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A Bull thats me Chained up I be With skin of leather Chains through my nose Sat in the straw I do suppose An exhibition Bull I be Rosettes and all that Flappery Farming cares such flattery Sweet talk lets … Continue reading

And little lambs eat ivy

A farmers owned killing house Its In North Wales Where lambs and sheep Walk the deadliest trails Into the Dead flesh Trade Of the living soul Unprepared truly to take on their role From being fresh born lively little souls … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading


Illusion there are many Costco the deceit Hundreds of sisters everywhere All wanted for meat Godly in purpose Exactitude Its unpretentious And abundantly crude A huge shed of horror Insalubrity The stench of uncleanliness Depravity Injury trauma Its everywhere A … Continue reading

Live exports

The impoverishment and exhaustion Collapse and ruination 895 calves imagine that The deprivation On board the Asoprovak From Christmas all that way Tossed about in rough seas Really every day Feeling absolutely desperate Fear its like a war Punishment and … Continue reading

TAIJI and elsewhere in JAPAN

For years we have been fighting Always and even till today Dolphins are being massacred In every awful way Taiji is synonymous With dolphin drives and pain With pithing and with torture And how protest is in vain How many … Continue reading

“Its from a small farm so much better for me”

Just a small farm where Milton might See Paradise lost And all that in spite Of that soul who was loving Life clearly its need To escape to be off Just to try and succeed Its just a small farm … Continue reading


Anyone whose sensitive Visiting the factory farm Can pick up on the heartache The discontent the current harm The anguish and the angst You can cut it with a knife Pigs held captive honestly Fearful for their life Its purgatory … Continue reading

Sheeple people

They call the ignorant people SHeeple But what I must say Is the sheep are gentle loving godly souls Considerate they take their roles Seriously on earth they do They have admiration for folk like you They are humble in … Continue reading

Ducks deserve better

Godly creatures So designed Webbed feet They always were aligned to water all of That we know But not the farmers Of foie gras NO Souls are kept In cages standing Hardly adept upright each day And force fed fat … Continue reading

Live exports

Who ever thought up the trade In the living Shipping live cargo In holds far away Imagine the shock and the fear And the awe It pLays with their psyche And weakens their core With the roll of the sea … Continue reading

Shoes and footballs and contempt

Perfection its out there The wild ones who be God given god made Faultless to see These magnificent animals Leaping away Under the hot sun On any day Designed for Australia In every way Their flawless condition To watch their … Continue reading

Running the Bulls

Anger and wrathfulness Dressed up as joy As festival tourism So to employ The innocent nature Of Bulls of the field Vindictive malevolence It tends to build Up in the animals Tortured this way A growling impatience Is on display … Continue reading

A piglet cries

Mummy Wheres my mummy The end it seems is nigh The pains are Really Everywhere Why should a baby die Blood and guts all around me On this farm where I was born Piles of shit And bloodied piss I … Continue reading

A mother a female A cow humanities victim

The end Of a beautiful life A mother Who dies by the knife A lout without A heart of any significance Thrusts his dirk into her body And she dies in absolute agony. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The cow a sweet female A … Continue reading

Babies unwanted, Egregious

7 billion male chicks Are slaughtered every year Some with inept gas its true But most the conveyor of fear As males cannot lay eggs They are the innocent that must die Chirping very joyously To the macerator, high Chattering … Continue reading


Slaughter LINE speeds Imagine that This evil shocks my soul A so called godly person Has taken on the role Of punishing his victims Inflicting on them sends Terror through their being Yes Castigating tends Much for their advancement Their … Continue reading

Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading

The ungulates expected

Blame the BOVINE females For the Methane they create Vast clouds of it And why is that Farmers who berate Us all in the Concentrated Animals Feeding Operations Oceans of waste Its seldom faced But its down to Corporations To … Continue reading

Disrespect of the dead

Jarring and grating of spirit Of soul Artless and tasteless Your imperfect role To disrespect Nature Such harshness I see Turgid and tasteless Such barbarity An animal shot through A life stolen by Oafs heartless soulless Liars who try Wickedness … Continue reading

Behind closed doors

The rusty gates rock violently Unloaded pigs can smell The death the pain the torture As they enter a Hell Not there of their making The squeals they understand The stench is really everywhere In them nothing was planned They … Continue reading


Lobsters have more feeling That pain imagine that Boiled alive Who could survive Where are such humans at Chefs so called Inveterate louts Screwballed heartless sods Boiling water Soupy smells Hail and mighty Gods Cometh to the frothing pan As … Continue reading

Spanish Pigs

A lack of understanding With animal husbandry Pigs are very sensitive But are treated abhorrently The Meat Trade are the Killing trade Living souls all die They are fattened up for profit And honestly thats why Unscrupulousness abounds alas And … Continue reading

A stag in the bag

Leaping agility Acceleration Down through the heather A sprint whose creation Offers the spirit Of being with family Together fleetness and fleeing Into the sea, taste the salt Crisp and dry Swift fast and rapidly Under a sky Of crisp … Continue reading

Hunters sicken me

Scotland in the wilds A peaceful true serenity And hunters lie awaiting A herd of deers who be Coming down the rock face In real flight fine and free And these hunters who should be locked up Not down if … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

Dead flesh

The meat trade earn their PROFIT From killing and murdering they Do not stop to contemplate Lives along the way A life an honest miracle Snubbed out when they choose Doesn’t matter about The family There is no time to … Continue reading

Felipe v

It seems to me Felive the fifth All those years ago Had more sense than the present lot About the great Bull Show Killing torturing Bulls The aristocratic way Of belittling the class of men Who look the other way … Continue reading


To the miserly mean To those so obscene Pigs are a miracle In every way Cleaner than white Brighter than bright But in our concentration camps Scrimping and pinching Moths in Their wallets Ungenerous grasping Snorting and screaming And choking … Continue reading


The obtuse stupidity Lends one to feel Unresponsive and passionless What we reveal Here is one of the many Victims alas A boot on its throat There is nothing more crass This is no butty Its just really smutty The … Continue reading