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THe Hippo’s Lament

AFter the migration Of the Mara river we Saw many many bodies floating Some precariously Bloated rapidly spoiling Getting caught on rocks Fly blown full of maggots Smelling like the pox The stench soon filled the air Clearly a health … Continue reading

VULTURES and human carnivores

We look at the scavengers And they appear Really rather ugly Though its actually clear Those that eat carrion Much of it though Is fresher than carnivores Eat here, you know Jackals and wild dogs and Hyena’s Are Providing a … Continue reading

The great migration

Fresh water and green grass To taste the verdure of the day Its what commands respect in Wilderbeest Whose real dismay The herds emaciated from the numbers Starving where The need and thrust Is to travel through the African dust … Continue reading


We must come to terms with reality For there is no other way We must look hard at the animals Of Africa and say Their loss is clearly our gain And our gain has to be At their loss thats … Continue reading


From a forest in France Chartreuse can be seen A greenness and verdancy She is the queen Of the Fae so they say A lady most fair The most profound of spirits That ever was there One midsummers morning The … Continue reading


Bats and rats and wolves and mice And SNAKES all get bad press MOsquito’s Fleas and wasps And crocodiles they need redress Negative connotations Levelled at people, hurt And similarly for animals That crawl down in the dirt Legless lidless … Continue reading

The Pink River Dolphin(the king of dark waters)

Where did We come from? That would be saying Ten million years ago Its a long time There are paleontologists Hoping to tell you And for once in our lives Some one’s written a rhyme. We may have originally Been … Continue reading


Christ the Redeemer Arms aloft Braves the city Clearly soft On pollution A desire To perish in the Inevitable fire And stretching away In front we see GUanabara Lagoon It be Given by GAIA To aid the world Thats before … Continue reading

Avebury thats in Wiltshire

Avebury rose in my estimation To hanker in my soul A metaphysical realization Of existence as a role With little mechanization But for the power of man Great obelisks stand silent Long centuries they span Enduring the eyes of many … Continue reading


Beltaine is upon us The arctic wind is too We have had all the spring bulbs out Rising with the dew We saw the many dandelions Advance and go to seed And now we see the bluebell gangs And hear … Continue reading