His curse

Angels are susceptible
To the vagaries of those
Voracious drooling sons of
and how it shows
Up in night time squalor
Wicked as can be
Transgressing every honour
And integrity

Duplicit in their thinking
Artful by desire
To take by force and villiany
The purity and fire
Of one sweet dear friend Sara
We share these evils, we
Wish we could have been beside
You in
Stockholm once so free

Coming close to midnight
The lewdness and disdain
For the purity of spirit
How such fiends do entertain
Their vileness their dishonour
Their misogyny for they
Are lecherous barbarians
At the end of every day

Allowed to roam
Their way unheeded
By the government of the day
The liberal minded ignorants
That let their angels pay
The gentle the compassionate
Butterflies that fly
From flower to flower
Along the bargamossen
On a high

The haven now a hospital
With blessings of a kind
Where love and care
Ofcourse they share
Though still so many find
Scoundrels with a mind of lust
Unjust and savageness
Still walk still drools
For want of fools
Intolerant no less

But Sara I can promise you
All devils find their place
The larceny of Sex by stealth
Stays written on their face
And Is now in the public domain
His ugliness all see
His irreverence
The slippery slope
His gross impiety

Its written on his ugly face
In his manner its all there
He took an angel
For a walk
And the underworld does care
His crime it has been noted
His spirit and his soul
Will rot in hell forever
In a vile and darkly hole

You my dear are light itself
Unerring as a lamb
We love you
We are with you
I am very sure, I am

Able to now see him
On His journey which will be
With all debauched sods everywhere
He will never be free
So perverted and immoral
But my friend Sara you
Will get through this with calmness
With your light forever true

The miscreant will suffer
His action means that he
Will rot in hell forever
His punishment will be
Metered out each second
Of each moment, for all know
His face, and this day of reckoning
The reprisals they will grow

In his head from your divineness
It Will transcend his despair
The goddess will be by your side
With everlasting care
He thinks he has got away with it
But he will always be
In the spotlight
His undueness
Angels all can see

His future on the front page
Where it will always be
A loathing and a hatred
He never will be free
He wears his ever tightening shackles
His love of intimacy
That he will never realise
For all eternity

The savagery and hatred
The virulence abroad
The unchivalous behaviour
Imported to accord
With Europes mean displeasure
Creates a vacuum where
Angels clearly are at risk
And at present few seem aware

Of what is an abject cowardness
The lily-livered do
Frequent the population
We need more courage coming through
More fearlesness
And honour
More angels everywhere
More light and true enlightenment
And more friends around who care

Dear Sara we hope you will make a recovery
That you will find a path out of this evil
And that we are always here to offer Love and care

To you xx

3 comments on “His curse

  1. Sara lordon on said:

    Rex! I have no words to thank you! Perfect description perfectly well chosen words! You are a powerful Poet! Be blessed because you give light in today’s world of darkness! Thank you

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Sara when Claudia told me It just made me go cold
      When i thought about it this morning i wanted more than anything
      To tune into you and your thoughts and that infidel and his

      Thanks for coming to the blog and leaving a message
      All affirmations go out to the universe to the spirit for the good
      Of us all so thankyou my lovely friend.x

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