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The initiation

The Barnacle Goose chick Comes into this world And thats when its troubles begin Its parents to prevent predation Have laid the eggs high And to win A life and a family And food on the table The poor little … Continue reading

Residential schools

Contemptuousness and despisedness A paltriness of mind For governments to do this So terribly unkind The indignity of breaking up Families in this way Of weaning them from ancestors And making the children pay In America in Canada in Australia … Continue reading

TAIJI All butchers they be

A total lack of pity Such heartlessness abroad Pods of innocent angels Perish by their sword The pithing tools of TAIJI The ruthlessness of man Such intolerance and rigour All part of their plan The severity of the fisherman The … Continue reading

The piglet that sang and all the chickens joined in

Will they ever forgive us The question is now on our lips Will we get a free pardon When we move from porkchops onto chips Should we now beg their indulgence Will they indulge us with grace Will we get … Continue reading


Its winter Lets Call in all the old Call in the children We need to hold Fast to those whose immunity Is weaker by far It seems to me Give them a dose Of the lively flu The formaldehyde The … Continue reading

Kanga banger

The forecast it appears to me Is the meat trade thinks it holds the key To better burgers and sauages too With Roo’s around they are going to do More business and more profits for The shooters hark they stand … Continue reading

The Dingo

For four thousands years or so The Dingo has traversed this land Probably brought here by Sulewesi Traders A wild dog to understand Their wildness is to realise Endurance is their thing They really are substantial And phenomenally do bring … Continue reading

Road kill night

Illogicalness false reasoning Sophistry of sorts Words like harvest instead of murdering Tells you that their thoughts Are contrary to reason And contradictory We are talking of life and death And historicity A road kill night where Kangaroo’s Are offered … Continue reading

Happy cows

Integrity and honour Is the cow, that I know A female and a mother Open hearted and transparent Sincere and good to go Happy cows a statement Seen from beings the insane Imagining that insult Which is so that they … Continue reading


Out there on the highway With traffic speeding fast Nobody was stopping Hear the horns vile blast And “hobnob” was just standing there Hopeful he would be Able to get out of there Somehow to be free From clearly this … Continue reading