceans of waste Its seldom faced But its down to Corporations To … Continue reading

Disrespect of the dead

Jarring and grating of spirit Of soul Artless and tasteless Your imperfect role To disrespect Nature Such harshness I see Turgid and tasteless Such barbarity An animal shot through A life stolen by Oafs heartless soulless Liars who try Wickedness … Continue reading

Behind closed doors

The rusty gates rock violently Unloaded pigs can smell The death the pain the torture As they enter a Hell Not there of their making The squeals they understand The stench is really everywhere In them nothing was planned They … Continue reading


Lobsters have more feeling That pain imagine that Boiled alive Who could survive Where are such humans at Chefs so called Inveterate louts Screwballed heartless sods Boiling water Soupy smells Hail and mighty Gods Cometh to the frothing pan As … Continue reading

Spanish Pigs

A lack of understanding With animal husbandry Pigs are very sensitive But are treated abhorrently The Meat Trade are the Killing trade Living souls all die They are fattened up for profit And honestly thats why Unscrupulousness abounds alas And … Continue reading

A stag in the bag

Leaping agility Acceleration Down through the heather A sprint whose creation Offers the spirit Of being with family Together fleetness and fleeing Into the sea, taste the salt Crisp and dry Swift fast and rapidly Under a sky Of crisp … Continue reading

Hunters sicken me

Scotland in the wilds A peaceful true serenity And hunters lie awaiting A herd of deers who be Coming down the rock face In real flight fine and free And these hunters who should be locked up Not down if … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

Dead flesh

The meat trade earn their PROFIT From killing and murdering they Do not stop to contemplate Lives along the way A life an honest miracle Snubbed out when they choose Doesn’t matter about The family There is no time to … Continue reading

Felipe v

It seems to me Felive the fifth All those years ago Had more sense than the present lot About the great Bull Show Killing torturing Bulls The aristocratic way Of belittling the class of men Who look the other way … Continue reading


To the miserly mean To those so obscene Pigs are a miracle In every way Cleaner than white Brighter than bright But in our concentration camps Scrimping and pinching Moths in Their wallets Ungenerous grasping Snorting and screaming And choking … Continue reading


The obtuse stupidity Lends one to feel Unresponsive and passionless What we reveal Here is one of the many Victims alas A boot on its throat There is nothing more crass This is no butty Its just really smutty The … Continue reading

Kapparot / is neverJustification

A form of justification Ones sins transferred we hear To the chicken its what some jews do A ritual somI hear On the eve of Yon Kippur From the Halachic rules You spin a live chicken around your head And … Continue reading

Baby calves poor little souls

Poor little souls Really just born Into the Dairy Trade Thats when the scorn The dissent the denial Derision and distrust Happens my goddess For me its disgust They are fucking heathens The whole dairy tribe Whiter than white How … Continue reading

Eggs the price is too high

This is a chicken Believe it or not Grotesque in such agony She cries a lot You fail to hear her It sounds like a cluck But really it proves to me That DAIRY does suck Dishevelled oft blinded Sad … Continue reading

Thanks to Open cages

With the public eating chickens Supermarkets they Want the special prices And the farms do as they say From egg to death Its short as hell Thirty five days of life Rapid weight gain Just imagine Every hour the strife … Continue reading

The vigil at Farmer Johns

Farmer Johns Slaughterhouse Sat in LA Murdering animals every day Direct Action Works As does slaughter and pain Animal Rights are Never in vain 48 hours their vigil outside The processing plant In Vermont inside A hell hole where SMITHFIELD … Continue reading


The mindless profiteering The gullible the weak The poverty of purity It’s what the masses seek The freshest food available Alive, alive oh Watch it’s eyes they follow you Just where you might go The hot plate it is boiling … Continue reading

“Gulf livestock”became their horrendous grave

New Zealand they are at it too Live exports Moral turpitude Thousands of pregnant cows aboard And a crew of 43 From Napier to Tangshan In China What a journey The cruelty personified It’s just what shippers do Thrown about … Continue reading

A Mothers reward for Innumerable sacrifices

A cows reward for giving birth For allowing her milk to be Stolen for the humans To use it copiously She allowed her calf to be murdered Kidnapped and away NEver to be seen again She was made to pay … Continue reading

Pigeon flying

It’s all about selective cross breeding So to say Man dapples and manipulates Everything, it’s his way A bird becomes something to race A sport a gambling tool A way to all make money From a bird who is no … Continue reading

Milk suck preventers

Milk suck Preventers On E Bay,5dolla60 to buy A farmer makes one of his own With leather and screws I ask why should he do that The objective prevention Of course He is known As A wonderfully kind dairy farmer … Continue reading

So few realise chicken hell is here in ENGLAND

The brute fact is that Chickens Have a hell now here on earth And so many large suppliers Are really not worth The greenwash that they publish The unreality Created in these mammoth sheds Of what is depravity Great oceans … Continue reading

The goat farm in Yorkshire

Thanks goodness for SURGE Who had more than an urge To check out the GOAT farm Where Huge numbers were kept By those Not so adept Giving them Big time despair Even toed ungulates Ruminants Intelligent animals they Are very … Continue reading

VIETNAM “with sloppy thinking the whole worlds sinking”

It’s good news I hear But it’s well overdue Shutting the animals trades down My view What you have permitted With LION BONES has been A lack of vision and I think obscene South African traders Canned hunting they Have … Continue reading

Concentration camps

Concentration camps Death camps in fact where we See victims we are going to eat abused Frequently all treated like criminalsM Locked up every day And carted to the death camps Throats cut…… it’s the way HALAL has taken over … Continue reading


Ensnaring and trapping I hear is on the rise The pandemic has got people Who realise With the drop off in tourism Locals agree They need to go hunting And trap constantly It is very easy These days to procure … Continue reading

Export of calves to the EU

The assertion is that infant calves Can withstand a journey from Scotland through to the EU Unfed for me, a bomb Gone off within my psyche The inhumanity of man Torturing these babies There has to be a ban Unweaned … Continue reading

Loving life

Life the gift of being Of hearing and of seeing Of feeling and revealing Of hoping and not fleeing Carefree joy and knowing That you will just be growing In a lovely homely pen A grassy airy splendid den Euphoric … Continue reading