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Pestalotiopsis Microspora

Mother Nature Does have All the answers Despite man she is a worthy Parent who Watches what we do and how we Ruin all her hardwork But still she does have Ideas that go through Take polyurethane Plastic what has … Continue reading


Despite the cites ban on exports Glass eels as they are called Are being caught and exported Which should be overhauled Baby eels or elvers Unlicensed but can be Smuggled out of the UK And sold its seems to me … Continue reading

Damsel fly

The Spring watch fly Seen by an eye The epitome of gentleness Delicate it influences Being there I must confess A blissful blush of blameless softness A nymph of high regard With such charisma and such charm Its wonder wasnt … Continue reading

Kangaroos hunted and murdered in the Texas

The evil thats out there How can it be right Breeding kangaroo’s Its a terrible slight On humanity really To see what they do The so called ranchers Creating for you You thats the hunters Oblivion knocks In Texas we … Continue reading

Grenfell 4

Seventy two seconds Where nobody spoke A silent march Of the Grenfell folk An evening where solace Was painful and true The people were waiting Hoping that YOU The government The council The cladders Them all The architects The surveyors … Continue reading


Seventy two souls Came back floating Grenfell must have happened two Years ago There but for the grace of god The story true A fire washed everywhere Wiped out floor after floor The cladding there Was a death trap Not … Continue reading

Down feathers and Canadian Goose

Canada Goose Says all its DOWN Comes from the poultry industry And all the Hutterite Geese that they use Were slaughtered for meat Thats really good news So they are already dead And then Canada Goose Gets hold of their … Continue reading

Summer solstice

Perched upon a chalky plain A Neolithic burial site Far off shadows emanate Skyscape widley offering Closer to the longest day When sunlight infiltrates the soul Robed and gazing Probled and raising Consciousness and spells of ardour The light in … Continue reading

The Caru and their fight for survival

Our thinking is beyond us The risks that some will take Because it helps their balance sheet And they also like their cake Their head is full of matter Not in essence grey Or even green remember What it is … Continue reading


So many felt powerless At seeing the pain Prostration was livid Again and again Such barren impotence Of those who would dare To torture and murder And live for despair The Bulls were majestic And awfully strong Their intelligence promised … Continue reading