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Shackled and waiting

Life is dolled out freely By whoever and we should Respect it for the gift it is For all of us its good Animal life and human life But We Die too easily We kill ourselves with our diets And … Continue reading


This is infact the world today For baby cows Just thrown away In paper sacks Like refuse they Are going to their deaths TODAY This is Columbia But ofcourse Calves here also Feel the force Of profitablity Of the trade … Continue reading

Otorongo glue

CHINA sits on top of the Worst animal torturing clan They are throwbacks from the yesteryear Apparently with a plan With their terribly sick mentality Taking the animal tribes to task The tigers lions and jaguars And the elephants that … Continue reading

Walls of nets

The self-centred Wrapped up in themselves Egotistic louts Uncharitable and mercenary That leave me with no doubts Out to kill To maim to torture To catch To profit by Destruction of whoever Whoever happens by Drift net fishing Believe it … Continue reading

Cow girls suffer so

Death is supposed to be A peaceful affair But not with a one leg On a hoist in mid air This is a female Its an obscenity To hang her like this Such vulgarity She’s been raped many times Her … Continue reading

Australia your politics will be your downfall

Theres a loathing of live exports But theres money to be made The farmers are much richer As is the Fresh flesh TRADE Lobbying the ministers Making them understand If they let the bill pass through For them it wont … Continue reading

I can tweet and its all been a lie first from the chick and second from the cow

No arms.just fluff But I can tweet. I’m sort of yellow With two pink feet Down i go Roller coaster ride Soon I shall be On the other side Crushed to death Or suffocated Devoid of breath Or even crated … Continue reading

Scallop wars

The beautiful scallops The shells we know That live their lives In the sea below One part coral One part white But disregarded and out of sight Of the would be fishermen The so called cooks The wide consumers The … Continue reading

Plea to the British and the French Scallop dredgers and the TV chefs

Scallop dredges Or bottom trawls The practice truly It appals Whether French or English Both of you Are causing irreparable damage Do You care as fauna down below Is murdered and scuffed And it will not grow Time and again … Continue reading

Low life whalers

The lowest form of life Icelandic whalers A pregnant whale today Was murdered she Was carrying her baby When the HvalAr 8 came by And what did they do They killed her brazenly Their belligerent and insulting Course of action … Continue reading