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Animals cruelty sanctioned by carnivores

Auction houses slaughterhouses Farms and puppy mills vivisection laboratories Where animals blood just spills Out of them most every day Cruelty there reigns Operators most frustrated All with shit for brains The meat eating public All turn their blind eye … Continue reading

Leslie Hore-Belisha

In 1934 on certain crossings On the road Amber coloured globe lights Atop a black and white pole The road surface was studded And later painted black and white And so the Zebra crossing it was of born And Took … Continue reading

Wolund the smith-god

Out here in Oxfordshire The skies are big Near Uffington Castle Near Ashbury A neolithic long barrow Of sarsen stones Interestingly Close to The Ridgeway In wooded green Where paths and copses Set the scene A son of the great … Continue reading

A clown was born

6 foot 8 “Puddle” A pity clown In white A stature Bring it on This man Always gets it right A voice that Cracks the ceiling He is his majesty He reaches hearts Before unreached And always sings in key … Continue reading


Snowflakes wet and beautiful Flower like,fall away The festival of Imbolc It be Brigids day Patron of the flocks of sheep And little lambs that play Lactating ewes spread the good news On this 2nd day She be venerated in … Continue reading

Sub standard dead flesh

Recently in Poland A slaughterhouse was found To be abusing its trading Platform for its market Wasnt sound The animals it butchered Were sickly and were lame They were buying in disabled souls Apparently their aim Was to increase their … Continue reading


Descended from the wild ass Some 40 million now In the world and mostly Pack animals and how They work hard in hot climates Draught animals they be They eat a lot of grass They eat voraciously. Recently Pakistan Has … Continue reading

My life as a cow

What they do to us is wrong Gentle as the day long Our individuality Cornered by depravity We enduring pain and thrust A constancy of true disgust You cannot imagine How we feel How sick inside And just how real … Continue reading

Murdering a cow slowly

Witnessing this video from China Of monsters with a victim Its a cow A female of the species Her legs were torn from under her Lying on the pavement Really how Can a human being even contemplate Being so repulsive … Continue reading

Baldivis and the kangaroos

Spatial had put out a lengthy statement The study relating to the kangaroos In the way of the building at the Paramount Estate Which clearly for the developers is bad news Opening up the bush lands laying concrete Semi rural … Continue reading