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Little white and little grey

Imagine at two years old in Russian Arctic waters being  captured and sold to China to the changFeng  Ocean World the fear element in their hearts and souls Must  have been Just awful to Shanghai an Aquarium The poor young souls … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Blood of horse blood of  Donkeys Vampires  draining all’s  awash equine serum keeps them barren Crowded  sheds oh golly gosh   tied up with ropes their hopes in shatters they cannot move just there all day When they lie down its … Continue reading

Positively charged polyatomic ions

The  Supermarkets Are really Going overboard spraying  and cleaning the trolleys at the stores every time they are being used we are all getting abused anti bacterial  cleaning  sprays rubbed  all over  it’s the craze   it gets on your … Continue reading


A little boy discovered  Him  Crying all alone  Clearly  he was  suffering deep pain from the bone we took him to the hospital his leg was swollen badly the string tied tight around his leg producing somewhat sadly a lot … Continue reading

Universal dupery

Shenanigans and skullduggery its so beyond the  pale to get through this we have to find our back bone And the trail just  using  our  minds to resonate And  to banish all this fear Deceit  it’s bloody  everywhere Bias that … Continue reading


When we found him he looked  so the worst for wear smothered  in mange feeling the despair of life  on the streets  Where nobody cared just the bugs and the maggots and the flies tbey all shared   their violent … Continue reading

Vegan for them

Respect for all creatures whether great whether small honour them All of  them see they are all held in high standing where ever we go each is alive with its very own  glow   wherever  God put Them in the … Continue reading


The Cunning V   the artless the wheeling dealing  men in grey smoke filled rooms and blood as red Babies  crying So they say ruse and wile and stratagems the Machiavellian brood are here taking on  the steadfast the homespun … Continue reading


3 years since the awful fire the death subliminally Overlooked and forgotten By the great powers to be The cladding and the council in detriment and wrong Drawing  big fat salaries Which they earned all  along   homes, where do … Continue reading

Badgers in Derbyshire

Farmers in Derbyshire seemingly they are pissed off with government and their dismay Is over  the badgers Not being killed But  getting the vaccine Though BIG PHARMA are thrilled   every wild badger must get the shit Pumped into their … Continue reading

You eat dead flesh do you

The dishonesty and the total lack of probity its so disingenuous to eat dead flesh raised to fill the guts of beings such shamefulness Why would you   feel the right to so mistreat  the shuffling dishonour just of knowing … Continue reading

Elephant hunting in Africa

I fail to see the difference as to why some countries do allow their gifted animals to be shot and killed   the  view we can make some money its a business after all and those who conduct these organisations should … Continue reading


I can see from the posts upon your page that you favour fairness in this day and age where irreverence and Indifference reigns where poor women suffer enormous pains and animals too they suffer so an lots don’t care and many … Continue reading

Essential work

The essential work is in the sky its raining down on us from high aluminium and the rest we are the bugs and we protest barium and lots besides they are taking Us all for rides to destinations we don’t … Continue reading

Chicken HELL

  we make the chickens life entirely miserable dosed up with the additives that force early termination  from  existence in a cage or crammed together in a shed thats just off every page   wbat we do for profit is … Continue reading

Pescado seco”

Hong  Kong Customs  have just seized shark fins  from Ecuador all labelled in Spanish clearly there is a war going on and predator sharks are being murdered still thresher sharks and silky sharks their blood they surely spill the irreverence … Continue reading

AFRICA ‘ scumbag canned and trophy hunters

The philosophy of existence is held to question here the scumbags of  iniquity are crying can you hear  their screeching voices deafen,it is a stubborn fact that with the world on lockdown the maggots  do  react we are genuine they … Continue reading

On the trail

On the trail of brother fox reading signs and comprehending for foxes in their wily way Are never  shy  For they are sending messages as to what they do For those  who care and take   a view  night is … Continue reading


He was lying sighing Crying deep inside His owner seemingly had tied His leg up And denied, to himself That it was cruelty Around and around it went And, around his neck as well And over time it sent Him … Continue reading

The lock down is costing big bucks

The Global Pandemic Was it engineered And out of its squalor Of course it’s appeared SOuth Africa and Botswana With their borders shut The poachers are at it And we have seen a glut Of killings this month 15 Rhino’s … Continue reading

Misunderstood that is us

From the time of our birth To the time thats prescribed That we die in The death camps Our question is why? We are pretty intelligent And so aware We know what’s going on And are willing to share You … Continue reading

Wedge tailed Eagles my heart bleeds

An iconic bird in the big scheme of things The wedge tailed eagle with The broadest of wings Perth Mint creates bullion And they Were Significant coinage In every way A beautiful bird With full feathered legs Handsome to look … Continue reading

The hunters

I have experienced life first hand Being the son of a Poacher man A countryman in the nineteen twenties In a family 10 boys and 2 girls an Living in lower BEADING in Sussex All that time ago Hares and … Continue reading


Thailand should be ashamed of itself For what’s happening right here It’s called a zoo But the view Is anything but clear It’s a nothingness of caring It’s baseless and unreal The animals are all prisoners They are trying to … Continue reading

Leopards and Snow Leopard tonics

Some of the Chinese Pharmaceuticals Have been trading many years Like the BeijingTangrentong place There are a lot of tears Falling in the big cats stakes The LIONS the LEOPARDS too Supposedly for tonics The bones in wine it’s true … Continue reading

“Honey” the sad dolphin

Japan has a inanity towards Wild creatures she Drives them with audaciousness And never mindfully Talking up their brand of ZEN Where peacefulness apparently Exists in their tranquil garden scenes But not in their true philosophy They have so many … Continue reading

Horses going down with virus

Thailand’s going through the mill Since February horses there have been Infected by some midges which caused A really frightening virus Where seventy per cent infected Sadly die. It started in Pak Chong Not far from BANGKOK A race horse … Continue reading

Dumpster Babes

A moveable waste container Someone decided to Take three beautiful Healthy puppy dogs And presumably threw Them into this oblivion Of filth and wretched waste Individually not in a bAsket all this done in haste Someone who could’t contemplate Their … Continue reading

Terrible cruelty to tigers in FLORIDA

The incautiousness and needlessness Of making tigers humanised Temerity and presumption Our arrogance should be criticised For zoos and films and entertainment Tigers are a dangerous act Rapidly wasted in the wild And that is one mean fact Roadside zoos … Continue reading

Baby Zebra

British trophy hunters The scum of the earth Murdering mother zebras And their babies just after birth Imagine that can anyone The grief the pain the woe Monsters clad in camouflage Who slaughter as they go They Have to pull … Continue reading