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The Canned/TrophyHunter and the Indigenous counterpart

The wild uncomplicated threat Of hunting in the raw Of understanding nature And what its all here for Of making ones own weaponry And squaring up to be Equal to the foe out there Whoever that may be For them … Continue reading


A cow A female clearly she Racked with fear For her life was key Clearly she waits Reluctantly An abattoir Rope on her horns Pulled onto Her crown of thorns The end is near The lights go out Bleeding We … Continue reading

Intolerable torture

Its intolerable behaviour SPAIN has the right name Pain and suffering causing And everyones to blame Harshness bleakness roughness On an animal bold and brave Up against a cuadrilla And the matador, the knave Dressed in silks a flutter A … Continue reading

CO2 and Pigs

How can you sleep in your bed MR Gove? With Defra still dragging its feet Co2 slaughter I mean every snorter Suffers the hell NO nothing is sweet About being lowered down into a chamber Panic sets in they are … Continue reading

They died for nothing

When your mother is raped When she’s put in a rack Inseminated A sexual attack She will never forget Thats when you know Your future is bleak And as slowly you grow She will give you her all Until the … Continue reading

Live exports of sheep and cattle

Its the vilest of exports Shipping live animals From farm to slaughter To me its a crime And its all about money Which doesnt feel funny For me those who do this Are no better than slime Creation of animals … Continue reading

The destruction of life

Speak to the average hunter Ask what they feel about death What life means to them And why they believe They have rights to deny Someone rbreath whoever they happen to Come upon What its like for a pure soul … Continue reading

Shackle and hoist

It was never about religion It was a method to kill Done and as cheaply as possible For profit Then ofcourse will Be higher and that was the Reason Shackle and Hoist centre stage A most evil cruel wicked method … Continue reading

Canadian Embassy 4/5 Trafalgar Square 1pm -5pm

CANADIAN EMBASSY TRAFALGAR SQUARE 1pm till 5 End this awful massacre Of baby seals Alive And graceful on the ice floes Until the murdering scum Bash their tiny brains out And drag them off Though some really some are still … Continue reading

Personal note to the councillors of BROOME in WA

Paradise is yours I hear Beaches and seas And skies all clear Wildlife yours To ofcourse adore Whale watching The tourist flock For sure Cetacean spirits And energy Part and parcel Of a balanced sea Of life itself in all … Continue reading