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When hunters tell you they respect their victims

Respect is not a word In their vocabulary Irreverence is more the world they use Most of them are ignorant They humiliate their victims But because they are not word smiths Really they abuse All of us all at animal … Continue reading

IVORY is killing elephants

The insatiable lust for Ivory From the thoughtless and unconcerned They care about their profit When some have actually learned That Ivory kills elephants They sometimes change their tune But too many ugly traders In China and Hong Kong Couldn’t … Continue reading

it’s wonderful it’s marvellous

What you do with Cashew Nuts With Coconut and yeast Miso, Salt and Onion Powder create for me a feast On sough dough toast The flavour Is a magical treat Beyond the state of wonderment Something I can eat And … Continue reading

What’s sustainable?

A conflict of opinion Exists in me today Taiyuan zoo in China Is living with decay Concrete walls just cells infact It’s conditions dire They have loads of money But no spiritual fire Importing little elephants Taken from their mama … Continue reading

Does anyone ever think of the BULL in the arena

Amusement for the audience Those who come to see An ungulate taken Apart With what is infamy Animal abuse From those who went to school And learned their craft Of fighting On vileness and with gall They were bloodied in … Continue reading


Mugwort, Artemis vulgaris Ruled by Planet VENUS and element Earth Deities Artemis and Diana Greek and Roman goddesses both virgin Huntresses sacred at birth To females stregheria and Wicca A portal opener where Astral Projection and prophetic dreams And protection … Continue reading

Neil a true warrior

To have the courage Of ones convictions Can be hard to do One soul 13 years ago Passed One of the few VEgans who was on the case Of caring for animals, he Despite his Spina Bifida He was fearless … Continue reading

Clark’s Bear’s trading post

Does anyone know what its like to be free Born into the wilds Bears Actually Familial creatures Living their life To be captured by men Introduced then to strife Subjection to be overwhelmed by it all Bondage enslavement Being on … Continue reading

No shame Palmer

The most infamous of dentists Who came from Minnesota Who killed a special Lion Allen Cecil Several years ago Lured the Lion out of the park And shot him in Zimbabwe Imagine the pain that Cecil felt For 40 hours … Continue reading


Why do we punish angels Castigate and beat Try to remove their innocence Before we remove their feet Hang them from the yard arm Like a sack of shite Make them shake with terror And a greed and insatiable blight … Continue reading

The meat trade

It happens almost every night Where mothers stop to feed The outback is a lonely place Where shooters oft succeed convinced it’s entirely principled and faithful to a tee That they all Re honourable With sense of constancy Drive their … Continue reading

Little cubs and their fate

Petting farms are the early signs Of the egotists and how They feed into canned hunting Happening sadly now Self interest And those who indulge themselves Whose interests they pursue Attracting volunteers to come And do what the ignorant do … Continue reading

A nurse who is a hunter

A nurse is supposed to be into true healing A carer saving life It seems to me But This bitch one Kate Small Is no such thing at all Seemingly a sick dichotomy She calls herself, an ethical Back country … Continue reading

A Captive Tiger

A solitary white Bengal Tiger Bored out of its mind Continues to circle every day No thanks to humankind In a zoo in Beijing Cement and bars its lot It once was wild but now of course Freedom it has … Continue reading


Most states in America The Southern ones anyway Conduct themselves at their leisure With a terrible display Of wickedness and severity Training their dogs to hunt Trapping and murdering wild life And then having a punt Most clearly it’s a … Continue reading

E Jiao (the cruelest medicine known to mankind)

Africa has been supplying donkeys Far and wide Most go off to China Who wants them for their hide Soaked and stewed it makes a gelatine Substance that is used As a medicine apparently Which is why they are abused … Continue reading

He is no Jewell In anyone’s crown

WESTERN AUSTRALIA hang your heads In what can only be Shame the game of management Of wildlife has to be In the hands of a hunter A murderer Lets say Of Elephants of Giraffes Of Zebra’s From this day of … Continue reading

All Seeing

Being somewhat immobile Can change beliefs where we Could walk ten miles a day perhaps And when asked perhaps not see A lot as Druids we must Set ourselves perhaps the task Of being tree like in the way We … Continue reading

The Fold Bransford

An island oasis A cafe a shop A sequence of ideals A great place to stop Herb gardens dotted around Souls who care Principled pure minded Very Aware It’s a concept of caring Of sharing and we Went over to … Continue reading

The Moose

A magnificence about the Moose A new world deer they be Solitary animals With a shyness commonly This poor soul now Lying spreadeagled on the ground With a deviant on top of him I gaze and know I have found … Continue reading

False eyes lashes

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder A saying we’ve all heard of and we ought To realise a lot of The false eyelashes Are made from Minks caged up Not what you thought Some companies who are aware … Continue reading


Lockdown Social distancing Face masks BBC Covid death inflation It’s sUbjugation we Are being slowly softened up By the cabalistic few Our genocidal masters Who do what that lot do Kill the poor old people Who have worked their whole … Continue reading

Botswana and it’s Elephants

There have been too many bodies Found recently we hear In Seronga and Eretsha To me it all seems clear The latest story posted Is it’s poisoning despite The stories that it isn’t There are warnings of the blight And … Continue reading

Export of calves to the EU

The assertion is that infant calves Can withstand a journey from Scotland through to the EU Unfed for me, a bomb Gone off within my psyche The inhumanity of man Torturing these babies There has to be a ban Unweaned … Continue reading

A special note to Marlene

You have been through a lot for me That much I know And me a mere Rabbit With little to show You gave me my name And I love it so With good grace And dignity Things seemed to flow … Continue reading

A special note to mummy

I’ve been really poorly And my mum has nursed me She’s my saviour and my God Well actually my goddess I know I have been a rod For her poor back Don’t mean to be That wound under my tail … Continue reading

Buffalo too often a victim of ambush

Hunters who take out Buffalo’s With crossbow bolts held true Should stop and think of the agony They put the animal through This bovine beast of burden With a beating heart so wild Is ambushed in home territory He is … Continue reading

The Pale Ale

Anyone for cricket? On a warm Summers day A cream and green can Let’s all watch them play Its Anspach and it’s Hobday In a brewing shebeen Where the freshest and most secret hops Have begun to Set the scene … Continue reading


Poor lad Nobody to care And few apparently aware Out in the street Behind a gate And there he lay In quite a state We were called And found him there. Clearly suffering And in despair Wrapped him Carried him … Continue reading


When we travel We unravel Others and their ways Different to the folks back home For understanding pays Dividends existence The spirit and the soul The vital force All essential To the knowledge, We extol Survivable in other lands Enlivened … Continue reading