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Duck killing Victorians

Beautiful ducks From children we appreciate them so And to think that in Australia Hunters want to go And decimate their numbers The 16th of March To the 19th of May Thats the shooting season That appears their way Of … Continue reading

Vernal Equinox (Alban Eilir)

The Vernal Equinox Provides the thinkers Of the light Thats being drawn back to us The dynamics of delight From the 18 of March The Alder represented by the That tree Its reign to dry up Winters Floods And open … Continue reading

Theresa Mays deal

Brussels and Labour are planning their coup And we have to ask ourselves what will we do A bombshell of soughts Kind of plays with our thoughts Restricting departure The name of their game Ofcourse theres no faith in the … Continue reading

Poor sheep

When duty of care is clearly not there Animals suffer Painfully they Sheep just imagine Holed up inside The sunlight the green grass Ofcourse all denied Deprivation is obvious Disrespect and neglect Lack of alacrity Who does inspect The poor … Continue reading

Try me

Why I say try me Humanity Has a golden rule The crusader we be With a missionary spirit A conscience to pry And To be more benevolent Which surely is why To use obligation To forgive and forget To use … Continue reading

The slaughterhouse and its victims

Undercover looks at merchants Markets and the wealth It sees the dreaded slaughterhouse And all thats done with stealth The scrimping pinching scraping Of time Along the line The monopolistic money-mad Each hard boiled inured sign Compassion over killing Nightmares … Continue reading

Australia’s defacement of its iconic kangaroos

Farmers get the whip hand every single time For they Have the last word actually at the end of every day Kangaroos are wild souls all there long before The bloody farmers took to making money Yea galore Their cattle … Continue reading


I be the hedgerow rover A spiny fellow who Frequents the thorny Hazels and the berried holly too I am pretty slow at running Dreaming is my thing Nocturnally I get about To the countryside I bring A ball of … Continue reading

Will we all be rounded up (before you know it)

Science for a better life For me thats hard to see Its out there on their website Sustainablity Bayers innovation (monsatan)products too The creeping hand of modern man Who has the the gall to do The really weirdest of things … Continue reading

Cherry (immortality and Divination)

Marescence is a peculiar trait For the cherry Its holds its leaves It will not let them go Not until the new flush Of the next Spring comes to bear Purposeful and affirming It does share Its burnished pewter bark … Continue reading