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Cane Toads and the aborginies

We apparently have the gift Of imbalancing Nature We do it with our arrogance Every day We have been around a few hundred years But compared to Nature we Havent scratched the surface yet And we frantically Want to use … Continue reading

Shackle and hoist

It was never about religion It was a method to kill Done and as cheaply as possible For profit Then ofcourse will Be higher and that was the Reason Shackle and Hoist centre stage A most evil cruel wicked method … Continue reading

Zoo’s are not good news

Zoo’s provide exhibits Their failure is of CARE And Of proper supervision Of the animals held there FUZHOU ZOO Is an example No cameras around The Self seeking and the self-indulgent With no keepers on the ground Kangaroos are wild, … Continue reading

Kangaroo’s v The Meat Trade

Wild animals are essential To this planet They contribute so much And need to be Honoured for the work they do In actuality Front line having substance Essentially By their very nature They are able To maintain the balance That … Continue reading

Family court

Uneasiness just watching Agitation and dismay The cops are knocking on your door To take your child away They have a court order From the family court The police state is in overdrive Clearly a big wart On the legal … Continue reading

Seal murderers of Canada

30,000 baby seals One has to ask now how that feels To be aware that on one’s land A people fail to understand Babies born of true creation Gifted to your special nation Can be slaughtered in such a way … Continue reading


The safest city In all the world Sadiq Khan tell me Who hurled This bloody mayor Into our pot He needs to go For he is not Worthy to be called our mayor London’s dangerous But he’s not aware Pussy … Continue reading

The unswerving aboriginie

Heartlessness ruthlessness Who would bless The relentlessness Centuries of wisdom cometh Down the ages to where we See such unfeeling And how its stealing All heartfelt thought From you and me They erect signboards “No alcohol” “No pornography” Sadistically they … Continue reading


For someone else to mother you When we were stolen away We ended up in NAURU Not as we thought Norway Far across the sea Where enchanted mountains Rose Beautifully into the sky Hoping they would pose Freedom from oppression … Continue reading

The forgotten ones

Forgotten children Forgotten by who Forgotten by us Or forgotten by you They came in the daylight My daughter they took Because she was brown With a whitish look SHe was only a baby Tossed into their truck That is … Continue reading