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To slaughter females that want to live

From our dirty sheds We have cometh Caked in shit and soul We have lived short lives of misery And face the sheer control Of the corporate of the energy The deplorable design The memory of grassy fields And being … Continue reading

Yu chi tang or sharks fin soup

YU chi tang,the vilest most Hidious taste of all Sharks fins mean the end To these great predators And send A death knell through the ocean As predation takes a hit So many sad imbalances Are happening and it Means … Continue reading

The festival of the virgin Mary in Tenerife 15th Century

A Religious so called fiesta In Mexico we hear In Tiacotulpan Its mayhem! never cheer Drunkards run amok Among the people And we see Tortured bulls In unbelievable pain And cruelty Roman Catholic dreadfulness Its mismatched and its wrong Despite … Continue reading


Warriors come in all shapes And sizes The japanese come as themselves of course They are their own disguises The pitfalls of life the vortex of sin The Australians came hopeful they’d win Sharing the water feeling its need Hopeful … Continue reading

How we destroy everything beautiful

A forest full of beauty Tall trees bearing light A golden start to any day A truly peaceful sight Till human beings have the nerve To hoist a handsome boar Upon tree and there it be Butchered and some more … Continue reading

8/12 Taiji a snapshot of the vanquished

What we witnessed was almost Too much for the soul In actuality what was their role They were immortal beings Designed to be free Under the sun With a mandate to be Enduring whatever But driven and shocked These drives … Continue reading

Polymers worth at least 5 quid

The polymer fiver Is not a survivor The uproar it caused On the street Tallow was used Females were abused And really it wasnt discreet Rendered from animal sources So many of them get to see The idiots who take … Continue reading

Utter mindlessness

A family outing to the woods An idyllic atmosphere Children with their parents And a tiny little deer Lying in the soft leaves Clearly shot right through A doe a Dee and female deer What would they want to do … Continue reading


We have a responsibility To all living souls and we Who have that responsibility Should come out now and be Ready now to take to task The infidels for they Are filled with illegitimacy More so every day Israel don’t … Continue reading


Cruelty that’s what comes out of this Violence and evil and wrong Temples and monks all are changing And elephants that do not belong In chains with mahouts and long sticks And the fear Poor broken spirited souls The biggest … Continue reading