Live export of Scottish Calves

Put yourself in our place
If you dare, if you can
Imagine the fear the terror
A man
Arranges your passage
2-5 week old, they
Not even weaned yet
Having to stay

In a truck, bound for Ramsgate
On thursday morning
The dread as they cram
Us together
No respect for us
And little Regard
Of what is our timidity
It is so hard
And Terribly frightening
Uncomfortably cold
From Scotland to Ramsgate
We are being sold
To Spain of all places
To be eaten as veal
Arriving at 5.30
In Ramsgate for real

All of that time on our aching feet
The distrust
Angsty and jittery
Breathless we must
Be in trepidation
Babies we be
And the ship cannot sail
it cannot leave the quay

Transported to a lairage
And off loaded there
Its a hideous story
And we feel the despair
On Friday evening
Loaded again
And expected to sail
At 11 pm An insane
All this waiting
As nervous as hell
Mind-bogglingly awful
At midnight they tell
The JOLINE leaves Ramsgate
But our journey stalls
With us all Crammed on deck
The transitting rules
Broken, ofcourse 9 hours
Without feed
We are all babies
For goodness sake
Where does this lead?

Live exports are ominous
Intimidating and we
Who experience it all
Alone on the sea
2-5 week olds stranded
Its total abuse
And In a rolling swell!

Cold winter weather
We are Frightened like mad
Babies just babies
Ofcourse this is bad
DEFRA Is supposedly
Overseeing it all
How can they sleep at night
We have no one to call

It is so unnerving
We are petrified
It makes our flesh creep
This inglorious ride
To our deaths we are angels
Destined for Spain
Via Calais the whole bloody
Shipment insane

Its ludicrousness
Its a monstrous idea
Have you no compassion
Its unrefined fear
Its tawdry its grossness
Its hard to believe
That DEFRA could possible
Think they achieve

Anything other than
Shameless intent
You act with such courseness
Our short lives mis spent
Suffering heartache
Anguish and pain
We do feel as martyrs would
Like Going insane

The roll of the swell
The fear and the cold
Not having eaten
Just being rolled
About and together
Imagine it all
Absolute purgatory
it does so appal

A vulgar anathema
A total insult
Chagrin and fretting
Thats the result
I cry in my stomach
For each of us they
Babies still wrenched from their mothers
Tearful and shocking
A great tale of woe
Down trodden babies
With no where to go

This is our life
What we should do
All this long suffering
Haggard its true
Despairing and heart broken
Without relief
This is live exports
And is beyond belief

From Scotland to Ramsgate
To Calais to SPain
This is a voyage
To make babies insane
Tbis is a horror
This is such strain
And DEFRA and all of the rest
Our disdain
Grows by the shipment
Its wholly unfair
And if you dont stop this
When you are made aware

Then you are as bad
As you ever can be
And creation and karma
Forever will be
At odds
With your gods
If you ignore our plea

E mailed to DEFRA

Tweeted to

And other interested parties around the world

11 comments on “Live export of Scottish Calves

  1. Sue king on said:

    You are an utter disgrace how on earth you could turn a blind eye to this is sickening beyond words bring on your karma

  2. Sue king on said:

    Rot in hell the lot of you

  3. Carol Palmer on said:

    What a poignant poem. If only it could be listened to. So many just turn away and don’t want to know. It’s unbelievably barbaric and cruel. This is 2019. Defra are totally ineffective and useless.

  4. Jo Peret on said:

    Truthfully giving the facts and suffering of this evil trade, especially from the calves point of view. Well done and thank you for capturing this horrendous continuing occurrence. Even though I was aware of this event – your poem has left me cold.

  5. Sandra Nixon on said:

    This beautiful poem is a true statement of fact. Disgustingly cruel practice.
    Gives me nightmares just to think of it.
    All this adject misery of babes for human greed …..
    Disgusting and horrible.
    I am vegan and all my family


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