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THe Horseshoe Crab

The philosophy of existence Apparently extends To catching hordes of horseshoe crabs Calling them our friends Abusing them entirely By removing from them blood Its of the bluest colour A cerulean flood And why would science do this To a … Continue reading

Morning Noon and Night

I cry out in my spirit With my heart and with my soul RHIANNON can you share my pain I need you, to console Me, help me, to get through it Maybe take me to your place Where i can … Continue reading

Feed lots

I stood up a long time ago And said out to myself aloud I will not support the meat trade I will no longer be a coward Who just eats flesh and drinks the milk Designed for calves not me … Continue reading

A stall in the market

A rail of murdered animals You can almost hear their cries The raccoon dogs in china Skinned before our eyes Alive hung on a rusty nail On a rotten pole And stretched and pulled Whilst screaming This a true wild … Continue reading


It seems a drunken orgy Turned into some sad Two men slept near a liquor store In downtown Hyderabad A pregnant dog just happened by and was throttled you may wonder why They then raped the dead carcass Both of … Continue reading


We cry of course we cry Who wouldn’t cry As feelings flow Emotions reach the ultimate Level when we know The torture that is coming The fight A one sided test Of bullies taking angels out And you can feel … Continue reading

Tigons and Ligers

Captivity arrogance Humanity The hideousness And the graceless desire Of defacing nature Of starting a fire In people’s emotions What is surely a crime A male tiger mates with a female Lion In the wild it won’t happen So rape … Continue reading

The professional Rapists. Not for the squeamish!!!

The defilement of the animals Pure and simply that Artificial insemination An assault is where its at And its all about the corporate Their pathological way Of profit and power Each passing hour Of every single day Impurity of purpose … Continue reading