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Aggression giving animals names To me is totally wrong Diablo renamed spirit Rambo all along The patriarchal emphasis Creates impressions and we The grand old public sentiment Go along with them and be Really part and parcel a predictive Attitude … Continue reading

Just check the search engine

If you want to go hunting Kill an elephant yay Get on the internet Blow them away A 10 day package A pretty big bill 38 thousand US I hear And a few extras Its all very yclear If you … Continue reading


Kilimanjaro that mountain’s still angry Its humerals smoking Its glaciars too We still see the white summit Tussock grass and tree heathers Faery land cloud forests Groundsels Yea too Wild dogs in packs there Vultures a flying Bone breaking raptors … Continue reading


Gaia from tbe beginning of time Supposedly Had dismissed her imperfections As part of history The elephant so much like man In that the length of time allowed Is close to them with humans Clearly so endowed With wisdom and … Continue reading

Terrible twelth to the tragic tenth of December

Hen harriers have really took a pasting And much of that is down to the red grouse The coporation blood sport of the so called toffs And really all should be in the courthouse Not paying all those thousands to … Continue reading

Sled dogs

Any kind of animal Needs love and beyond that care Thats no different to all of us The real need is to share Needs must thats a saying Perhaps from history But what we really need is love Given generously … Continue reading

Goddess Ballachulish

Undeniable there she lay 2000 years Essentially Her eyes were face downwards, she Her quartzite eyes perpetually Searching through the peaty realms Where Oblivion just overwhelms The spirit cancels out the light Intrinsically forced to bite Down on spagnum moss … Continue reading

Tourists in iceland

Iceland makes a fair old bit of money Taking tourists out to watch the whales Most of them are Minke in whale terms kind of dinky Thoughtless though for really where it fails Is these same tourists watching in the … Continue reading

60 whales were slaughtered today

60 whales this morning lost their precious lives The Faroes Islanders wickedly proclaimed Thors harbour saw the wretched blood and thunder Acted out and all of them are blamed Their sinfulness and iniquitous behaviour There is no need to slaughter … Continue reading


Pringles, kellogs makes them Proctor and Gamble, they Thought they had a great idea Potatoes all the way GM corn Rice and spuds Grind them up and see Add a million chemicals And fry it all and be Adding crazy … Continue reading