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A ship in a bottle Unearthed on the sand Jettisoned years before Lets understand The ways of the wind Of the tides Of the moon The Ocean resplendent And once so in tune Momentous energies Cleansing us all That mirror … Continue reading

Tinker lane

Tinker lane The big green gates Badboy lock on’s It creates Excitability From the start Exhileration From the heart Fracking is a worthless State Energy that isnt great Unstable in a frenzied day Volatile how it will pay When the … Continue reading

Trophy hunting scumbags

none of them on the the breadline But as hunters go they be Underfinanced and niggardly And just so miserly They want to go to Africa Game hunters thats their thing And looking through the safari books The prices kind … Continue reading

“Faithful unto death”

What rationality could horses expect Engaged in war Made to fight an enemy And be cut down for sure Up against the machine guns And the enemy who would aim At the horses everytime As history did claim Their fear … Continue reading

The notion of an Ocean

Created by the almighty I am ocean I am sea Essential for all life on earth And I will always be Immortal and undying Indestructible for I Am tangible and palpable And equal to the sky A wholeness and a … Continue reading

60 seconds via Peta

The evidence is there Before the world our eyes can see The obtuseness and the coarseness And the vulgarity Warped and twisted mindsets Unsound minds now be Under a delusion That this is not real cruelty One must question the … Continue reading

The sickness of the so called fashionable

Clearly a crisis of conscience Exists in this big world today For me incredulity Derision and mockery A sickness exists Actually In Mexico so called designers Clearly their awareness no more Believe it is right to use Insects And go … Continue reading

The orangutans last stand

This was our arena Our rainforest our place Every single tree we knew And we have felt the pace Quickening once silence ruled And now all that we hear Is crashing logging and razing to the ground Those trees most … Continue reading


Adaptability and versatility For me its always been words I hopped the wag from school To sit up in the park and write I never stole the birds eggs Or wanted to fight I never saw the need to kick … Continue reading

Draft horses live exports

The untruthfulness and mendacity The deception that we see Horses shipped from the US to Canada They be Loaded into crates at night And then air shipped to Japan To fulfil to the raw horse sashimi trade That is needful … Continue reading