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Ashridge draws its splendour From the woodland Where the mammals play And foresters complain The damage sometimes done to trees By deer and also squirrels Every day their plea’s There is a healthy balance We must take a broader view … Continue reading

Mothers day

Tongue in cheek And wishful thinking Hypocrisy Who is linking All the woes And all the cries Of mothers And their little guys Their babies born Who they can see And the farmer taking Them, who be Deceptive Pious A … Continue reading

HACHIKO One man’s best friend

One man’s best friend Was an Akita dog From Akita in Japan A professor of agriculture It had always been his plan To try to adopt an Akita dog And one of his students said There was a dog in … Continue reading

The Beaver Trapper and the FUR HAGS

The lowest form of low life Are the trappers Those that dare To set out to trap Beavers As such all unaware They are completely hopeless As environmental souls For Beavers are so special BEAVERS take on roles Far beyond … Continue reading

Our forgetfulness can be a death sentence

Our forgetfulness matters Our mercenary ways Single use plastic Down under it stays Floating around Curiosity well From above or below Its takes souls to Hell Single use plastic A plaything for some A meal for others A virtual crumb … Continue reading

The big flop

Captivity sucks For all wild creatures who Are subjugated Their whole life times through Thrown into circus A torment refrain Dissatisfaction Despair and disdain Anguished and maltreated Harassed and made To do stupid tricks The whole circus parade An audience … Continue reading

A waterside property

A unique detached dwelling A real outlandish roost Near the water in the sunlight Gives the eggs a boost With all the crap from human beings Might as well create A pad that’s unlike others And just might start a … Continue reading


It’s said that Deers like Buttercups But cows and horses they Along with sheep and pigs it seems Won’t eat them any day The reason being Nature Instinctively agrees Historicity proclaims And on such facts we seize also known as … Continue reading

“Lyka” hold up in the Philippines in MAASIN ZOO

One of the worst zoo’s around anywhere This one in the Philippines Ethically unaware MAASIN it’s called sub standard alas Where a Lion they called “LYKA“ Is part of the morass She is blind which is just as well Really … Continue reading


Defining and enlightening Appreciation feels Open to adaptation Which more or less reveals A truthfulness of simplicity and of feelings of the wild Spirited and vivacious Almost like the child Lost within our being Soulful and intense The beauty of … Continue reading

Live exports of sheep

Sheep live exports In Holds of ships No feed No water, we Are thrown about Thanks to the sea Bashed oh! How we bleed No sunshine on our backs no more Just holed up in this place Nobody comes to … Continue reading

Easter the new born and Lambs

Rebirth and life and the whole essence Of a world of purity Lambs in clover soft and cuddly Under lock and chain we see Easter resting with a sunlight Over green fields Sparkling Dawn Leaping lambs full of excitement Tragically … Continue reading


Deliberately injuring Beautiful primates The glorious red apes The orangutan Certifiability Amongst common people You meet in the street Delusional fools Who can pick up an air gun And fire at a primate Sitting with her baby Such action appals … Continue reading

“Freddie” and “Merlin”

“Mares” A sanctuary in Bulawayo A place for sad donkeys Injured and sad In a country that’s poor and has thousands of animals Suffering terribly Clearly the bad Times bring out evil And hatred and sadness And the donkeys the … Continue reading

50 million

BONSON WOOD GAME FARM BRIDGEWATER SOMERSET One imagines farms of beautiful birds Where millions of them are raised each year Sheds of Pheasants and partridges Bedlam and chaos from ear to ear Disharmony everywhere simply no order Slatternly messy and … Continue reading

Welsh Badgers

Seemingly Welsh Badgers Don’t stand an earthly anymore Being blamed for infecting cattle With TB Where is natural law Ofcourse it makes No earthly difference All the animals will be killed Cattle at the abattoir Where So much blood ofcourse … Continue reading

Baby formula and nappies

The selfishness Self seeking young Russian traveller In Indonesia found out that he Was breaking the law drugging an Orangutan And Now in his luggage The animal be Drugged up to the eyeballs on allergy meds Packets of nappies for … Continue reading


For me you were the warrior Who waded in and listened Calmly scribing meticulously Respectful through and through Easy to pick up on soul and ethic In your being Positive and fitting In what was for us All seeing Up … Continue reading


Don’t argue with “Rumble” He tumbles and bumbles Around otherwise It just makes him grumble And apparently stumble His wings being too small For his body size When he lands on a bramble The thorns make him gamble Not amble … Continue reading

The silent scream

The last soliloquy At a point Of lesser evils than before A balladeer of ocean currents A sonneteer of expressed fear Landed from a net of nylon Packed in ice and thrust upon A fine display of ocean fishes But … Continue reading

Gorse (furze)

The open country now displaying Sunshine yellow everywhere Brimstone sulphur Lemon honey It’s bold sprays ofcourse we share Fertility is ripe with reason Every month of every year Likes to grow alone And thorny An invasive legume that is clear … Continue reading

An organic farm in Somerset story from 08/2018

The odour of sanctity Goodness and honour Guiltlessness Cardinal virtues Beyond What is expected of Dairy farms these days Organically certified No magic wand Needed RSPCA assured Waitrose is buying We all can afford The organic luxury For after all … Continue reading

Attacking fracking

Filter feeding mussels It’s what you might expect Oil and gas waste It has to be faced Science ofcourse will detect Strontium that lack of calcium And Clearly it now has been found Fracking is lacking And ofcourse attacking Our … Continue reading

The sickness of ocean users

We have seen the beginning How long to the end The emergence of madness The countdown my friend The embryonic nature of man The light of day And our wonderful plan The end time is coming Hearts ceasing eyes closing … Continue reading

Staff of Dawn

Apple wood From Neolithic ideas long ago Forms the cup to hold the smoky Quartz That you love so Silicon dioxide Life giving cycles do From ancient granite deposits Irradiation true HEKATE the Thracian goddess Of wisdom and the dark … Continue reading


To be unimpressed With the gift of Nature The integrity of the Kangaroo Nobility in a principled order Ingenuousness both good and true A constancy and an ancient breeding Unsullied and honourable Born to be Bounding the outback Frank and … Continue reading

No greater love story

Betulaceau a family tree A lover for life Extraordinary Admiration for one so bold A prodigy on it I am sold Enigmatic a surprising tree Who loves the fen lands And there they be Feet in the water Peat saturated … Continue reading

Canada goose and the margin hunters

A certain illogicality.surrounds the fashion trade Canada Goose is a company Whose inconclusive raid Upon the natural wildlife Is measured in the way Their minds work And their balance sheet And their margins Everyday Their perception is that Coyotes were … Continue reading

Calves and Rodeo

The mindlessness of the unsound The wanting moronic who Go about as cowboys And to rodeos they do Inanity and thoughtlessness A topic of their day Unseeing eyes And tunnel vision It all gets in the way Apathetic unaware Preoccupied … Continue reading

Poor Sow

The ugliness of concentrated Animals feed organisations Such gracelessness and squalor Saving a pound or a dollar Here or there Thats what they do To poor young sows Just make us chew Down on bars Imagine that The monotony of … Continue reading