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As many as 356 Elephants Have crashed to the ground And have tragically died Botswana is mourning their loss As am I Why is it a mystery Still far and wide The bafflement really The humiliation As survivors we do … Continue reading

adenochrome junkies

The hooves of the given In sickness and darkness So many children were victims all through Soaked in the filthiest compost imaginable The infamous players Its true loaded with money and malevolent seed The vile puppet tribes evil born The … Continue reading

Sheep and Patagonia

Human beings ignorantly Consider sheep to be Insensitive and stupid But in reality Sheep are extra sensitive And so very aware Emotional and endearing Herd animals who share A sense of responsibility And an attitude, they do And A need … Continue reading

Elephants and Ivory and China

There is a growing realisation Out there In Villages in China People see That Elephants have Ivory And to want to use that substance animals have to be killed And seemingly Some assumed before That it wasn’t the case But … Continue reading


The greatest organ any creature Possesses its their skin Gifted By their maker hair and fur And wool And Mankind Takes advantage The animals we abuse Sometimes ripping it off their bodies That is how we choose As a method … Continue reading


Another braggart In raptures because He can lie in ambush And of course push His agenda disguised A false narrative, he Can kill bloody armies Of wildness and free That rush of adrenaline Actually he Shits himself twice Goose pimples … Continue reading


In the business of making music One has to realise Are their ulterior motives What is behind it Surmise Maybe it’s just pushing culture Or is there a story to tell Or are they trying to influence us To tempt … Continue reading

The trophy murderer

The impulse to kill The excitement so called A sort of arousal for some Aaron a prophet a brother of Moses But a hunter today leaves me numb To the Arrogance out there The feeling that they Can do what … Continue reading

Glue traps and song birds

The government of France Are being told that they Should get up off their derrière and let all song birds fly Away Singing in the forests In the woods and trees Hunters in France want to stop These melodies and … Continue reading

Lammas at the ROLL RIGHTS

It was pleasantly warm I had woken up early Excited to travel To the RollRights alone For me it’s a long way With my disablement Discounting the virus And so I did say I need to go early And hopefully … Continue reading

Furry animals

A total lack of principle Opportunism we see Injustice and falsehood And insincerity Venal and yes bribable Iniquitous behaviour Impious and wrong And these people are in charge Of keeping animals all along Wild fury mammals Kept in cages Not … Continue reading


Take a Magical carpet ride Into an oblivion where dreams Transport you to another world With hors-d-oeuvres and where it seems Dressings wholly flavourful Conjure such delight Coupled with toasted Sour dough bread And the thrill Of an Arabian Night … Continue reading