Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Ranger

A willingness and inclination A gratuitous effort To please The keen obligation and spirit Unprompted is offered with ease Resolve and a vigour to finish A constancy that all can feel He’s tenaciously there for the voiceless And gives of … Continue reading

The grizzly man

Werner Herzog a film maker Working beautifully with his eyes Giving us splendid footage So as to realise The wilderness around us The mountains and the sky Katmai National Park and all The Bears that in there ply 13 amazing … Continue reading

CIrcus with wild animals

Life on the road is one hell of a struggle For us human beings no matter how Nomadic you are its travelling people That seem to be able to work with it now No fixed abode living out of some … Continue reading

LIving sea creatures and all in a bowl

A restaurant of sorts Where clearly some thoughts Were the total transgression And a menu that sports Animals living alive alive oh Served up with cabbage and sauce All on show Chopsticks to the ready Thailand seems proud The total … Continue reading

40,000 Bulls a year murdered

The arena gives light to the tragic event No amnesty present an emptiness spent A vile indignation an obsolete force An annihilation direct from the source For the good of the people The BULL is ,the soul A manifestation of … Continue reading


Tiger tiger the light force King Fully grounded and able to bring A genuine spirit to all who sees His vertical stripes among the trees A solitary fellow whose rank is high With a primacy that does apply A supremacy … Continue reading

The garden at Lammas

The last remnants rock Their blouses are torn And lots of dry seed heads Warn of a new dawn Lammas time beckons the mints look a treat Providing their fervour For the salads I eat The last of the Buttercups … Continue reading

WIld Blackberries

Ebony bubbles hang off thorns Plump and ready where silence warns The unsuspecting pilferer who Comes with his parched throat Raring to chew The scrambling berries the jewels of July They ramble and clamber on stems so high That cling … Continue reading

This Lammas time (a question I put to you all)

Summer came, the odd blue sky But tragically ask yourselves why The skies above now are seldom blue Without streaks of artificiality too Are crops abundant there are a few Grains to be threshed when cherries do Look plump and … Continue reading

Few now aware

A fish gasps for air A refugee too Nobody cares about them And do you? Do you care for me You don’t know me so why Would you be perturbed If I was to die Drowned off some beach Lost … Continue reading