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Blue shark on sale

Cornish blue sharks on sale in Borough Market Predation of our waters And what for Very vulnerable code 5 Clearly threatening ICUN Says it And I am sure We need to leave the blue sharks Well alone wherever we Are … Continue reading

Cat killings

Its night time The M25 rarely Sleeps And all around The many towns Maybe a phantom creeps A wild fox Maybe many wild foxes On the prowl And thanks to all these Wheelie bins Murder now most foul Is going … Continue reading

Vine and ivy and the Autumn Equinox

The time be right for grapes and vine Equal day and night A sign Of prophecy and of truthfulness Of intoxication More or less Bacchus he a deity God of the grape and of the tree The great green man … Continue reading


Utter contempt Scorn and disdain This is just meanness What can one gain To laugh and to mock them These iconic souls Clearly a madman At the controls This is a dirt road In queensland we think A 4WD with … Continue reading

Aquaculture and the RSPCA

Personally I have always thought Aquaculture wasnt right I fought against its introduction For organic salmon But of a blight of understanding Reigned supreme and despite my personal fear Organic aquaculture Happened and it was clear Bringing together so many … Continue reading


There is no voice of conscience That can reach into these crooks No shame or remorse Just aggression and force Unregretting and obdurate Unblushingly they Murder in cold blood The catch of the day They are no saints only sinners … Continue reading


JApan TV Thinks its real good to see Dolphin consumers around In the Faroes thats not far from england Where one of their reporters was found Getting to grips with the culture Traditional dancing at night Talking up grinds and … Continue reading


I have always thought it Counter productive To call a positive emissary By such a negative title A brigand on the sea Basically a rapist and murderer And a thief So to call yourselves by that name It does beggar … Continue reading

My inspiration

Like sharks the wolves have suffered Long and hard from humans who Have ignorantly labelled them killers Its what the arrogant do Yes apex predation but god like ceremony They manage the ecosystem And do it beautifully Farley Mowatt in … Continue reading

Monkey business

Imagine the wildness A jungle the family Ones very existence Companionship where Everyone shows off All their socialness Such affability all being there Gatherings visitings Parties and re-unions Freedom is bursting As is the play Climbing and miming And just … Continue reading