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The great mother pays a lot for our filthy energy

The disharmony of excavation The chaos of it all Boreal forests wasted Their systematic fall That great expanse and web of life That Was Infact once there Torn up and destroyed by those Who were totally unaware A total rape … Continue reading


Roadside zoo’s often abuse Their charges as we know And it comes to mind Now how we find The time to let them show Cubs yes little tiger cubs Stolen from their mums Pulled through the wire meshing This treatment … Continue reading


Existence was a giveness That was until TAIJI A little town on the west coast Of Japan Where we now be We felt we were immortal In our ocean paradise In pods our extended family Then someone rolled the dice … Continue reading

A live friend is better than a dead one any day

Shadows across his body Antlers standing proud Ears are operating Just one in a crowd A hunter Who will pet him Not shoot his butt away A hunter with a change of heart On this Autumn day The forest with … Continue reading

The fairness of a human cry

The fairness of the human cry Above all else to me That smell of hunter interference Resonates to free All the plangent ringing Brazen shrieks and The odd moan The discord in that moment Of just being alone A source … Continue reading

Utter mindlessness

A family outing to the woods An idyllic atmosphere Children with their parents And a tiny little deer Lying in the soft leaves Clearly shot right through A doe a Dee and female deer What would they want to do … Continue reading

Wild birds and fireworks

With a lack of culpability Perhaps a sick delinquency Too young to see a sinfulness The heinous inexcusable stress Placed on wild birds Trapped in this way To face a death That who can say Was wickedness was iniquity Or … Continue reading

Poor baby

WAR is raw It’s profit based Rich sods The gods of now She is breathing She is still alive But one might now ask how? A baby doesn’t know she is Syrian Just that she is a soul Lying in … Continue reading


It seems a drunken orgy Turned into some sad Two men slept near a liquor store In downtown Hyderabad A pregnant dog just happened by and was throttled you may wonder why They then raped the dead carcass Both of … Continue reading

Standing shock

What has happened to the protectors Of the water For them all Thrown in jail With increased bail That’s the one and all Pepper sprayed Pulled from a sweat lodge Praying charged of course With RIOT thats the sentence And … Continue reading

Big oil and my take on this standoff

The unlovely the unhandsome The banality Humourless and ponderous Someone who cannot see The affection of the indigenous Their passion through and through For the wild earth that they stand on And everything they do They were our eternal guardians … Continue reading


Can you feel the energy Whose hand do you now feel Is it warm or cold as ice Tell me is it real? Is it someone’s ancestor Called back through the veil Looking out to Chipping Norton Look at her … Continue reading

The pachyderms of Namibia

Living in the desert presents its problems We elephants know only too well, we Live in Kaokoveld part of the KUnene region In Namibia where all of us have held Title to the land but of course Evil Strikes us … Continue reading

Oliver from me to all of you

I had lost the will to live For love had lost its way with me Nobody appeared to care Though I was earnestly Prepared to go on with my life But weaker by the day Finally collapsing in the street … Continue reading

Is it’s so fracking obvious

It feels that way The general population looks away BUt that is life until the strife Comes down on them We Pay We pay as true protectors They call us terrorists Every name that’s in their book But we all … Continue reading

Sabi Sands lions

The Sabi sand game reserve Privately owned Has today got a problem With Lions that have roamed Across the reserve In the heat of the day Under drought conditions And have started to pay A price for such stress Has … Continue reading

Lily dale turkeys

Sofina foods in Canada Lily dale turkey where Hundreds of bloody great turkeys End up in some despair Ripped out of trucks and shackled upside down they go Through the electrified water But many never know And they are not … Continue reading

To Myron Dewey

The sacred fire Is burning Around our eminent domain The sentience The emotion The reaction to it All will gain From our mother Expressing to her That we have the understanding And the affective to Intensity prevailing Heart felt to … Continue reading


Contaminated water Leaking Into the sea The Pacific gets a dousing All that toxicity The Cesium the strontium The tritium all there The iodine and plutonium In the water in the air To have lived in Fukushima Or even Tokyo … Continue reading

Standing Rock protests

The warriors are on the bus The road is being blocked The cops are coming so we hear People now have flocked They were spraying the indigenous Arresting people too Energy transfer partners Monsters that’s our view The black snake … Continue reading

Soul mate

A soul mate Is with you each moment Of each day In the darkness in the light At work and at play Tears come to all of us All of us who Feel very alone Knowing not what to do … Continue reading

Khabarovsk the Russian Far East

A terrible case of cruelty Of bitterness and woe Two student girls From Russia’s Far East Putting on a show Collecting cats and dogs from pounds Saving them from death And taking them home and murdering them Just casting out … Continue reading

A lot of American Horses

Horses are companions they are friends To humans who Keep them for whatever reason For us humans do They work for us in many ways are compatible and kind So to hear so many are being slaughtered It really blows … Continue reading

Cotswold Order of Druids 21years celebration

The Cotswold Order of Druids met At the Greedy Goose the day was set Fair and crisp, for a good retreat At A warm and friendly place to eat Above was a blue and dappled sky And mercifully the day … Continue reading


The expectation that life brings And the need to find a friend The suspense of realisation And hoping in the end You are taken home to a warm place A place that will be where A puppy dog a bitch … Continue reading

Admission of defeat

To erase pure knowledge from an archive What it says to me Is it acknowledges the defeated sense Of perpetuity It goes back to the boy Who sweeps the dust under the mat It’s the very same philosophy And shows … Continue reading

The last harvest

The underworld has sent her queen To lead the merry dance And how resplendent she appears Her nature to enhance Each year it’s the last harvest A dance of dying souls The grain the fruit the animals All or some … Continue reading


My World of darkness Envelops all I am and all I see I sense a lot I hear a lot I dwell in sanctity I feel the earth beneath my feet And I can smell the air Breathe in its … Continue reading

The flush of romance to impart

That Crimson light an idyll in my Dreams of long before A swathe a flush of fire glow A rubescence at its core A warmth a carmine cosiness Magenta at its heart The muse would choose the blush the flush … Continue reading

The sickness of watching Dolphins swim in the desert

IfnArizona had been supposed to have Dolphins creation would Have put them all in small pools Which would have been for their good But all we see is lizards and snakes Around the place Nor Dolphins it just makes no … Continue reading