A tribute to my friends

Sum and substance
All enduring
The two had made their way
Steve and Andy guru’s
Of the munro’s I can say
Climbers of distinction
Ben Hope most northerly
In the great Flow country
Of Sutherland they be

Able to assess the scene
The unpredictable they
Were always up for taking on
A climb for in a way
The peace and quiet of
Mountain life
At altitude we feel
So testing of the spirit
So critical so real

This triangular wedge
Of rock exists and beckons
Those who feel
The urge to walk to realise the sinew
The appeal
To share the air to take upon
Ones countenance the height
To experience the true extremes
And know inside its right

Climbing towards the skyline
Up there in the free
However sheer
However wet
Its where we want to be
The adverseness one can witness
The creativeness abroad
So out of reach of many
The incomparable reward

Two dear friends lost forever
In a climate of great peace
With the wherefor all
To raise the alarm
Their training a release
Of energy and trauma
They never lost the plot
The enormity of infinity
For them it meant a lot

They taught you to be able
To see the vastness, they
To reach the light of living
An all-embracing way
Their love and care expressing
The union both felt
“Munroists” both were aiming
Perhaps ice may have dealt

A blow then they were up for it
Tenacious through and through
Willing to reach uncertain heights
Up there in the blue
They could hang together
Embrace to soulful, they
Were inseperable together
Climbing was their way

To lose two friends
Two buddies
Two men who took the way
Leaders in their own right
Their station was away
Up there in the mountains
Where the spirit meets the sky
Trail blazers and trend setters
Always on a high

They imparted their knowledge
To you Nicki and showed you how
Your sequel was to follow them
And realise that now
They are always with you
Quietly by your side
Truly watching over you
Part of every ride

Forth into the sunset
Their duality of force
They walked and died together
Discovering their source
Perhaps the freezing temperatures
The strong winds took a toll
But they were strong together
Sharing heart and soul

Its hard to come to terms with loss
The boundlessness of space
Its beyond our comprehension
And in their resting place
They both will surely sadden
At leaving you behind
Knowing though deep down in you
They can always find

A friend who cares who shares
Who dares to take the great munroes
Who understands the fragility
Of life and really knows
How much they loved the mountains
Walking was their thing
Fugitives of city life
The height it seemed to bring
So much of their true spirit
Out of them and they
Shared it with you Nicki
Before they slipped away

Eternity for all of us
Is continual, you know
They both are everlasting
Till the end of time
We grow
They are with you always
Its hard I know to feel
You now must take their authorship
Let us now reveal

In you the love of reckoning
The horizons beyond where
Your inner strength so attainable
Over the despair
You feel the sovereign principle
Of following your friends
Both invincible and wanting
On the path that never ends

My heart goes out to you
Dear Nicki a loss of your dear companions
Who helped you reach into the sky above and
Realise your true worth.
They will always be around you

2 comments on “A tribute to my friends

  1. Nicki on said:

    Thank you dear Rex. You have beautifully put into words
    what they were both about and what they left me xx

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      It is moving to feel the loss of friends and it makes us love our friends
      And want to be with them always
      Some drift away from us but never really they leave parts of themselves in our hearts


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