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Little Leo

Little Leo alone in a gutter He lay In Rajasthan all of the day His head in the water To weak to move Clearly very sick And not in the groove Animal aid unlimited came Put him in a blanket … Continue reading

3 little puppies

Under some roofing in an old yard A puddle of tar had become really hard And trapped in the puddle Were three puppy dogs Frightened and afraid Just little cogs In the circle of life Spirited they Scared out of … Continue reading


Innocence personified An irreproachability Guileless who would ever harm A baby wee and Tragically Lies on the busy dusty street Wet still from it’s afterbirth In the morning’s rampant heat A dishonesty of actual worth From a farmer who would … Continue reading

Esquivias murder

15 years old Learning to fight A calf just a baby Whose innocent flight Was had in the ring Being softened up by 4 Banderillas Under the sky Such deceit Pathological liars Are born Province of Toledo Where people are … Continue reading


Imagine how sore nd bow very raw A huge strip of skin from his side Found on the street Calm and complete Found by a wonderful guide And carer and taken To hospital and there given Oodles of care Everyone … Continue reading

An old street dog

On a hot dry street Lies an old sick dog disregarded for an age Unattended and left alone Clearly off the page Of life and care and loving Sickly through and through Wounded unable to walk Wondering what to do … Continue reading

Written for Georgina Davy

To be a cottage by the sea Is something I would like to be So said a mansion that was old Who’ d stood 300 years I’m told Looking out across the moors It’s many rooms with walnut floors Rich … Continue reading

Ran amok

At some Buddhist Pageant In Sri Lanka so I hear An elephant has run amok It’s was very clear It had been painted different colours And dressed up like a clown in all it’s foul regalia walking through the town … Continue reading


What gives these companies the right To dapple with our life To mess with people’s freedoms And to cause so many strife AT PITSTONE we see Castle Cemeng preparing to Sell us down the river For a rubbish dump or … Continue reading

Puppet tears

A puppet has to know and trust His master very well Kept inside some drab old box Brought out infact to tell The world at large Hiz masters thoughts His aims infact his call A puppet is a lump of … Continue reading