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MARKHOR (Screw horn goats)

Evolution presented The rugged the mountains Inhospitable places In Chitral where they The Markhor live out their lives Foraging daily On tussock grass and leaves Making their way Up high in the Summer And back down in the Winter Where … Continue reading

Baby calves

Abandonment reality For calves now everywhere Humans drinking dairy milk If they were aware Of What happens to the babies That the milk they drink Was for Would they want to drink it still Despite the pus and gore Its … Continue reading

Poor Bear

A meaningless murder A huntress doth pose Close to a bear Its head I suppose Almost as big as the women And she Ambushed this creature Till then wandering free She unaccountable for what she had done Inexpressible behaviour under … Continue reading

“Itsy bitsy”

The equivalent of eighty seven years Of wealth and care Almost like the little spider She was always there Amicable and kindly Family she was this Always a joy to see her Together she gave us bliss We loved our … Continue reading

Hunting holidays for all the family

We see a happy family Mum and dad and all On their hunting holiday Children as a rule Can spend some useful Hunting hours Out there on the farm Can join up with the hosts family Where all the world … Continue reading

The passing of “tongki”

A multinational conglommerate Own me thats to say I sxist in a concrete bunker In South KOrea Each day Their electronic wizardry Made no difference to me They were ignorant as the day is long And I was far from … Continue reading


The Capercaillie Looks the part Extraordinary in fact A rather way out plumage And a click & clack Thats cracked The females psyche seemingly A pointer to it they dance They prance And just enhance The order of the day


A mesh of branch and twiglets Old leaves still clinging fast A silhoutte of darkness Winter stands aghast With frost in early morning And A glaring light filled sky Skelethal mannerisms Which no one dare deny The Cherry looking wretched … Continue reading

Flame throwers

What has to be remembered here These cows ofcourse they be Females in the true sense of the word A catastrophe Of thinking comes into my mind The misogyny thats there Using flame throwers To burn away The bits of … Continue reading

His curse

Angels are susceptible To the vagaries of those Voracious drooling sons of Disrespect and how it shows Up in night time squalor Wicked as can be Transgressing every honour And integrity Duplicit in their thinking Artful by desire To take … Continue reading