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Bullet ridden

Sri Lanka boasts a paradise But for one noble beast The distinction of the pachyderm Is noble if not least Clearly a splendid ancestry Where gentility did reign A truly high caste bloodstock With everything to gain Found in Uva … Continue reading

Tongue tied

Tongues are very sensitive And horses think so too So tying them under the chin Is not the thing to do Its all about control Riders like to interfere But clearly its an invasion Of ones freedom And that is … Continue reading

“Crimson tide”( swamped and losing consciousness)

Drifing all alone In a row boat old and leaking On an ocean current The wrath of ancients near The wild wind brewing suddenly To search into my crevices Inspiring me to thoughtfulness And certainly to hear Landfall could be … Continue reading


They seem to believe they can vindicate Their murdering intent Kidnapping a baby calf, a child Creation sent Carried by a mother for nine long months Where she Struggled and worked her butt off Hopeful she would see Her baby … Continue reading

Laying traps for badgers

An ancestral home Where wonderment And countryside expertise Generates a home of homes Where brocks can carefully ease Their bodies Through dug tunnels In sandy soil or clay On slopes or hillsides Close to woodland To find some peace and … Continue reading

The wild Kangaroo’s

Fifty pence a kilo Thats what the kangaroo Fetches now the wholesale price Its not what we should do Regarding the economy And our iconic pride Watching them we can Learn A lot Lf what they keep inside The meat … Continue reading

Wild animal poaching

The dishonesty is out there At high level Unconscientiousnesss rampant As we know Its about the opportunism And the shabby venality The aiding and abetting That does grow Everybodys at it When there money to be had All sorts of … Continue reading

“Marjan” the last lion

A precious stone they called him A gift from Cologne Zoo To Kabul Zoo on Kabul river When he was just two That was in 1976 It was a thriving place But was dangerous and very threatening And wars moved … Continue reading


Shapelines in proportion Of the most noble descent An unbroken line and lineage That must be heaven sent Spell binding is their magick Watched where ere they go Breathtaking and impressive And forever in the flow Joyful and triumphant With … Continue reading

Icelands crime against humanity

Law made in the seventies All those years ago Broken by the whalers Who really ought to know Really there are no loopholes Unlawfulness is that Blue whales were protected And that is where they are at Recently a thirty … Continue reading