Monthly Archives: April 2019

Somebody else’s baby

For me it is a certainty An irrefutability Killing babies For consumption Feels alien to me The Dairy Farmer’s Philosophy Is selling into dairy Bovine lactating fluids Sold to human beings they Are told by all and sundry That using … Continue reading

Hollywood and safari’s

Selling the concept Making it pay Irreverence fills up The hours in the day Selling the man thing The gristle the grunt The meanness the wanting To be in the hunt For a trophy to take home For the puff … Continue reading

Safari’s to Hell

The set up is clear Encouraging those Resigned to the hunt And the kill For it grows In the hearts of the hunter The throwback to when Manhood it mattered Truly fighting men Saw there path forward As warriors who … Continue reading

Notre Dame

A conundrum exists In so many hearts The twin towers suggests Something more Watching the images The exposition The prejudices In the raw A great church Is burning What misunderstanding The fire going Against the flow 800 year oaks dont … Continue reading

Seal babies

The illogicalness of blaming seals For reducing the fish All those deals Solecism so many flaws That Canada YES as a country ignores Contrary to reason, they Murder babies everyday Batter them Smashing their brains Bulging eye balls Done by … Continue reading

Vulgaris the octopus

Two eyes A central mouth A beak Eight limbs Soft bodied Many seek Out within the ocean wide Flocomotion From inside A siphon And pure respiration Expelling jets Tnats the creation Fabulous sight Three hearts A great Sense of touch … Continue reading

Dodgy camps in South Africa

Unpreparedness and unconcern A casualness and need to learn Neglectful mothballed overlooked When the books have all been cooked Camps now holding animals who Are treated slovenly and who do Suffer terribly obviously Poor nutrition and constancy Tortured really everyday … Continue reading

The EU invasion

I fail to understand the logic And really the reasons why The politicians back the EU With what soon will apply The loss of all our counties Our history wiped away Our birthplace Its a disgrace And to you all … Continue reading

Assange abandoned

To have the courage of your convictions In this day and age as politicians basically Have begun to show their age Their obnoxiousness and morbidity Their cruelty and spite Against the good and soundness The flawlessness the right Seven years … Continue reading

Infinity a course set

Perpetuity a guarantee Ignorance albeit A splendid evolution Except they daren’t see it Boundless and unfounded Attested maybe so Their superficiality They just could never know Phenomenal and tangible And beautiful to see A creature of the ocean Its invisibility … Continue reading