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Kangaroos hunted and murdered in the Texas

The evil thats out there How can it be right Breeding kangaroo’s Its a terrible slight On humanity really To see what they do The so called ranchers Creating for you You thats the hunters Oblivion knocks In Texas we … Continue reading

Grenfell 4

Seventy two seconds Where nobody spoke A silent march Of the Grenfell folk An evening where solace Was painful and true The people were waiting Hoping that YOU The government The council The cladders Them all The architects The surveyors … Continue reading


Seventy two souls Came back floating Grenfell must have happened two Years ago There but for the grace of god The story true A fire washed everywhere Wiped out floor after floor The cladding there Was a death trap Not … Continue reading

Down feathers and Canadian Goose

Canada Goose Says all its DOWN Comes from the poultry industry And all the Hutterite Geese that they use Were slaughtered for meat Thats really good news So they are already dead And then Canada Goose Gets hold of their … Continue reading

The Caru and their fight for survival

Our thinking is beyond us The risks that some will take Because it helps their balance sheet And they also like their cake Their head is full of matter Not in essence grey Or even green remember What it is … Continue reading


So many felt powerless At seeing the pain Prostration was livid Again and again Such barren impotence Of those who would dare To torture and murder And live for despair The Bulls were majestic And awfully strong Their intelligence promised … Continue reading

UK waste found in jungle

Pink waste bags Out from Milton Keynes Found in the jungle where Someone clearly dumped them Someone unaware All the supermarkets Were represented too All this one use plastic This is what we do Recycle it so diligently Expecting it … Continue reading

A zoo in Krasnodar UKRAINE

Wrongness you can feel it One glance and you can see Unfitting and improper Inexcusability Wrongheadedness personified Callous heartless they 2 Orangutans together In this prison everyday. It is a glass enclosure And uncomfortable it be They are clearly bored … Continue reading

“If only I could save them all”

How many of us do feel trapped By life, by disability Looking at the animals Youthful infants Who should be Joyful in their new lives Bouncing with such hope Instead there is no comfort When they are hanging from our … Continue reading


South Koreans really like their dog meat And dogs are caged and chained up Everywhere In markets in Pusan and Seoul Animals are slaughtered To order best believe it For Their role was murderer And butcher and before your eyes … Continue reading