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Animals share and care

Animals share and care thats what they do They take over a lodge And they just work it through Their spirits they realise Somewhere that they Can be safer at night And during the day Before humans left the place … Continue reading

Born without a heart of anykind

You create their purgatory Their angst each twinge they feel Stolen from creation Your heartlessness is real I see you laugh and joke about The perils you inspire The total desolation For Seals ofcourse its dire You encourage with your … Continue reading

All around its tense which makes no sense

Its meaningless its inanity Its nonsensical depravity We are baulked and thwarted At every turn Amazed and dumbfounded by what we learn A nebulous outcome Where vile intent Becomes unutterable Its was never meant But sadly its happened The KINGS … Continue reading

One Albert Nash

44 years he had served IMBER well The village blacksmith The happiest spell He worked long and hard And built up his trade Serving the community When the war Office laid Their objections to His village and that he leave … Continue reading

Hen harriers

The raptors lament It’s the wildest of cry Trapping the beauties It’s really no lie They are out there Protecting the red grouse They say Driven they are driven To making it pay The glorious twelfth When it happens to … Continue reading

Running the Bulls at Pamplona in July

They sell it as a celebration Tradition and culture they scream Running the bulls through Pamplona For some it’s a nightmarish dream Six angry Bulls and six lumbering cows Hit the cobble stone narrows and run Into the equation a … Continue reading

Imber some thoughts

An ancient village on Salisbury Plain A quiet little place Where the saddest refrain Came from one Albert Nash A Blacksmith who worked With clinker and ash With honourable clients Wanting his wares His forty year stint Well nothing compares … Continue reading

Boris Johnson ‘s buses

Wooden crates and paintings Of happy folk, to me It is his cry above all else Of non-conformity The word eccentricity Can sometimes be a way Of explaining but somehow I feel Its rejection thats at play He feels he … Continue reading

The very thought of it got under my skin

The incoordination of the average Mind out there What is a state of chaos And anarchic despair An upheavel of creation A dishevelment of thought Embroiled in the thought of profit In its convolution caught What began with hunter gatherers … Continue reading

Hornbill and the hunters testicles

A Hornbill in Malaysia Met a sticky end Hunted by some so called jerk Who then tried to defend His reasoning for doing it Because the shoot was rare The needlessness the audacity Of course it wasn’t fair The chap … Continue reading