Abandonment of animals

what I see in front of me
Is total immorality
A Heartless family
Park their car
two children and
Some Others are
A puppy one carries
Along the lane
Abandons the dog
To instant pain
You see as the dog
Thought they just might play
Then Realised they had gone away

The little dog follows
Thats where we are
The car drives off
The dog is far
From joyous he knows
He is on his own
A iniquitous happening
Its now shown

Degeneracy a flagrant act
Of improbity
So lacking tact
That little puppy
The enormity
Of being alone
Its frailty

They are reprobates
Accursed they
What is inside peoples
Minds today
Good-for-nothings one and all
Really breaking every rule

They just go home
Presumably sleep
With no redress
Total retards
And the poor wee pup
Out in the sun
He will get run over
Oh dearie me
A beautiful bundle of purity.

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  1. so true ! wonderfully written

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