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They seem to believe they can vindicate Their murdering intent Kidnapping a baby calf, a child Creation sent Carried by a mother for nine long months Where she Struggled and worked her butt off Hopeful she would see Her baby … Continue reading

Intolerable torture

Its intolerable behaviour SPAIN has the right name Pain and suffering causing And everyones to blame Harshness bleakness roughness On an animal bold and brave Up against a cuadrilla And the matador, the knave Dressed in silks a flutter A … Continue reading

CO2 and Pigs

How can you sleep in your bed MR Gove? With Defra still dragging its feet Co2 slaughter I mean every snorter Suffers the hell NO nothing is sweet About being lowered down into a chamber Panic sets in they are … Continue reading

They died for nothing

When your mother is raped When she’s put in a rack Inseminated A sexual attack She will never forget Thats when you know Your future is bleak And as slowly you grow She will give you her all Until the … Continue reading

Draft horses live exports

The untruthfulness and mendacity The deception that we see Horses shipped from the US to Canada They be Loaded into crates at night And then air shipped to Japan To fulfil to the raw horse sashimi trade That is needful … Continue reading


Government funded tall mesh barriers Right down to the ground Said to keep wild dogs out But also what has been found Is that Emu’s and the Kangaroo’s Are being murdered too Falling foul of the fences And dying it … Continue reading

The meat trade is the enemy of Nature

The ignorance thats out there Is phenomenal How wild kangaroos are so worthwhile Each shooter that takes out a roo Is really hitting all of you For they are the wild guardians And that my friends is true Millions of … Continue reading

Shackle and hoist

It was never about religion It was a method to kill Done and as cheaply as possible For profit Then ofcourse will Be higher and that was the Reason Shackle and Hoist centre stage A most evil cruel wicked method … Continue reading


feeding chickens a new idea bucket fulls or so I hear Of writhing maggots Black Soldier flies eating machines Insatiable guys Guzzling gorging gluttonizing fear Stinking creepy crawlies Lips a licking Do you hear? With a gluttony and greediness to … Continue reading

Goats are suffering

What VIVA was able to see Broke their heart In dark filthy sheds Really from the start Cruelty raises its ugly head And so many animals Do wind up dead Goats are inquisitive And love to roam Socially active Impacted … Continue reading