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For whatever reason For villagers to collectively agree To catch and kill a primate and leave it hanging on a tree and watch it’s final moments Swinging around and around Hearing children chuckling and dogs there on the ground In … Continue reading

Little lugh

Little baby lugh He was Tossed into the sea Disposed of by his grandfather BALOR who wickedly Decided He was a hopeless case But luckily MANANNAR Concerned about pollution Saved LUGH, who was far From drowning, which was fortunate and … Continue reading

Concentration camps

Concentration camps Death camps in fact where we See victims we are going to eat abused Frequently all treated like criminalsM Locked up every day And carted to the death camps Throats cut…… it’s the way HALAL has taken over … Continue reading

Polar Bears

They are really up against it Concern and anxiety Anguished and tormented By what is the wintry sea The ice is melting faster The seals are not around Long suffering and downtrodden trecking across the ground Heartache and just weariness … Continue reading


It’s carnage pure and simple So evil through and through The GRINDADRAP they call it And this is what they do Loyalty and courage The bond these whales all feel As for the rotten islanders All they do reveal Is … Continue reading

Hound dumping

There comes a time Where lack of care and unconcern Arise Normally when the hunting season ends The dogs demise Comes from heartless brazen gits Whose dourness and thick skin Allows them just to kill their dogs For by doing … Continue reading

Bio weaponry and Spain

It’s said that Corvid 19 Might end Bull Fighting, they Can’t get crowds to congregate Distancing does play A big no no for bull rings But in many ways that be unfortunate for the spirit And their shockability Spain loves … Continue reading


Sea World your indictment Your insincerity Corruptible and shameful Of mammals from the sea Profit wavering loyalty An unconscientiousness All see Almost racketeering The vilest Criminality Far from philanthropic They were covetous with greed They had no defence whatsoever The … Continue reading


To whom it may concern Could anyone have been more assiduous I doubt it, for when I did ring I spoke a to a lady called LOUISE I was a bit grumpy But she made my heart sing Now that … Continue reading

Sad little DUMBO

Such disrespect for DUMBO Who wasn’t dumb at all Only human beings so insensitive Could fall Under that spell of evil And call a pachyderm By such a dreadful title It’s meaning makes me squirm He always tried his honest … Continue reading

The death of a Mountain Lion (Cougar)

Winter in the forest Hunters on the prowl Two dogs and out a tracking The snow cover cries foul Not only to the Cougar But advantageous too For he can track the deer and elk But hunters can track him … Continue reading

Inspired by Pamela

Of course it’s No to dog meat puppies caged for soup Their doleful eyes Their tiny size Every single group Of frightened little angels Shivering in fear Hearing cries of others Who apparently are near To the butchering that’s going … Continue reading


Significant a moment With an acquiescence you Hold a single mindedness In exactly what to do To safeguard all the animals With a real choice to be true To be really determined In everything you do Animals want their freedom … Continue reading

My sanity

There was a time within My living memory When I was wild and freedom Was my thing Captivity the enemy of wildness Derangement and delusions Though does bring Confusion and a mania of purpose A sort of imbecility I feel … Continue reading

The next zoonotic virus might be the last

They are everywhere So much despair Live markets victims dying Nothingness and nullify Obliteration crying Cages cages everywhere Full of dying souls Sick and injured Cancelled out Unbegotten trolls Working in these spaces In residential land In New York stench … Continue reading

“Dumbo” given a sad name and an even sadder life

Zoo’s Typical business model Conflicts with duty of care Ways of making extra profit Are introduced and there They Suffer so from ignorance In Thailand one such soul Tortured as a baby So as to control He was in a … Continue reading

A sanctuary or so they say

A sanctuary that’s actually A circus so to say Carl Busch runs the outfit It’s where cruelty Is way Over any place of vile captivity It’s where wild animals are made to be Objects of despair Wildness was their birthright … Continue reading


Not all that far from Scarborough North Yorkshire all those moors Belonging to the Duke of Lancaster Where there are scores Of wild souls still frequenting And One such most rare soul Was seen being killed by someone Whose precious … Continue reading

They have been pulling the wool over our eyes

Apparently the sheep Farmers Drag their feet a lot They get a bit complacent And good husbandry is not Adhered to when it’s needed When the mothers need the feed Having twins and triplets Really it does lead A good … Continue reading

There are no excuses

There can be no excuses For The hatred and the pain The innocent regarded As cannon fodder plain and simple In onlookers eyes Attrition on a scale Beyond what is offensive And guaranteed to fail A wonderful assemblage Of neutrality … Continue reading

Dirty business

You really can’t get much more dirty The mahouts are so called kindly men Who supposedly live for the elephants Under their charge So when Did all this kindly stuff change and Wickedness creep into their care Taking the wild … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading


Sunset just happened Peach melba in blue Spread over tunnel fields Sunlight peeping through Pursuing the ethereal Into slate grey What my eyes see At the end of today A gentle breeze As the Jasmine flowers show The Copper Beech … Continue reading

Face coverings -no better off than farm animals

The great face mask debacle Droplets precautionary Control the soul It’s intelligence Artificial Seemingly Science the new god on high At the behest of those Corporations and Machinations Designed to protect our nose Our mouth and gloves protecting Our hands … Continue reading


The Ocean was vibrant with innocent souls All swimming merrily Each in their roles Mothers with babies fathers with sons Uncles and Aunties And grand parents Who heard the guns the cacophony the melee The chaos the scream As boats … Continue reading

Demise of the streetwise

Soldiers of heinousness that’s what they are Not fighting terrorists Preferring to spar With the disconsolate Streetwise and poor Imagine their innocence and never ignore Their present sanctity Beggars maybe Consigned to the dust heap Of adversity Will they be … Continue reading


Ensnaring and trapping I hear is on the rise The pandemic has got people Who realise With the drop off in tourism Locals agree They need to go hunting And trap constantly It is very easy These days to procure … Continue reading

60 years

Such inventiveness And imagery Suspicious and resourceful The chimpanzee So complex Prophetic and far sighted They stare beyond you And those eyes are like lagoons From long ago attracting light And shade so mindful That is when you realise In … Continue reading

Bushmeat in AFRICA and India

It’s rife all over Africa and India Local protein seemingly on tap Hunters selling victims to the locals Some really gruesome Stuff and there’s no cap It’s a free for all specially in Ghana And in NAGALAND in India where … Continue reading

Some of us

A wicked respect for the largest land animals That’s what they want more than anything else Hunters are morally weak And resentful Know nothing of challenges wildness can bring Socially active familial focus They have no involvement and really nothing … Continue reading